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BBPress & LDAP Plug-in?

  • Does the WP-BBPress integration work if WP is using the LDAP plug-in for authentication? In other words, if a user has been authenticated via LDAP to WP, can that user be automatically authenticated to BBPress? Or, if the user must be challenged again to enter BBPress, can BBPress also use LDAP for authentication?

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  • First off, which plugin are you using with WP for LDAP authentication?

    My understanding of some of the plugins is that the user has to be created in WP first. Not sure if they automate this process or not. All that changes is the authentication process, the password from the LDAP server and maybe the cookie.

    Standard WP and bbPress integration works with sharing the WP users. If the LDAP plugin doesn’t use the WP user password, not sure if this information would move over to bbPress.

    Short of testing it, I would imagine it would depend on whether the password is updated in the WP users table of the database. Maybe ask the plugin author if he/she thinks this would be possible?

    Another thing, there is a plugin that pulls the users out of WP into bbPress. That being said, if the username and password are stored in WP, then there shouldn’t be a problem integrating even with using LDAP.

    Of course, if someone else knows something that could be added to this discussion, please do!


    I haven’t seen this WP LDAP plugin, but the answer is probably “no”.

    A similar plugin would likely have to be written for bbPress.

    Version 1.0 ldap-authentication plugin was released today in bbPress Plugin Trac

    Probably will be available via plugins area soon too.

    Great work Sam. I am sure if Billy is still around he will be thankful for your great work!


    On a related topic, how do I update the downloadable file? Or is it somehow magically built from source?

    Edit: I mean the downloadable file in the plugins browser.

    If you change the plugin or the readme, the plugin browser will change the information and automatically set itself to download the files. Nothing user set I don’t think.


    Curious to know if anyone has gotten this to work with Active Directory? We’re looking at getting this authenticated using LDAP and AD, but the plug-in from above hasn’t worked with that. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Active Directory can be interrogated using the PHP LDAP functions, but it may need to do different things to what this plugin does. I don’t have an AD server to test against, so I won’t be building the functionality into this plugin any time soon. You still need to configure PHP with ldap to bind to active directory.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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