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bbPress 2.4 – Release Candidate 1

Published on August 14th, 2013 by John James Jacoby

Today the bbPress team is happy to tell you about bbPress 2.4, release candidate 1.

bbPress 2.4 introduces hierarchical replies, allowing you to pick between paginated topics or a hierarchy (similar to WordPress’s comments.) There are a few smaller improvements all around, including: pretty URL’s for search results pages, code posting, an Akismet admin UI, BuddyPress Group Forum integration, general query improvements, PHP 5.4 E_STRICT notices, theme compatibility, author metaboxes, some settings API changes, and more!

Please give bbPress 2.4 RC 1 a try a test site — or wherever you feel comfortable running it — and let us know if you run into any issues. If all goes well, we’re going to release 2.4 next week.

(Don’t forget… to get easy access to pre-releases, install the bbPress Beta Tester plugin.)

bbPress 2.3.2 Bug Fix Release

Published on May 6th, 2013 by John James Jacoby

Available now is bbPress 2.3.2, a bug fix release of the 2.3 branch that addresses 8 total issues, highlighted below:

  • 3 Theme Compatibility tweaks for improved integration with existing themes.
  • 2 tweaks to posting preformatted code, pertaining to Visual Editor compatibility.
  • Fixes a bug with BuddyPress Activity Streams causing private forum content to be visible on some installations.
  • Fixes issues causing some widget settings not to save correctly.
  • Added missing contextual help when editing forums, topics, and replies in the WordPress Dashboard.

Go update, or download bbPress 2.3.2 today!
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bbPress 2.3.1 Bug Fix Release

Published on April 26th, 2013 by John James Jacoby

Available immediately is bbPress 2.3.1. This version of bbPress fixes three known bugs:

  • Moderators can once again see trashed topics and replies
  • Posting preformatted code is improved over previous versions
  • Correct cache group deleted for custom posts queries

Also in bbPress 2.3.1, we’ve disabled the use of WordPress’s visual editor (aka TinyMCE.) The HTML editor is still available, and works extremely well. If you want to enable the visual editor again, we’ve added a code snippet to the codex that will turn it back on for you.

Go download bbPress 2.3.1 now!

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bbPress 2.3 now available!

Published on April 14th, 2013 by John James Jacoby

Out now is bbPress 2.3!

It comes with over 150 individual fixes and enhancements since 2.2, and is a safe update to any site running bbPress 2.0 or higher.

Here are some notable changes in 2.3:

  • WordPress 3.6 tested
  • Forum-wide Search!
  • Performance and caching improvements
  • Vanilla, Mingle, and SimplePress importers
  • Improved to importer bbcode handling
  • Improved theme compatibility with new template-stack API
  • Improved BuddyPress Group Forum, Activity Streams, and Profiles integration
  • Improved Roles and Capabilities
  • Improved code documentation
  • Improved RTL and fixed missing translations
  • Improved sub-action execution order to fix user/login issues
  • Added Statistics shortcode

Major props to the following individuals for helping make 2.3 a success: alexvorn2, alex-ye, anointed, boonebgorges, cnorris23, daveshine, DJPaul, duck_, ericlewis, fartlek, jaredatch, jmdodd, Kaspace, mamaduka, markmcwilliams, mercime, mesayre, michelwppi, mouratidis, MZAWeb, nacin, netweb, Omicron7, pavelevap, ryangannon, scribu, schrepel, sorich87, tungdo, vibol, Viper007Bond, westi, and wonderboymusic. (If you’re missing, ping me!)

Go download bbPress 2.3!
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bbPress 2.3 – Release Candidate 1

Published on March 27th, 2013 by John James Jacoby

Today the bbPress team is happy to announce bbPress 2.3, release candidate 1.

bbPress 2.3 introduces forum-specific search functionality, so that your users are able to search your forum posts without interfering with your blog posts. It simplifies the fancy topic and reply editors, enabling only the functionality your users should see. Lastly, we’ve included more forum migration tools to help you transition to bbPress from Vanilla, Mingle, and SimplePress.

With that, we bring you bbPress 2.3, Release Candidate 1. Please try it, either on a test site, or wherever you feel comfortable running it, and let us know if you run into any issues.

