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  • There was a category table added and a category id column added to the forums table. You want to remove these when the time comes to upgrade.

    I’m not sure what an SVN checkout over the top of an existing installation will do. Considering how clever SVN is, I’m guessing that it will just work and create a working SVN copy.

    Check the very helpful subversion book

    Looks like there is some work going on to create “forum hierarchies” in the core. I think this will allow nesting of forums inside other forums. This has made some major changes to the files that were patched, so the patch will not work on the latest revisions. This patch solution will no doubt be deprecated by the changes being made now in core. I think that there was some resistance to adding another table to the database to perform this function, also the new solution will probably be more flexible, allowing for sub-sub-categories, sub-sub-sub-categories, etc.

    So we may have a category-like solution by 1.0 – Personally I’ll be happy not to have to update the patch file anymore. I picked bbPress for my work, because it had modern features and a release-often ethos. The category patch filled a hole in functionality for me and a few others, it was a relatively quick hack – fairly brain-dead coding. So I won’t be too sad to see it usurped. Hopefully, if anything, this patch helped make inclusion of this functionality a priority, and perhaps helped provide a UI implementation to use as an example (good, bad or ugly).

    I won’t be updating the patch anymore, at least until I am sure the new hierarchical forum features cover that functionality.

    To patch:

    1. copy the patch file to the base directory of your forum

    2. cd to the base directory of your forum

    3. apply patch using:

    patch -p0 <categories-buildXXX.patch

    Where XXX is the build number.

    Make sure there is no space between “<” and the start of the filename. That was a mistake in my instructions.

    Sound like you’ve got everything under control. :)

    And the feature has been gone since earlier than 0.8 (0.75 maybe?). There is nothing in the support-forums plugin that I can think of that won’t work with 0.8.1

    What operating system?

    You could use javascript to add an onclick event to anchors within the threads DOM object.

    In reply to: Sub-Categories?

    There is another more vanilla implementation here.

    You should use the patch that corresponds to your version. Check the ticket to find out which is which.

    If you upgrade then you need to grab the latest patch (preferably made for that version) and re-apply it to your code.

    In reply to: Rewriting URLs

    > I do not think that the rewrite rule alone will do it. You also need to change the way the links are generated by bbPress.

    Not if all he wants to do is redirect links inside his posts to the right topic. If he wanted to make all his links look like that within his installation there is definitely more he would have to do.

    In reply to: Rewriting URLs

    Escaping the dot and the dollar-sign

    I meant, “Escaping the dot and the question-mark”

    In reply to: Sub-Categories?

    New patch for 0.8.1 (build 719) just uploaded here. I have not tested this patch on a fresh install, but the changes from the last patch are minimal. Just a couple of line numbers and implementing the new attribute escape function in a couple of places.

    spencerp – you should consider using an SVN client to update your live site, it is much easier to apply the changes to core using SVN, they generally don’t conflict with this patch.

    In reply to: LDAP Plugin Help

    The LDAP-Auth plugin does not bind anonymously, it binds as the user who is trying to log in, and it searches for that users UID in the specified domain. If your users are all in the “o=Lions” domain you specified in your search, then that should be it. Provided that they have a valid uid/password in that branch of your LDAP tree they should be able to authenticate.

    In reply to: Rewriting URLs


    RewriteRule ^/forums/viewtopic.php?t=([0-9]+)$

    /forums/topic/$1 [R]

    Escaping the dot and the dollar-sign. You might also need to specify:

    RewriteBase /directory/path/where/forum/resides/

    Just after “RewriteEngine on”

    Here’s a sneak peak at the patch functionality….

    Still working out a few details.

    In reply to: LDAP Plugin Help

    I’d need more info to help out. But assuming:

    1. The host/ip and optionally the port specified is correct.
    2. The domain string is correct.
    3. You are logging in using the uid of the user, not their full name. Usually “johndoe” instead of “John Doe”.
    4. Your password is correct

    Try these steps:

    1. Turn off TLS encryption if it is on. Some webservers don’t handle requesting TLS connections.
    2. Check the LDAP server firewall to see if it is letting you in.
    3. Make sure you have set any necessary options.

    Can you connect to your LDAP server using any other tools, web sites on the same server as bbPress?

    Actually, it’s harder than this. What I wrote above is only a part of the issue. I’m working on a patch at the moment.

    Yes, similar, but more complete. I changed all the category function names (basically appended “bb_”) to meet the new guidelines and in turn fix this issue.

    This plugin has been merged with the original Support Forum plugin.

    View this topic for more info.

    Did you do a recount in the admin area? That ought to fix it.

    I’ve committed and tagged version 1.2.

    Moving it to version 2.0 seemed a bit excessive to me. I even considered 1.1.1 for a second there…

    Anyway, the plugin site should have this updated soon.

    I’ve just updated the previous patch file to address the WordPress integration/function naming issues.

    Download from here – categories-build701.patch

    You should read the relevant comment about the updated patch.

    I haven’t tried an integrated install. But this is a real problem if the function names clash. Soon when I have more time I’ll look at this properly, but in the meantime you can probably rename that function to patch_get_categories and then change all the references to it to match (there are only a few).

    it appears the patch only mods the default template so assuming I have to make those changes manually

    That’s right.

    probably could edit the patch file by hand, but I have already modded some of those files in my theme… no package available of the modded files?

    Modding the patch file would be difficult, sometimes patch can work out what to do when the files it’s patching are modified (i.e. the line numbers are different).

    The easiest thing to do is start from scratch with a fresh 0.8 install, patch that, then add your customisations. Following the default template after patching, you should be able to work in categories to your custom theme.

    Are there any more planned releases between 0.8 and 1.0? which I believe I read somewhere is the planned formal release with this incorporated… Roadmap shows 1.0 next but it may not be current…

    The roadmap is current. The 1.0 milestone has a ticket against it for this. That doesn’t mean it will necessarily make it into that release.

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