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bbPress 1.0 released

  • Sam Bauers


    bbPress 1.0 is now available for download.

    An announcement on the blog will come soon detailing all the changes from 0.9 (which are numerous). I’d also like to send out some interim thanks to everyone who helped with testing to bring this release up to scratch.

    If you are upgrading from 0.9 or earlier then be sure to make a full backup of both your files and database.

    You can track downloads via the new counter here:

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  • i’ve installed a fresh version of bbpress 1.0 on wordpress wp 2.8 and seems work good, but it’s the first time i use bbpress, i’ve integrated users and cookie

    I’ve just upgraded to 1.0. I have bbpress integrated with custom website, not WP.

    1. pluggable.php is changed to

    2. some functions are renamed from wp_ to bb_, others aren’t.

    3. bb_auth() is used sometimes. And sometimes is not.

    4. localization directory is changed.

    As a result, my forum needed second full integration. I had to add bb_auth() at the bottom of my bb-custom-pluggable.php to maintain user login, with $wp_auth_object->set_current_user($id) inside.



    Congratulations on the release!

    Sam Bauers


    For those not using the XML-RPC functionality (95% of you) I strongly recommend you delete xmlrpc.php immediately after install. Several of WordPress’s security issues over the years have been through that API.

    Doing that will also disable the ability to receive ping-backs.



    Doing that will also disable the ability to receive ping-backs.

    99% of all pingbacks are spam and eat resources. It’s also an easy way to ddos a forum on a shared host because it makes the forum do a non-trivial amount of work to process the data received.

    I know pingbacks on forums were a pet dream of Matt’s for forums to have since 0.7 was first released to the public, but IMHO the entire concept of a pingback on a forum defeats the whole purpose of local, active membership.

    At least it’s one option that can be removed almost like a plugin by deleting it.

    That said, I don’t mean to trivialize the amount of work it took you to make the feature happen, it’s impressive in itself.

    Hi, I waited for so long for this version to be released!

    I got a running WP site and a bbBress integrated forumin it.

    WP is 2.7.1

    bbPress is 1.0-alpha-6

    In WP I use the bbPress Integration (1.0-rc-2) plugin

    Did the necessary integration routine (with AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY, etc.)

    Now, I want to upgrade WP to 2.8 and bbPress to 1.0, what’s the best procedure?

    (Of course, I will backup files and database of both installation).

    Should I upgrade WP to 2.8 first or bbPress to 1.0? (About bbPress, don’t even seem to know HOW upgrading, since I guess there isn’t an upgrading button, right?).

    And what about integration? Now that those 2 version support seamlessly integration, should I delete the AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY in bb-admin.php?

    And should I also delete the bbPress Integration plugin, or is it still necessary?

    Well, I thought I’d ask before adventuring in the process.

    Thanks to anyone who will answer…


    How can i add custom function on folder template ?

    Awesome work guys, this is really great!

    This is a good manual way of upgrading below.

    – Create a new database, call it wordpress2 or 3 or whatever. Make sure it is different from the database in use.

    – Choose Option A or B Below:

    Option A

    – Backup (because you’ll be overwriting the old files) your http folder the server points to.

    – If your httpdocs folder is called: [httpdocs] then: mv [httpdocs] [httpdocs_backup]

    Option B

    – Create a new directory, with correct permissions.

    – Tell your webserver to serve from this new location

    – Install wordpress and bbpress and assign it to use the new wordpress database.

    – Get all functionality working, like integration plug-ins etc…

    – Once it all works, backup the httpdocs folder. [tar -cvjf httpdocs.bz2 httpdocs] This is a good step as you can now take these working configs and stick it into a new upgraded wordpress.

    – Go back and restore the old wordpress because now you will upgrade.

    – Install wordpress first. Install using the Old database name, when it asks you to upgrade the database, do so.

    – Install bbpress, do the same as above.

    – take your Config file from the test run above, and copy them into your upgrade.

    Personally, I do a complete backup on a schedule and just manually run the script again for when I do an upgrade. This script will backup all my http/https folders, my server configs, and my database all in one shot. If anything gets messed up I just do a restore and It’s like starting from scratch. No matter how messed up things get. You might want to think about that. If there is enough demand I will gladly publish these helpful scripts.

