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Plugins / Templates For bbPress 0.8

  • I know this post is a little early, but there are some changes coming in the new and improved 0.8 version that should be released pretty soon. One of the main things will be the ability to choose templates out of the admin. I have been playing with the newest TRAC version of 0.8 and there are some plugins that are going to need some small changes if they are referencing /my-templates/ for any files as they need to reference:

    The way the new system is going to work with be /my-templates/theme-name/

    As for the calls to change this, S010 or mdawaffe can explain it better. I just wanted you all to get an idea of what is coming so that you are ready if you need to make any changes to your plugins! This might get you thinking about where to place files to support older versions and the newest verison of bbPress into the future.

    Plugins are still be called out of /my-plugins/ so there are no changes needed there!


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  • The only thing I’m worried about now is, the fact that I’m running the Forum Category enhancement. I’ve currently modified the 0.8alpha files, however, I haven’t gotten the “latest” svn commits yet, including what you’ve mentioned above..

    I *could* just manually keep editing my files, as they come through the email list, but IMHO, it’d be more of a pain in the arse that way sigh. I guess what I’m saying is, I’d love it if they’d implement that Forum Category option into 0.8, rather then 1.0.

    It’s running just fine for me, except for customizing the look of it and such. The other thing is, it’s really a pain in the arse as it is now, because I’ve implemented my blog’s theme around the forums themselves.

    So either way, I’m screwed with tons of file edits. :( I don’t know though, I’m too tired at this point to even do any file editing/uploading.. Maybe when I get up later, I’ll handle some of this stuff..

    As for the plugins, I’m hoping Josh takes care of his lol. His plugins are about the only plugins I have going, besides the normal original bbPress plugins lol. Anyway, enough of my rambling, I’m tired as heck, and everyone’s tired of it anyway… so.. later people..



    ...the new and improved 0.8 version that should be released pretty soon...

    Stop teasing us!!!


    Sam Bauers


    I’m working on a revised patch file for categories to accommodate the latest builds with the new templating file structure. Although it seems to be just me and spencerp who are using it. Of course, if you are customising your templates, then you will still have to edit your own based on the changes to the default theme.

    Sam Bauers


    New patch for categories posted in the ticketing system. Patch for build 641.

    Awesome! Thanks Sam! I’ll jump on all of this real soon. Thanks again! :D ;)


    wow only 6 tickets left, and they aren’t too complexed.. perhaps a fast launch this week after all??

    Crossing fingers

    I just wish they’d include the Forum Categories enhancement into .80 though lol. It sure Would Be NICE!!! LoL =P

    /It IS working just great by the way, I didn’t see any flaws with it.. ;) :)


    Another call to all the template authors. With 0.8 coming out right away, you might want to take a look at the new way that templates are going to be called. You have to make sure your theme information is included in the style.css (check top of default template style.css for info).

    As well, themes will have their own folder in the my-templates/ folder. So, /my-templates/theme-name/ ! It still only needs the changed files in there, but you can check out the Themes Documentation for more information!

    The last real thing you might want to do is take a snapshot of your template for the admin area. After you have the snapshot, it is best to create it in PNG format and call it screenshot.png

    Just a heads up! It will be wicked!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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