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IE Display Problem

  • Hi folks!

    My site is not displayed correctly with the ?!”$%ยง Internet Explorer. The Latest Discussion and the Forums are displayed far too low on the page. Has any1 else this problem or does any1 know how to solve it.



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  • Get a better browser :)



    If you can edit HTML I would suggest removing some of the tableless crap and going back to old school HTML.

    Hahaha.. I just seen that crap display problem the other day, and was trying to fix it, but.. like normal, Microshit IE6 is just that, a piece of crap. sigh. I’ll keep working at it though.. ;) :)




    I fixed this inadvertently but I am trying to figure out how. On the front page of my forum, I have “Hot Tags” across the top and the “Latest Discussions” beneath, and both are the same width (760px I think.) The CSS is div #wrapper div #main div #hottags p .frontpageheatmap.


    I could have sworn when I first installed bbPress the tags were on the left in a 150px wide div #hottags.

    Are the hot tags supposed to be on the left in a 150px wide div, or above the latest discussions? Are the hot tags and heatmap supposed to be different things on different pages?

    The reason I bring this up is that mine displays fine in IE and FF with the frontpageheatmap all the way across, but maybe I am missing the hottags? If I can figure out what is different about mine, maybe that will help clear the div issue on topiQ’s site. In IE, that hottags div is pushing everything else down the page.

    @chrishajer: the hottags are supposed to be on the left side and not above the discussions. you can have a look at it:



    I think I found why mine is different. in bb-templates/header.php, the body tag looks like this when installed:

    <body id="<?php bb_location(); ?>">

    I modified mine at some point to add some javascript onload stuff, and when I removed that, I removed the id tag altogether (inadvertently.)

    so, my body tag now is just <body> and all my pages look the same (index.php, forum.php, etc.)

    I think that was a side effect of playing with the header template, but the tags are across the top instead of down the left side. When I reinsert that bb_location, my display is messed up in IE6 too. Now, to just clear that div and make it work in IE. Then I can put that back to normal. I guess the answer to my question then is that the hot tags are supposed to be down the left side in a 150px wide div.



    I had the same problem on the front page. I think i fixed it (correct me, if someone thinks different Oo).

    look here:

    yes you solved the problem. it would be very usefull if u could tell me how u did it.

    if i delete the stuff between the <body> tag the hot tags and online users are displayed just above the latest discussions and the forums and not on the left side.





    I fixed it quite simple, just add this to your stylesheet:

    *html #front-page #discussions {

    float: right;

    margin-left: 0;

    width: 590px;

    display: inline;


    thx a lot! that fixed the problem.



    Yes, that fixed it here too. Thank you.



    Also, while looking at this, overflow-x in the style.css is not valid. It’s an IE specific extension. I moved that line overflow-x: hidden; from #front-page #hottags in the style.css to an IE conditional in header.php like this:

    <!--[if IE 6]>

    <style type="text/css">

    #front-page #hottags { overflow-x: hidden; }



    That code was placed right after this:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bb_stylesheet_uri( 'rtl' ); ?>" type="text/css" />

    <?php endif; ?>

    CSS validates now, and everything appears to still work for IE and FF.



    I have an integrated site with WP2.1 and bbPress .75. The server and production site are Apple Macs running os X. No Windows here, so this is my problem. Thus, I can not see the IE errors.

    Will someone please post the CSS changes for Windows Internet Explorer? So the basic bbPress displays correctly in IE.

    It is literally in the post right before you if I am reading this post correctly!


    Sam Bauers



    Don’t mean to nit-pick but…

    overflow-x is part of the CSS3 draft specification. Maybe the validator you used doesn’t cover CSS3?

    In any case, the conditional comments you added are less standards-based.



    Sam, no problem. Since CSS3 is still a draft, I just use the CSS2 validator here:

    (CSS 2.1 is selected by default on that page)

    I also just use the CSS validator that is built into the Firefox Web Developer extension by Chris Pederick. I highly recommend it.

    As for the comments being less standards based, they’re just ignored as comments by smart browsers. While they’re not based on any standard (like much of IE itself, it seems) they were created by Microsoft to address problems like this.

    I just do what works to make things work in IE and posted the info in case someone else was having a similar problem. YMMV

    How ican i put a photo inside the menssage or in my profile.




    I think this should be a new topic, but I think what you are looking for are two plugins:

    Avatar plugin (for the profile)

    Allow images plugin (for the posts)

    Maybe a mod can move these two posts to a new topic?

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