Oh yeah… If you want to stay on the bleeding edge of releases, check out the bbPress Beta Tester plugin! It’s really neat. 🙂

bbPress 2.3 Beta 2

Published on February 1st, 2013 by John James Jacoby

Today we updated bbPress 2.3 to beta 2 in the plugin repository. Same as with Beta 1, now’s the time to report some feedback and let us know if you find anything unexpected happening. We are still on course to release bbPress 2.3 in the first week of February.

Beta 2 fixes autoembeds, improves code/pre tag usage, and updates the “What’s New” page text.

If you think you found a bug, please report it on the bbPress Core Trac. If you find a security vulnerability, please be discrete and let us know privately using one of the methods posted on the WordPress contact page.

Download bbPress 2.3, Beta 2 ↓

bbPress 2.3 Beta 1

Published on January 28th, 2013 by John James Jacoby

Today we tagged bbPress 2.3 beta 1 in the plugin repository. This means we think 2.3 ready to release into the wild, but want to get a few extra eyes on things first. It represents the 4th major iteration of bbPress as a plugin for your self-hosted WordPress powered website, and we’re excited about how far we’ve come.

Even though bbPress 2.3 is developer tested, we don’t recommend you run it on a production site quite yet. Instead, set up a test site or a local installation to play with. If you find a bug, patch it or let us know.

We are aiming to release bbPress 2.3 in the first week of February. Now’s the time to report some feedback!

If you think you found a bug, please report it on the bbPress Core Trac. If you find a security vulnerability, please be discrete and let us know privately using one of the methods posted on the WordPress contact page.

Download bbPress 2.3, Beta 1 ↓

bbPress 2.2.4 Maintenance and Security Release

Published on January 24th, 2013 by John James Jacoby

bbPress 2.2.4 (now available for download) is a maintenance and security release, and a safe and easy update for all previous bbPress 2.x versions.

Version 2.2.4 includes some security hardening inside the Forum Importer/Converter tool, and improves post form output sanitization. These issues were responsibly disclosed by Maty Siman.

Download 2.2.4 now or visit Dashboard → Updates in your site admin to update now.

Year in Review

Published on December 25th, 2012 by John James Jacoby went through a serious clean-up effort in 2012. The site now runs a minimal set of plugins, with an emphasis on supporting the project proper and showcasing it in a much more subtle and focused way.’s plugin repository was retired, and all new plugins are located in extend. This makes perfect sense right now, and really goes a long way towards more tightly integrating the WordPress/bbPress ecosystems together.

bbPress Releases

bbPress saw the release of 2.1 and 2.2 this year, both major versions that included some pretty nifty and progressive features, such as: retina support, theme compatibility, multiple user roles, private/hidden forums, BuddyPress integration, Akismet integration, and improved multisite support.

bbPress recently welcomed Jennifer M. Dodd as a core committer, and she’s already doing great. We’ve also started doing weekly team chats, and have regulars that are helping run the show, triage trac, and follow closely inline with the successes of WordPress core.

In 2013, bbPress will see:

  • Forum specific searching.
  • More BuddyPress integration.
  • More migrations to 2.x in the various .org usages.
  • Performance improvements around recalculating metadata.
  • Improved capability mapping, to allow more granular access control.
  • Hopefully, another core committer.

In closing

2012 has been a great year for the bb’s. The community is really rallying behind bbPress again, and our BuddyPress users are anxiously awaiting the 1.7 release to alleviate all of their theming woes. Overall, I’m very proud about what we were able to accomplish this year, and am excited about what we have planned for 2013.

Introducing Jennifer M. Dodd

Published on December 11th, 2012 by John James Jacoby

Back in 2010, when we decided to make bbPress a plugin for WordPress, we opened the door to an audience bbPress previously didn’t have, both in terms of users and developers. Since then, having a bigger pool of developer resources has helped breathe new life into bbPress, and helped maintain it’s momentum with frequent releases and really great feature development.

Today, with great pride and enthusiasm, I get to announce Jennifer M. Dodd‘s contributions are being recognized by her earning core commit access to the bbPress project.

Jennifer has been a prolific bbPress plugin developer and core contributor since bbPress 2 was first introduced. Her ability to iterate and improve on core patches, her outstanding communication skills, and her knowledge of the codebase, make her a great addition to the bbPress team.

One of Jennifer’s first tasks for the bbPress 2.3 development cycle will be working on full forum search. You can follow the process on our development tracker.

Congratulations Jennifer!

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