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Plugin: Visual Support Forums for bbPress

  • Just until it gets picked up in the plugin directory, here is Visual Support Forums for bbPress.

    This is an extension to the Support Forums plugin and requires it to work, it also needs to be loaded after that plugin, thus the slightly kludgy name.

    The plugin will add cute little dots in front of your topics to indicate their support status, it will also remove the “[closed]” prefix and replace it with a nice little lock icon.

    No configuration is necessary, just drop the files in your plugin directory.

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  • so1o


    a suggestion:

    why dont you integrate both the plugins into one. and drive the icons from the admin menu for the options.

    That would be ideal. It was just that this way I could release it without getting permission to integrate it first. If you are happy to have me work on your plugin, then just say the word. I could create a branch with the changes, or just dump a new version of the plugin in once you have seen it. I’m not sure that I have commit access to that folder in the plugin SVN though.



    oh please feel free to.. try checking in the code. if you do not have access, may be you can add a patch file and i’ll check it in for you.

    so1o, In your recent update to support-forums, the upgrade function doesn’t work for me. I’ve made a patch for it that turns that function into a single SQL query, which should be a lot faster than looping through API calls and running queries one by one. Was there a reason that you didn’t just use a single query? I’ll post the patch if you like, or try to commit it.

    I’ve integrated the icons into the support-forum code. I’ll see if I can commit it.



    i think you are talking about the update of meta key..

    that might have some problems for people who have used the support forum plugin 1.0 after upgrading to 0.8 that is why i had to do it that way around.

    let me explain.

    take example where a person has upgraded to 0.8 – all his values from the topic table have been moved to meta data key – topic_resolved. now if they installed support forum 1.0 they would introduce new meta data called support_forum_resolved for topic x. if we just rename support_forum_resolved to topic_resolved we might get duplicate meta key topic_resolved for topic x.

    also if you are getting an error that might be because of

    That ticket explains things. I guess I’m a rare case.

    so1o, I’ve created a new version of the plugin (let’s call it 1.2 beta 1). I haven’t committed it yet, I wanted you to review it. It covers these issues:

    • Integrated visual-support-forum plugin features as options in admin
    • Added admin action to upgrade database instead of running on plugin load
    • When default status is “unresolved”, topics with no status set now show in the “unresolved” view
    • Sticky topics that are unresolved now show in the “unresolved” view

    Download here for now:



    The code looks gr8 sam… go ahead and commit it to version 2.0

    I’ve committed and tagged version 1.2.

    Moving it to version 2.0 seemed a bit excessive to me. I even considered 1.1.1 for a second there…

    Anyway, the plugin site should have this updated soon.

    This plugin has been merged with the original Support Forum plugin.

    View this topic for more info.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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