Today the bbPress team is proud to release bbPress 2.5.

bbPress 2.5 introduces forum subscriptions, allowing users to subscribe to new topics created in specific forums. It also comes with a swarm of new importers thanks to our newest core contributor, Stephen Edgar.

There are improvements all around, including: BuddyPress Notifications integration, theme compatibility, internationalization, and more!

Please update to bbPress 2.5 right away to get the sweetest bbPress version so far! Major thanks go out to:

alex-ye, alexvorn2, aliso, boonebgorges, daveshine, DJPaul, ethitter, fanquake, GargajCNS, GautamGupta, imath, mamaduka, Maty, mercime, mordauk, mrcl, MZAWeb, r-a-y, thebrandonallen, tlovett1, wpdennis

(Contact JJJ if your name is missing from the above list.)

We’ve already setup the roadmap for bbPress 2.6, which will focus on performance improvements, and replacing comments with bbPress topics. Check out the 2.6 milestone on Trac and give us a hand with the next release.

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Viewing 22 replies - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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