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bbPress 2.0 – Updates

  • John James Jacoby


    bbPress 2.0 is out!

    1. Topic Counts – DONE!
    2. Post Counts – DONE!
    3. Voice Counts – DONE!
    4. Admin Clean-up – DONE!
    5. User Profiles – DONE!
    6. User Posts – DONE!
    7. User Favorites – DONE!
    8. User Subscriptions – DONE!
    9. User Roles – DONE!
    10. Topic Move – DONE!
    11. Topic Split – DONE!
    12. Topic Merge – DONE!
    13. Tag Tools – DONE!
    14. Theme Compatibility – DONE!
    15. Feeds – DONE!
    16. Importer from 1.0 – DONE!
    17. Fix Multisite- DONE!
    18. Investigate Topic Tags- DONE!
    19. Add actions to post forms- DONE!
    20. Zero out tickets in 2.0 milestone- DONE!

    If you need support for your specific site running a pre-release version of this plugin, please open a dedicated topic. Thanks :)

    If you find a security vulnerability, please reference:

    [edited: 9/21/2011 – jjj]

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  • Mark McWilliams



    Rich Pedley: There won’t be loads, but I’m confident there will be a few. But more importantly there will be documentation on how to adapt existing themes. This is where child themes come in really handy.

    WordPress has themes, and bbpress as a pluggin will have themes aswell?

    Yes, what I think the HUGE misconception is here with Themes and bbPress (Plugin) is because BuddyPress does it differently being that they go down a Parent Theme route (but they have reasons being the way things are done, and the vast array of different templates), whereas we’re going for a Child Theme (where really it’s no different, we’re using the TwentyTen templates, and adding in what extra is needed for bbPress!)

    Anyway …

    ricardouk: Really hope we can “display” the forum in a wordpress page, from what i read when searching these forums a large majority wanted bbpress to have same theme as wordpress.

    I seem to recall that it was Matt Mullenwegs vision of seeing a shortcode or something where you could place it wherever, and a Forum Topic or that would appear! — I’m sure he talked about it on the bbPress Blog at one stage, maybe in the comments?




    I had this problem too, well nearly.

    I tried out the plugin both locally and on a hosted installation and while it worked on my hosts it didn’t show up at all locally.

    So I simply opened up my permissions on the local (not displaying) version of the plugin and it started working.

    Obviously it’s a bit trickier to open up your perms on a hosted site but 707 should be OK.

    John James Jacoby


    All of the theme ideas are things that can be possible, but as a first pass to get something usable it has a child theme of twentyten. It will have it’s own theme that can be used as a parent, and I love the shortcode idea but it will be rather difficult to customize in the long run, since try would be hard coded inside the plugin and not part of a customizable theme.

    Anyone else having a problem with New Replies not bumping their Topic to the top of the list in a Forum?




    Any thought of combining the bbpress twenty ten theme you are developing with twenty ten for buddypress that Andrea is working on? That would be ideal for me, and I assume several others, because we are planning on using both plugins.




    I have been waiting for a WP forum plug-in for so long, I don’t mind working with page templates to be one of the early adopters. If short code support comes later, then that would be icing on the cake.

    I do hope, at some point, detailed information is available on how to build the bbPress pages for other themes. As long as this documentation is avaialble, I don’t think this should be a deal breaker for anybody.


    Rich Pedley


    It’s fairly easy to do ;)

    check the style.css in the included twentyten child theme and you’ll see this:

    * Theme Name: bbPress - Twenty Ten
    * Theme URI:
    * Description: Adds bbPress forums to Twenty Ten theme
    * Author: The bbPress Community
    * Version: 0.1
    * Template: twentyten
    * Tags: bbpress, black, blue, white, two-columns, fixed-width, custom-header, custom-background, threaded-comments, sticky-post, translation-ready, microformats, rtl-language-support, editor-style

    The template denotes another available theme that you are making this the child of. If you include the main style sheet, you don’t need to re-reference everything. eg. @import url("../twentyten/style.css");

    So create a new theme directory by including that, and copy all the other files(ie not style.css) from plugins/bbpress/bbp-themes/bbp-twentyten (not forgetting to rename the Theme name)

    However you might want to copy in the default style, this start’s with:

    /* bbPress Style

    Then you need to check where the get_header(), get_sidebar() & get_footer() are in your parent theme.

    If they are in this order:

    /* Content */

    you don’t have to do anything.

