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    That patch was just a little challenge for myself.

    I keep tabs on bbPress, but can’t really give it much time.

    I never thought the bozo feature was very elegant.

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    Hi _ck_!

    You might be interested in this…


    Sam Bauers


    If someone takes your GPL work then modifies and sells it, that is not against the terms of the GPL provided they distribute it under the same GPL licence. That means that anyone who has the modified source code (and every purchaser should have it) can redistribute it for free again (under the GPL license).

    If they are distributing the themes under a different license, then they are breaking the terms of the GPL.

    If they are compiling or obfuscating any part of the program and not making the source code available to those they have distributed it to, then they are breaking the GPL.

    Sam Bauers


    Nice to see that the fading in and out form labels made the cut!

    All I had finished was the basic forum pages when I passed this on. Noel has done a lot more work on plugins, the blog and a few other things.

    magic_quotes_gpc should be off – always, it’s evil.

    If your installation doesn’t work properly with it off it is either a bug or something else is wrong.

    I think the advice you’ve been given is wrong. Public computers are all setup differently, but very few will have cookies disabled.

    If you are worried about peoples security, you can disable the “remember me” checkbox on the login form by just removing it from the theme.

    This is in bb-templates/kakumei/login-form.php

    In any case, moving from cookies to sessions would be difficult as most of the non-login cookie usage is not setup to be pluggable.

    matt, I’ve sent those files on to MT. The bbPress theme was actually pretty close to complete.

    Thanks for your kind greeting, life is treating me fine.

    I respect your passion, but it’s getting very close to concern trolling. It’s a shame that you come across that way sometimes, because you do have some smart things to say and the combative language often just stops people from listening. No one hands out prizes for winning arguments on the internet.

    I still have the files for this design, I don’t think anyone ever asked me for them when I left Automattic.

    I think there are bigger plans for now that supersede this work, especially if bbPress becomes a canonical plugin.

    Remember the “its all fine so I made a BBpress Fan Page on Facebook”?

    Yeah, I remember.

    No problem chris I have to say that I’m sorry for not being around more. I didn’t intend to do the “hot potato” thing.

    I’m also sorry for re-opening this topic, but for previously stated reasons I felt it was necessary to respond.

    I just want to set the record straight a little here as some things have been said that aren’t accurate.

    The flaming that Matt has received from @sadness above is unwarranted, unsubstantiated and quite cowardly.

    I left Automattic to pursue my own interests both within and outside of the web development world. This was my own decision, there was no pressure from Matt or anyone at Automattic to leave. Before I left Automattic I talked with Matt about a bunch of possible directions for bbPress and my own options within the company. Whilst a lot of the ideas we discussed would make for interesting and important work, I didn’t feel passionate about it, and I was feeling a little burnt out after about 10 years of web development work.

    _ck_ was always a constructive critic of bbPress. I always gave her plenty of my time so that she could fulfil that role. In the absence of a full-time lead on the project to hear that input I imagine that she felt her contribution in that regard was limited. It’s not that Matt isn’t good at listening, it’s just that he’s about 100 times busier than a full-time lead would be.

    I’d also like to chime in on the future development path of bbPress a little. The idea of moving to becoming a canonical plugin I think is the only sensible way forward for bbPress. bbPress needs a bigger user base to be viable as a product. A big problem in the past has been justifying changes in WordPress for the benefit of bbPress, so the more users there are of bbPress the more accommodating WordPress will be in that regard.

    WordPress development moves really fast, it was (and will be) totally inefficient to spend time and energy maintaining compatibility with WordPress as a stand alone product, when bbPress can get all that stuff for free as a plugin. There is a ton of common code between WordPress and bbPress now (mostly in the form of BackPress). That should all go away. The PHP framework is WordPress. The only issue is bloat for those using bbPress as a standalone product. WordPress + bbPress plugin will be a lot of code, and will probably be slower than bbPress 1.0 (and almost certainly slower than 0.9). But by hooking into WordPress, a lot of the work that has been done and that will be done in the future to speed it up will be gained. It’s a case of “two steps forward, one step back” but I think it’s the right decision for the project.

    Although there was a lot of effort put into BackPress/bbPress 1.0, a whole lot of that work has ended up in WordPress, so it won’t be wasted development. The best vehicle going forward is the canonical plugin route. I suggest that the community gets behind that plan.


    You should post your ideas on Trac, preferably after discussing them here first.

    In reply to: bbPress Codex – lolz

    The plan for a second there was to run the codex from the site (which is WPMU). It didn’t pan out for some technical reasons, but the domain is still mapped there.

    Thanks for your gratitude, I have indeed left Automattic. I decided it was time to move on and pursue some of my own ideas and other interests.

    I won’t have much time to contribute to bbPress now and I can’t report who is going to be taking over from me or if anyone is even being sought for the role.

    It has been great being so involved in this project and I appreciate all the help that people have given in peer support on these forums and with the code itself.

    As far as I know this hasn’t been done, but is possible. If you can point to some documentation on the IIRF Isapi Rewrite Filter syntax maybe we can help you write it here.

    Your secret keys are supposed to be secret.

    In reply to: bbpress and memcache?

    “[] uses several dozen queries per page load.”

    Thanks to memcache the average blog front page on uses only a handful of queries, sometimes as few as one.

    “It absolutely cannot just rely on the mysql cache, even with dedicated mysql servers.”

    From memory, doesn’t use MySQL query cache at all as it would need to be invalidated many times every second. We also would need to invalidate all slaves as well as the masters.

    I think it’s important to say that you should only setup and enable any caching if you actually need it. Most people don’t and shouldn’t, all you do is add another potential point of failure into your site.


    I didn’t say “trivial” to be snarky. It is actually a trivial amount of code. Probably no more than a few lines.

    I’m working on a plugin that will do it comprehensively. Just waiting for the plugin repository to catch up with requests.

    This is coming out tomorrow, with or without feedback.

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    You can setup a new memcached instance to avoid clashes with wordpress, but if you are sharing user tables then it shouldn’t matter.

    If you add another memcached instance on a different port you can point bbPress to it by adding this to bb-config.php (default IP and port shown here)…

    $memcached_servers = array( 'default' => array( '' ) );

    In reply to: Latest Comments?

    “bbPress Live” plugin used to do this before WordPress 2.8 broke it. It’s on my todo list to fix it.

    In reply to: Changing Topic ID

    Should be safe to do. I can’t think why it would be a problem.

    In reply to: Announcement Forum

    WordPress does this.

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