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bbPress 1.0 released

  • Sam Bauers


    bbPress 1.0 is now available for download.

    An announcement on the blog will come soon detailing all the changes from 0.9 (which are numerous). I’d also like to send out some interim thanks to everyone who helped with testing to bring this release up to scratch.

    If you are upgrading from 0.9 or earlier then be sure to make a full backup of both your files and database.

    You can track downloads via the new counter here:

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  • Trac Submission and patch for 2.7.1 if you demand SSL. Requires patch to integration plugin as well.

    Also, I had to put into my bb-config.php the below so that logging in via bbpress will allow login to wpmu admin page.

    // Not defining below will not create /wp-admin cookie in current bbpress 1.0. Required for SSL.

    // Guess this could be another bug as well.


    bbpress trac ticket for wp_admin_cookie_path issue when using wpmu.




    Have a question for you.

    Your SSL is for login and admin areas only right?

    I’ll have to keep track of what you’ve done, as I’ll probably want to secure the admin area as well.


    Post in the “Installation” area here –

    Or in the BuddyPress forums –


    In wpmu: define both force sll keys (admin an the other one I forget)

    In bbp: define force ssl login and user forms

    Make sure your not using adminssl plugin (at first?)

    Independently of each other that is how you would enable use of ssl, as long as your webserver is ready to accept and configured correctly to use https.

    It’s integration where things break and you’ll need three patches.

    Time for bed…Zz…




    hi there.

    I successfully integrated wpmu 2.7.1 with bbpress 1.0. all works as its supposed to, except for some small questions/problems:

    – the forums are located here: so basically bbpress is isntalled in a folder called forum

    – the links to the forums looks weird, notice the link contains forum twice? i.e.

    – I checked my .htaccess inside the forum folder: notice the rewrite base says: RewriteBase /forum/ I tried changing it to / but that doesn’t help. What is it supposed to look like?

    – besides why do almost all rewrites inside that file have an additional forum inside? i.e. RewriteRule ^page/([0-9]+)/?$ /forum/index.php?page=$1 [L,QSA] is that automatically taken from the isntallation folder?

    – how could I get rid of that additional forum? Looks stupid :-(

    – bbpress sees all my registered users, but claims they have no role. I’d realy hate to have to manually edit all users and give them memebr privileges. shouldn’t there be a way to automatically promote all existing wpmu users to bbpress members?

    – I tried the DEEP INTEGRAATION, but still, even if using <?php wp_head(); ?> inside mh header.php doesn’t trigger all wordpress plugins that should be triggered when calling the wp_head – is there a way to autoamte this?



    @ovizii; I have the same problem with another bbPress forum I set up, which is off a sub-domain and in a folder called /forum/. Pretty permalinks don’t work no matter what I do with the .htaccess rewrites (I get 404 errors). I tried removing the /forum/ from RewriteBase and putting the .htaccess file in the forum folder – no go. Also tried leaving it in, and putting the .htaccess file in the ‘root’ of the sub-domain – no go.

    I don’t know enough about rewrite rules and what they do to fix it. The ‘standard’ .htaccess people have posted elsewhere works fine in another forum which is in the ‘root’ folder of a sub-domain, by the way. This maybe should be in another thread as it’s not 1.0 related (I’m on, but any help would be appreciated.

    I’m suprised the cgi rewrites didn’t transform these. Check your perms, do a chmod -R 777 just to see



    dunno if you are talking to me, but my permalink rewrites work perfect. click the demo link I gave above.

    the problem is just that I have an extra “forum” bit in the URL for forums, but after thinking about it carefully, it seems to be the same problem as with wordpress and the built-in “category” bit in category urls…

    btw. my .htaceess fiel is inside the forum folder where bbpress is installed

    FYI – Installing WordPressMU + BuddyPress + bbPress was a snap! Integration FTW!



    Speaking of .htaccess I want to express how I simply cannot disagree more with the suggestion during bbPress 1.0 install to make it writeable by bbPress.

    Opening .htaccess to writes by PHP is an INCREDIBLY bad idea security-wise.

    Never, ever, make any part of your bbPress (or WordPress) install write-able or you are just begging to be hacked sooner or later. Always use FTP and replace it yourself.

    If you are on a shared server, the vulnerability is magnified many more times.

    Directories used for caching and uploading that simply must be writable should always be “above” the web-root so that an attacker cannot easily execute files they just uploaded or modified.

    One day bbPress will have a template editor like WordPress and I will have to recommend deleting it and never chmod’ing the template directory as well.

    I agree. I’d like to see a recommended primer someday.

    Referencing the chmod recommendation I gave, I just wanted to make sure the user’s php was actually being read. That was the ‘just to see’ part.

    A common problem I deal with is many people have it setup just as you say , where some user X has rw but the Php processor is running off a lesser priv base. Or sometimes the files perms are just completly a mess, like my spelling on the iPhone.



    perms are all ok, after installation did a chown -R group:user forum/ chmod -R 755 forum/ so that isn’t the problem




    4 days ago you said in 24h the .pot for 1.0 would be available. It’s no t here:

    Where is it?



    I have nothing but good things to say about the 1.0 release. So far everything is working great. It’s a standalone installation. Thanks a lot Sam for all your hard work, it really shows. This is a very polished 1.0 release. Guess I should start eating crow now:

    (FWIW, I needed a forum, quick, for a project I was doing and the only forum I know is bbPress. It didn’t let me down.)

    Sam Bauers



    I thought those files would be automatically created. I’m chasing this up with our i18n person.


    Nice to know it was smooth for you!



    Sam Bauers


    Localisation files are available now…



    I have to say that while I may not agree with some of the politics around the 1.0 release, the amount of effort Sam has put into 1.0, especially over the past few months, is simply amazing and very impressive. Converting the entire bbPress core to use the WordPress core was not a trivial task.


    Does it mean the 0.9 and 1.0 have different code architectures ?



    Loving the addition of Voices into the core. Just figured out how to display them :)



    Is there any easy way to search for plugins that are compatible with the bbPress 1 branch?

    No, especially because not all plugins that work with 1 are labeled as such :/

    I currently use 09.5 but would like to upgrade this weekend. I do need to clarify a couple of things first.

    To begin with I set up a temp/test forum and tested the plugins I currently use. All seemed to work just fine.

    OK, not to the trickier part.

    Originally I installed BBPress through SimpleScripts, which my host makes available on dashboards.

    Then, changing my plans I moved the forum to a subfolder of a WordPress instillation.

    I will ask my host, but I don’t think there is a way to change the SimpleScripts info, which thinks the forum is located at the original location.

    Does anybody know if SimpleScripts adds anything that could complicate a normal upgrade? I am a very cautious upgrader and will of course back up the data base. But I want to go into this knowing about any potential problems.

    Second issue:

    Currently my BBPress and WordPress are on two different databases. I would very much like to integrate users. However, the forum has about 50 users and the blog has about 20 users. Some are duplicates.

    My main concern is making this as simple as possible for the users.

    If I use the integration settings, how does that handle existing users?

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