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  • Thanks for replying. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and still get the same error. I can’t see that any permissions have been changed, so I don’t know what to try next.

    Try again with a fresh install of 0.8 and then add your customisations/plugins again. You should be able to use your existing database.

    All the magic happens in bb_repermalink() in bb-includes/function.php but the real problem here is that get_path() splits by “/” to find out the topic/forum/user id.

    You could plugin to bb_repermalink() and change the value of $permalink that way.

    e.g. if your permalinks were of the form, forum-12, topic-34 etc. (already setup in your .htaccess file)

    You could make the following file…

    function my_pre_permalink() {
    $p = get_path(0);
    $p = split('-', $p);
    $p = $p[1];
    return $p;

    add_action('pre_permalink', 'my_pre_premalink');

    Drop that into your plugins directory and it should work.

    Of course I haven’t tested this, but it should work in theory.

    A code sample or URL would help.

    But you probably have a style somewhere like:

    #something div div {

    font-size: 0.8em;


    …and maybe some missing closing tags somewhere in your template.

    so1o, I’ve created a new version of the plugin (let’s call it 1.2 beta 1). I haven’t committed it yet, I wanted you to review it. It covers these issues:

    • Integrated visual-support-forum plugin features as options in admin
    • Added admin action to upgrade database instead of running on plugin load
    • When default status is “unresolved”, topics with no status set now show in the “unresolved” view
    • Sticky topics that are unresolved now show in the “unresolved” view

    Download here for now:

    I applied this patch as per the instructions, but when I go to upgrade the database, I get a blank screen. The error from the server is Permission denied in config.php on line 60. Is there something I’ve missed?

    Make sure all your php files are readable by the apache user. Patching may have changed some permissions, although I don’t know why it would.

    That ticket explains things. I guess I’m a rare case.

    I’ve integrated the icons into the support-forum code. I’ll see if I can commit it.

    so1o, In your recent update to support-forums, the upgrade function doesn’t work for me. I’ve made a patch for it that turns that function into a single SQL query, which should be a lot faster than looping through API calls and running queries one by one. Was there a reason that you didn’t just use a single query? I’ll post the patch if you like, or try to commit it.

    Note -You must assign a category to all forums . Tested assigning only three of my forums at first —- syntax errors. Set them all and no errors.

    I’ve never experienced this problem, can you recreate and post the error here? You may need to manually remove a forum from a category in the database to recreate it.

    It may have something to do with one of the plugins.

    Congratulations, a real flurry of fixes up to release, well done.

    That would be ideal. It was just that this way I could release it without getting permission to integrate it first. If you are happy to have me work on your plugin, then just say the word. I could create a branch with the changes, or just dump a new version of the plugin in once you have seen it. I’m not sure that I have commit access to that folder in the plugin SVN though.

    In reply to: Forum Categories

    Check here for a categories patch (not a plugin).

    This is more likely to be a problem with your database setup – make sure your tables are correctly collated/encoded as well as the database as a whole, to some form of utf8.

    I notice that here, the word “Contraseña” which is in the templates/language file is working fine, but part of the title (from the database) “pequeño” is showing up as “pequeño”.

    The thing about using specific encodings, like UTF-8 is that your whole stack has to support it. From the operating system the server is running to the font being used on the clients browser.

    Now as I understand it, you will need to jump through some hoops to fix this. I think it involves converting all yout char/varchar columns in the database to binary and all your text columns to blobs before converting your tables/database to utf-8 collation/encoding. Then after the conversion is done, you change the tables back to what they were. I think there is a full how-to at the mysql documentation website.

    Good luck – backup your database before doing anything, you may want to take your site offline while doing it too.

    I’m a web developer specializing in PHP/XHTML/CSS and SQL.

    Could all you weekend coders please clear off? : )

    In reply to: IE Display Problem


    Don’t mean to nit-pick but…

    overflow-x is part of the CSS3 draft specification. Maybe the validator you used doesn’t cover CSS3?

    In any case, the conditional comments you added are less standards-based.

    New patch for categories posted in the ticketing system. Patch for build 641.

    I’m working on a revised patch file for categories to accommodate the latest builds with the new templating file structure. Although it seems to be just me and spencerp who are using it. Of course, if you are customising your templates, then you will still have to edit your own based on the changes to the default theme.

    On a related topic, how do I update the downloadable file? Or is it somehow magically built from source?

    Edit: I mean the downloadable file in the plugins browser.

    Version 1.0 ldap-authentication plugin was released today in bbPress Plugin Trac

    Probably will be available via plugins area soon too.

    spencerp, those issues you mentioned are fixed in the latest patch.

    I’m working on a patch (it’s basically finished actually) that addresses bug 520. If it is not accepted in the trunk (core code) then I might develop it into a plugin instead.

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