    I just successfully integrated bbpress, wpmu 2.7.1 and buddypress group forums. Cookies and everything. I had given up on doing this with anything other than bbpress alpha-6. Worked like a charm right out of the box.

    I’ll be damned. I take back all the grumbling and complaining and whining. I’m also canceling my enrollment in advanced particle physics classes that I thought were a previous requirement.

    Nice job to all involved!

    can some1 help me with cookies integration between wordpress 2.8 and bbpress 1.0 ? user logged on forum is not logged on blog…. I correctly set SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY, AUTH_KEY, auth_salt, logged_in_salt……. Only thing I could n’t set during integration is secure auth” cookie salt as I can’t find this anywhere neither in wp-config.php nor in options.php of wordpress settings…….. I have also used bbpress integration plugin for wordpress and copied the text suggested by this plugin in wp-config.php

    update to my above post : I finally somehow solved it myself…. Thanx to bbpress community for presenting wonderful piece of coding summarized into the poetry of bbpress forum…

    @vlovers , would you kindly share how you fixed it? Thanks a bunch

    Considering that I need to upgrade my WP 2.7.1 site into WP MU in the near future, is it worth it to upgrade to WP 2.8 already?




    It totally depends on your needs.

    If you need WPMU for multi-user blogs now, then upgrade.

    If you don’t need multi-user blogs now, then don’t upgrade.

    Ok, yeah… The thing is that I am running a regular WP 2.7.1 and I wanted to upgrade to 2.8.

    Now, snce I know that in a couple of monthe I’ll need BuddyPress integration to my site, my question is: should I upgrade to regular 2.8 and than switch to WP MU 2.7.1 to integrate BuddyPress.

    Actually, I am confused by the fact that WP is now 2.8 while WP MU is 2.7.1, and don’t know if it’s a good idea to go from WP2.8 to WP MU 2.7.1.

    Otherwise, I post this here, because I got a bbPress forum up (alpha 6) with the current site, and wanted to upgrade to WP 2.8 and bbPress 1.0…

    I hope sometime soon WP, WP MU, bbPress, BuddyPress will install and work one in another in an easier way.



    At the moment, WP and WPMU are separately maintained. But there are plans to merge the two codebases into one, don’t expect that in the next couple of months. More like next year sometime.

    So if you’re planning on using BuddyPress in a few months, I would recommend getting acquainted with WPMU 2.7.1 since it works with the latest version of BuddyPress. This is just my advice, but I wouldn’t upgrade to WP 2.8.

    Moving over from WP to WPMU is not that straightforward. You have to do a number of things in order to get things right.

    Since this is straying away from the original topic, create a new thread about this and others can chime in.

    If anyone can get WPMU 2.7.1 + BB1.0 working with:

    – SSL

    – Subdomains

    – main Blog is the root of the mu install

    Let me know because out of the box I don’t think it’s possible. What am I doing wrong?



    +1 on WPMU 2.7.1, BuddyPress 1.0.2 and bbPress 1.0.

    No issues… yet! ;)

    SSL? With force ssl?



    Sorry Jason_JM, I’m not on SSL or subdomains.

    Good news!!!

    Thanks r-a-y, thanks Jason_JM…

    I am now convinced that I need to go straight to WP MU 2.7.1 instead of upgrading to regualr WP 2.8

    The thing is that I have a running site with bbPress alpha 6 integrated and didn’t figure out the best way to switch to a WP MU + BuddyPress + bbPress 1.0 configuration.

    Anyway, you’re right I should make another post for it, but where? WordPressforum? bbPress forum (here)? BuddyPress forum?


    The biggest trouble I am having now is to figure out how can I test all thenew configuration and set up leaving the existing site running and than switch to the new congfig, when I see that everything works properly. Copy the existing into a subfolder and with anew database? Mmmh…

    Proposed Patch for integration plugin:

    function bbpress_integration_set_bb_cookies( $uri, $expire = false, $expiration = ”, $user_id = ” )


    if ( !$uri_parsed = @parse_url( $uri ) ) {

    return false;


    $secure = false; //Default no auth

    if ( force_ssl_login() || force_ssl_admin() )


    $secure = true; //Will create secure flagged cookies


    (I’m still going through my debug)

    I found the bug. Trac ticket submitted. Dang hard one to find.

    I have SSL working back and forth, forth and back etc…………

    Track patch + integration patch required.

    I have wasted my weekend on this one.

    – Jason Giedymin

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