    However if they are in a different order you may need to adjust, currently they reside in the following files:









    and I think that is all that’s needed! (untested though)



    Dude, you screw me over with the new changes, can we have functions.php be bbp_functions.php, and author.php be bbp_author.php. Here is why, I’m hacking my way into the plugin by placing the pages in my theme then adjusting the CSS, since the new pages would overwrite my theme pages, it doest work. I know this is not your anyones priority, I will totally understand if this request doesn’t happen.

    Great job guys, happy holidays.

    Rich Pedley


    LwEEs – child theme…

    and you could always copy the content of functions.php to your existing one.



    @Rich Pedley

    Thanks man! I will try to make it work today in the afternoon. Thanks for the functions.php tip, good one. Have a good day everyone.

    Great ! I see that Anonymous Posting ticket is fixed !

    But where can i active it ?

    edit : we can activate anonymous posting on editing file bbp-includes/bbp-users.php on editing this code :

    function bbp_allow_anonymous () {

    return apply_filters( ‘bbp_allow_anonymous’, get_option( ‘bbp_allow_anonymous’, false ) );


    change false -> true

    Sorry I just want to ask again if anyone else having a problem with New Replies not bumping their Topic to the top of the list in a Forum? If it’s simply not implemented yet that’s fine I just want to know that I’m not doing something wrong.

    Rich Pedley


    It may be just that at the moment, but check the trac tickets, and if there isn’t one mentioning it then feel free to start one.

    re anonymous posting, please be aware of this:

    No validation is done.

    additionally the while point of a filter is to allow you to change without editing core plugin files.

    John James Jacoby


    Just pushed an update through that will fix the topic freshness order when creating new topics and replying to existing ones. This fix changes the way topics are pulled from the DB, and as a result is not backwards compatible with previous versions of the plugin. (Oh the dangers of beta testing.)

    This is however the way it will work going forward, so you won’t need to worry about going through this again.

    Forum counts and freshness links are coming next.

    Quick question if no one minds (not sure if it has been asked before or not as I can not find it by searching for it).

    Does bbPress Plugin have migration from the current stand alone bbPress in mind or is that something that is planned after the main release or something that is not planned yet ?

    Just wondering as some clients wants to move from IP.Board to bbPress and I am not sure if I should write a import plugin now to the current version or wait until the plugin is fully released.

    Nice work btw :)

    Will pop onto Trac later and see if there is anything I can help out with.

    John James Jacoby


    It is not currently in the plugin but is a must-have before beta.

    Depending on your level of experience with writing importers and exporters, it might be a good idea to get started now and prepare for some minor changes in data storage that might happen along the way.

    The plugin isn’t really meant to completely replace the stand-alone version in my eyes, since they are two totally different approaches to a similar need. So without being vague to the point if unhelpful, it really comes down to how urgently you need to make the switch and how much work you’re willing to put into getting there.

    If it were me, I’d concentrate efforts towards the plugin since it could use the most eyes on the code right now, and is more likely to see advancements and enhancements in the future.

    John James Jacoby


    Just pushed an update through that is a solid first pass at forum and topic freshness. Some testing would be awesome.

    Things @todo on this front: sub-forum tree topic/reply walking, better hierarchical reply support (topic walker), and go get a burrito (dinner)


    Rich Pedley


    are saying it is better to flush the database before installing the new version?

    Thanks for that John. Will have a look on Trac and see what I can help with.

    Thanks for the reply :)

    John James Jacoby


    Rich – I trashed all my topics and replies and started over, yes. If your posts are important for some reason and you have to save them, adding a postmeta key/value for each topic and reply of ‘_bbp_topic_last_active’ and ‘_bbp_reply_last_active’. The time should be in ‘mysql’ format in the DB.

    Rich Pedley


    nah trashing is fine by me – I’ll get that done in the next day or so and update.

    adding a postmeta key/value for each topic and reply of ‘_bbp_topic_last_active’ and ‘_bbp_reply_last_active’. The time should be in ‘mysql’ format in the DB.

    Worked like a charm and thanks for getting the Freshness problem fixed.

    Rich Pedley

    @rich-pedley updated – everything cleaned out for everyone to start playing again.

    John James Jacoby


    First pass at user profiles and front-end user profile editing is now in the plugin branch. Props GautamGupta for the original patch as part of one of his Google Code-in tasks.

    Please test this extensively as it was a huge changeset. You may need to deactivate/activate bbPress, and/or view your permalinks and save them to force a flush. This will not be required in the future.

    r2688 brings about a few new $bbp variables; current_user and displayed_user. Those of you familiar with BuddyPress will understand how these work. Also the 3 template loop globals ($bbp_forum_template, $bbp_topic_template, and $bbp_reply_template) are now objects attached to the main $bbp global, renamed to forum_query, topic_query, and reply_query.

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