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Plugin Request: Forum Categories..

  • Was wondering if someone wouldn’t mind making up a plugin for Forum Catagory (blocks)..? Like phpBB has..


    General (forum cat block 1) >

    –Latest news (forum under general cat)

    –General Discussions (forum under general cat)

    –Site Feedback (forum under general cat)

    Website Design (forum cat block 2) >

    –HTML Basics (forum under website design cat)

    –PHP Coding (forum under website design cat)

    –CSS (forum under website design cat)

    Is anyone up for doing this maybe? I think it would be nice to have this option though, rather then having ALL the forums listed under ONE Section only.. :) ;)


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  • bbolman


    Definitely a good idea

    Well, I’ve already been working on the layout, going by phpBB’s layout in general..

    I’m just in need of some PHP professionals, to maybe make up a plugin, or a way to hard code the front-page.php file. To assign each specific forum, to the category..?

    I was thinking of, maybe some how skipping the “loop” for the current forum “database calls”.. and just hard code it into the front-page, by calling in the forum’s [id’s].. bare in mind, I’m no PHP Pro here.. lol

    Anyone think something like that will work, or..?


    /And yes, my english grammar sucks too! Whee~

    So, anyone with any ideas on this? Just was wondering..


    Ok if my PHP/MySQL knowledge is still good , the plugin must , on the first use , add a new collumn to bb_topics table ( named for example cat_id ) , and a new table titled bb_cats .

    On each use of the plugin , it must check if everything is good ( the collumn cat_id , the table bb_cats ) before continuing , and if not , it must display the default structure of the forum .

    To perform this last , there must be new template tags which can be ignored if the plugin installation is wrong , so the plugin needs its proper template file …

    We know that the goal of BBPress is to be light and fast , so if you code all the things above and use them on a plugin , BBPress will be slower , i think like PunBB …

    So my tip is ; don’t use categories , try to remove no useful forums , merge some forums if they are similar , and you’ill have a good order without categories .

    Oh yeah, I agree totally about how it could “slow down” a forum. ;) I’m not worried about that really, I’m specifically asking if/for this to be possible with bbPress, so I don’t have to use those *other* forum softwares though.. =P

    I guess I’ll have to wait on what Josh comes up with, I think he’s planning on doing something about this then.. whee!


    Hehe, it was a pice of cake. :)

    AND it is easy to add the extra “step” to ” Website Design > HTML Basics > Whats wrong with my site” to the top-links if you like and it’s easy to group the result on the frontpage if you like.

    (“General (forum cat block 1) >

    –Latest news (forum under general cat)

    –General Discussions (forum under general cat)

    –Site Feedback (forum under general cat)”)

    Well I think it feels “to much” so I made a new row in the table insted of giving every caregory its own line but its an easy to fix. Well, I didnt found any easy way to add a “middle-forum”, like it is in phpBB. If you clock on a categori you see all avalible forums.

    Well, well. My point with this post, if you would like i can post the code and changes. But I warn you, my “hack” isnt realy nice, it demands changes in the db, in the corefiles and ofcause template. And worst of all, it uses crapy if-else and no fancy “all data in the db and one function for each job”-stuff. I’m a newbi so I’m using newbi sollutions.

    Thanks pontus. ;) :) I might try this then. However, I’m not one for core edits really, but I might give it a go, unless of course Josh comes up with something soon!? :P

    *cough* I really would like to see this, maybe, implemented in the .80 version.. *cough* lol..




    One of these days I’ll do it… I’ve been super busy at work. Should slow down soon

    Sam Bauers


    I’m working on a patch (it’s basically finished actually) that addresses bug 520. If it is not accepted in the trunk (core code) then I might develop it into a plugin instead.

    Awesome! Thanks a million SamBauers! ;) :)


    That is SWEET!! I’ve just implemented the last patch, running 0.8alpha.

    Here’s my site for view:

    Only thing I’m waiting on now, is the: /bb-admin/content-categories.php page itself.. I’m getting a blog 404 when going there, but of course, didn’t see that file included, so..

    And also getting the 404, after clicking on the link:

    But that’s to be expected right.. lol! =P

    Anyway, hopefully this might push the “project” along a little quicker LoL!. ;) :)


    /By the way, I left the same comment on your ticket Sam..

    Yeah, I know I’m a bit crazy for doing this, cause it’s set for bbPress milestone 1.0 hahaha. Oh well, I’m just impatient like that … lmao..


    Sam Bauers


    spencerp, those issues you mentioned are fixed in the latest patch.

    Awesome!! I’ll go ahead and apply those changes/ files then! YAY!!


    Hmm, while using Tortoise SVN to apply your added patch, it’s not allowing me to apply the changes to the three files in the bb-templates/ directory..




    I even made a blank file called: category.php and it’s not doing anything with it. I guess I’ll just go through all the files again, and manually add the changes.. A looong morning ahead of me I guess sigh..

    Well, wait, it’s applying to the rest though, so now I *only* have to edit those three mentioned above.. wheew!


    Alright, I’ve just uploaded it all, and even applied the new .htaccess rules, but I’m still getting a 404.. By the way, I still have to adjust the colors of the Category itself though!! ;) :)

    Any thoughts?


    P.S. Trent, can you adjust my thread’s title please? My grammar mistake is bugging me lol! Catagories => Categories Thanks in advance!

    Slaps self, hold on! I forgot to upload the root’s category.php file.. Duh spencerp!


    Works like a charm now!! WOOT WOOT!!

    Now, I just gotta do some customizing of this, and I’ll be all set! Thanks a million Sam, and So1o for this!! :D


    Just to update everyone on this.. I’ve upgraded the forums to the very Latest SVN files for .80alpha, and the latest file changes for the Forum Categories enhancement by SamBauers.. :) ;)

    I plan to tweak some more things though, and also release the “Gathering” theme for bbPress then. It’s still on my To-Do list, and it will get done then folks! ;)


    I don’t believe your use of forum category is that of the original poster, he requested standard forum type categories, as illustrrated in the post,

    i am surprised that any forum software would not include this level of thinking as is a standard,

    has anyone achieved bbpress forum categories ?

    There still appears to be no answer to this problem. I would very much like to use BBPress, but it will not be possible, until categories are included. I wish I was better at php.

    Sam Bauers


    1.0-beta will have forum categories built in.

    hey samba.. when will it be released ?

    Sam Bauers


    Probably at the same time as WordPress 2.6

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