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What do you do for a living?

  • davidbessler


    My friends think it’s crazy that I spend my time teaching myself php, mysql, and learning how to write plugins, when I’m an emergency veterinarian. I told them lots of people do it. They tell me I’m the only veterinarian that does this.

    Is this true? Am I that strange? What do you all do? Those of you who write plugins and learn php and stuff.

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  • ardentfrost


    I am a technician for Audio, Video, and Control equipment. The only programming I do at work is control programming, but it’s not like php and stuff. I got into bbpress plugins because I wanted to brush up on php skills and learn SQL… plus it’s fun (and doesn’t look bad on a resume).

    I’m an imaginary housewife with an unhealthy side-line in goat herding and theoretical underwater basket-weaving. My favourite colours are not visible to those without impaired vision. I believe I am allergic to prime numbers that do not appear as part of the sequence of Pi and spend my spare time checking this list in order to find such a number. Only one statement here is true, but it should help you deduce the rest.

    I trade for a living and I mean almost everything and anything, except for my wife and son of course;) Commodities mainly specializing in agriculture, but also in the oil industry. I know a bit about coding and the logic behind code, but I really like to help people out. I love music and that is how I started in the web side of things….

    Webhosting although I’m trying to get out of it now due to legal issues with my ex that won’t even allow me to pull out a paycheck. *grumble*

    Besides that, I collect a tiny month disability check that barely covers my rent, a fair amount of local volenteer work, and make Mark’s life a living hell by pointing out spammers over in the support forums.:)

    Sam Bauers


    I’m a web developer specializing in PHP/XHTML/CSS and SQL.

    Could all you weekend coders please clear off? : )

    You work with PHP and call yourself a serious coder? Back in my day we had Turbo Pascal and Radio Shack Basic and we had to walk five miles through the snow and the lava butt naked to write out code. And we didn’t have these little things called bugs. Our bugs were bigger! They had to be. Our computers filled entire rooms! Not these teny, tiny little laptop thingies.


    Besides being a WP Reject, I guess I’ll have to agree with what drmike said above the last remark.. Pretty much the same issues, minus the site..

    Oh yeah, almost forgot.. I’m still awesome regardless if everyone pretends I don’t exist and don’t talk to me.. whee!




    You folks are a hoot….

    I’m a creative designer/web-monkey/illustrator/writer/under-paid literary assasin who has two kids and an ex-wife – and who loves to play around with WordPress and bbPress.

    so there!


    I work on search engines. I do mostly NLP stuff.



    Networking …switches, routers, firewalls – not people ;-)

    I spend most days designing & building different ways to plug these computer things together…..not sure why I dabble with WP/PHP in my spare time, I just know I’d hate it as a full-time job :op

    By the way, the above post by me was just to be funny, not serious lol. I’ll have to think of what to write for sure then. When I figure it out, I’ll post back here again lol. ;) :)


    la la la spencerp does not exist la la la :P



    I am but a wee lad, and so thus unemployed.

    la la la spencerp does not exist la la la :P

    Lmao! I’m trying to become the next “Casper the friendly ghost”! Can you still me, or.. can you see me vaguley..?

    It’d be a shame though, becoming invisible.. .. I’d hate to waste all this 30 year old cuteness.. and be invisible to the chicks.. hahaha. =P




    Well it’s nice to see I’m not alone. I think it’s interesting how programming has gone to the dummies. Is this still considered programming?



    chief geek?? well, used to be a rocket scientist doing real time embedded coding of cutting edge missile technology… but then, they did what they do to all good engineers, they made em managers… now I get my kicks doing web programming…

    Mr Papa

    Can you still me, or.. can you see me vaguley..?

    Damn grammar mistakes.. Meant: “Can you still see me,”

    I didn’t have my normal amount of pepsi then sigh..

    I think it’s interesting how programming has gone to the dummies.

    Hey, who you calling “dummies”?!?! =P I don’t think “this” is considered programming.. but, some might think it is.. =/


Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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