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bbPress 1.0 released

  • Sam Bauers


    bbPress 1.0 is now available for download.

    An announcement on the blog will come soon detailing all the changes from 0.9 (which are numerous). I’d also like to send out some interim thanks to everyone who helped with testing to bring this release up to scratch.

    If you are upgrading from 0.9 or earlier then be sure to make a full backup of both your files and database.

    You can track downloads via the new counter here:

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  • @jonhiler

    I totally understand that _ck_ has done a tremendous amount of work related the to plug-ins.

    But her telling people to simply not use the new release causes more damage than harm to the community, no?



    frooyo, I didn’t say not to use 1.0, I said if people are using 0.9 they should wait a few months to upgrade to 1.0


    I completely agree that alpha/beta labels should be respected.

    But it’s been now in development for YEARS and for most users – bbPress simply works.

    At some point, you have to just call it “stable”. Why not now?



    i want upgrade to 1.0, how make this properly from 0905?

    This is NOT an attempt to knock _ck_ (any more than she meant to diss on Sam), as her points are totally valid and, in fact, I’m a member of ‘If it ain’t broke…’ If you’re ON .9 and everything works and you’re happy, then STAY. If you have needs that can no longer be met by .9, however, you may need to start looking into 1.0. There’s a reason that some people are still on WP 1.5ish releases. It works and they’re happy. There’s nothing wrong with it.

    My reasons to use 1.0

    1. You haven’t installed bbPress yet, so you don’t have an existing stable site.

    2. You don’t actually use a lot of plugins anyway.

    3. You can integrate with WP 2.8 and WPMU without having to hack the bbPress cookies (thanks to WP changing things all over the dang place…)

    4. The Admin area ‘matches’ WP and, lets face it, pretty is better ;)

    5. If you’re going to write new plugins for bb, you may as well write them for the release version since that’s the way it’s going to be.

    6. While it is slower, we’re not talking ‘it now takes 3 minutes to load a page’ like some bbs out there. And it’s still faster than WP.

    7. Given the speed of servers these days, you may not ever notice the DB queries.

    8. No matter how long you spend debugging, you’re never going to find all the bugs until something’s used for real by hundreds of users, so months vs years really doesn’t mean as much as you might think. Now DAYS versus months… Still, until a lot of people get out there and try to use it for weird ways, 1.0 won’t be as well tested as 0.9, but that’s true of any new release of software.

    9. RC seems rushed, with a lot of slapped up fixes, but that’s because a group of us were out there breaking things for the rest of you. The major kinks are fixed.

    10. Once you bite the bullet, the small upgrade to 1.0.1 (which is inevitable and we all know it) will seem like nothing.

    11. You really want to see that download counter MOVE!

    Okay, so some of mine are for the amusing side.

    I’ve been on the 1.0 train since I started, since at the time you couldn’t do 2.7 WP and 0.9 BB. I’ve never had a major OMG! show stopper problem and I think bbPress is far far better than the old systems I’ve used. Small, simple, easy.

    Thanks to Sam and also SO many thanks to _ck_ for her patience with stupid questions :)

    By the way, the download counter if very cool.



    I agree frooyo.

    Prediction: we are going to shock the world and break the Firefox 3 download World Record.

    You heard it here first.

    Sam, can you update the theme used here to make the FRESHNESS column clickable to the last post? It’s a pain in the a** to have to always view the first page if you have already read it…

    Love the new admin interface of 1.0 by the way, thanks…



    2frooyo: thx

    Sam Bauers


    You can always fork 0.9 and start you’re own forum product. Maybe call it ckPress

    Eeek! I’d rather _ck_ stuck around here personally. She has earned the right to say pretty much whatever she likes about bbPress (not that I don’t appreciate your support frooyo).

    Sam Bauers


    John James Jacoby




    Would be great if you could get a blog post crosslinked over at

    I only say that because of the huge WP following.



    upgraded from 0905 to 1.0. all works.

    you can see here:

    seems the dashboard area is missing some styling of the tables or do we need to add some style to this? A lot of the utility screens are out of whack or pushed together. Tools & Settings submenu are formatted nicely though

    Dump your browser cache. That should have been fixed a couple trunks ago, and it’s fine on my site. That WAS how it was uglified mid-process

    Dump your browser cache. That should have been fixed a couple trunks ago, and it’s fine on my site. That WAS how it was uglified mid-process

    ah bugger, fireftp decided to append instead of replace the CSS file. all fixed and beautified :P



    Works beautifully! Just in case this could help… when upgrading from rc-3, I didn’t have to run the installer again (though I tried, following the upgrading instructions). Because it did not create a new config file though it said it did, I renamed back the old one, said no upgrade was necessary, and everything is running fine.

    The interface looks fantastic, and out of 23 active plugins, only a minor issue with one (Post Meta not using the ‘display name’ on the front page, though it works fine). Sam, thank you for releasing 1.0!!!



    After reading the discussion about whether to upgrade or not, I’m thinking (as _ck_ says) that there’s no point as is working fine for us. Two forums aren’t ready yet, and the one which is active has only 30 members, with 30 more to be added once everyone’s enjoyed their summer holidays.

    I have all the plugins I want working fine, have created my own super-simple theme, and can’t think of anything else I need it to do. Apart from the user roles and DB changes for larger forums, is there anything 1.0 does that might prove useful, but which I don’t know about..?


    >> “Apart from the user roles and DB changes for larger forums, is there anything 1.0 does that might prove useful, but which I don’t know about..? “

    I don’t know Sam’s position on this but I’d assume that if a bug is found in 1.0 that it will not be backported to non stable (i.e. 0.9) branch.

    Again, I don’t know Sam’s position on this but for all those people under the mentality of “if it already works, don’t upgrade” … simply upgrade now knowing that you’re on the current release that is being supported might be reason enough to upgrade.

    Plus, if/when that time does come that you need to upgrade … upgrading from 0.9 to the current release at that time might be more difficult in the future than it is now to upgrade from 0.9 to 1.0

    @Michael3185 FWIW, your theme shouldn’t break moving from 0.9 to 1.0, but depending on which plugins you use, waiting may not be a bad call there. Which ones are you using?



    Plugins – blimey…
























    Some are simple things taken from code in forum discussions, and the error-page one is my own.

    I just tried one to notify mods of new posts, but it failed with a DB field/table missing, so I assume it was written or upgraded for 1.0, and of course a lot of plugins will be upgraded now. Still thinking, but I can always test drive it on an empty forum.

    *blinkblink* WOW. Yeah, don’t move yet! Make a test forum and test out all those on there. There’s a list of plugins that work on RC1/RC2 that will give you a starting point for what ones should work…

    Allow-Images is messed up and doesn’t work anymore.



    For those not using the XML-RPC functionality (95% of you) I strongly recommend you delete xmlrpc.php immediately after install. Several of WordPress’s security issues over the years have been through that API.

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