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bbPress 1.0 released

  • bbPress 1.0 is now available for download.

    An announcement on the blog will come soon detailing all the changes from 0.9 (which are numerous). I’d also like to send out some interim thanks to everyone who helped with testing to bring this release up to scratch.

    If you are upgrading from 0.9 or earlier then be sure to make a full backup of both your files and database.

    You can track downloads via the new counter here:

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  • Sam, just installed. Everything looks amazing internally. Well done.

    The bees and hives icons are perfect.

    The only snafu I have found is when I try and delete a tag I get

    “The tag was not removed.”

    “Back to [site name].”

    My theme is Refueled Blank 2 Column – Right Sidebar (Not sure if it helps)

    Does this happen on the default theme?

    If it works there, is the tag deletion in your template attempted via AJAX?

    Nice !

    Thanks Sam for the release !!!


    Is it an integrated install by chance?

    Dang, it must be the theme. (can delete tags via the default Kakumei 1.0).

    I guess this means this theme uses AJAX for tag deletion (I am a BBPress newbie, don’t know where to look to know for sure).

    Any suggestions for a work around without having to switch themes? Here it is:

    Theme Name: blank 2 column Right Sidebar

    Theme URI:

    Description: A blank bbPress theme. Matching WordPress themes available.

    Version: 1.0

    Author: refueled

    Author URI:

    Like the download counter, I was twelfth to download at 12 minutes :)

    Admin looks loverly now.

    Draggable forum order is nice.



    ehi Sam thanks!

    is possible have the pot for the 1.0 release? in the svn repo the last pot is for the rev 2285… i have to make the localization before update or my users kill me :)




    Thanks Mate :)

    I am the 24th to download it :P

    I will also write a blog post on it….


    The pot will be auto-generated within 24 hours and will be here:




    Even I am not able to delete tags (from INove theme), and its not Ajaxed…. its links to the tag-remove.php file.




    thanks, i’m waiting for the pot.

    how can I do to upload it in the repo? I can have access? There are other projects for bbpress Italian “under constructions” for years and I want start my own with my other project BP IT and WPMU IT, so if is possible i want upload the files to maintain the translation update.

    thanks for the reply.

    Awesome, super easy upgrade from RC3. So 1.0 Beta was skipped and this is a final 1.0 release now?

    Plugins seem to keep working too as mentioned in the RC3 compatibility thread.

    As for Tags, I can add and delete them on my custom theme.

    Now let new Plugins commence, especially something to split/merge topics *pray*.

    Congratulations to the Dev Team, you rock!


    I’ll email you some info on possibly taking over that translation.


    Normal progression is alpha to beta to RC. We skipped beta to go straight to RC.




    Thanks for your great work on 1.0 final.

    I also have a question to the tags: If i use the destroy tag button i will be forwared to tag-destroy.php. It looks like this: Screenshot Just a blank page with some words. Is this intended? However the tag was deleted…


    Yep, that’s how it looks. Not pretty, but futctional.

    This forum is actually now running 1.0 as well. So if you notice any bugs or glitches here let me know.

    Wow, really nice! I was expecting this only in 2010 :)






    A reminder to those using 0.9 not to upgrade to 1.0 yet as many of my plugins (and others) do not support 1.0. I will not be addressing plugin upgrades until December.

    10 reasons why to wait a few months to upgrade to bbPress 1.0

    1. Your 0.9 install is stable and the core is secure

    2. Roughly half the plugins for 0.9 will not currently work with 1.0

    3. Once you upgrade you cannot downgrade due to database changes

    4. It does not have significant additional features over 0.9

    5. It doesn’t use the proven 0.9 core, major parts have been rewritten for BackPress

    6. It’s slower, uses 50% more code when producing the same output as 0.9

    7. It uses more database queries per page than 0.9

    8. It’s code has only months of debugging vs years for 0.8 + 0.9

    9. RC was rushed, some changes were made only days ago and are not well tested

    10. Version 1.0.1 will be out in a few days (if not a few hours)



    so, why you released 1.0 now?!


    Everything you describe is a reason TO USE 1.0. The more people who use it, the better it will become because more people will report any noticed issues etc.

    Telling everyone to wait a few months will then just cause NO ONE to use it. Then in a few months, the bbPress core is no better than when it was initially released because the community never got involved.

    Simply look at how much involvement the community jumped in when Sam changed the name to Release Candidate.

    There was more activity in the last few weeks than in probably the last 6 months.

    (Also, you’re post smells of so wishes that 0.9 never changed. You can always fork 0.9 and start you’re own forum product. Maybe call it ckPress)


    In my opinion, of course I can’t speak for Sam, because it was ready.

    Also, now that it’s marked as stable 1.0 – more people will be willing to use it.

    @frooyo – I agree that changing the name to Release Candidate greatly increased community involvement. Marking a release as 1.0 stable seems like a scary way (to me) to increase involvement! But maybe the release will be stable, and my skepticism is unwarranted. Looking forward to seeing how the release goes. :-)

    But can I ask that you please not attack active members of the bbPress community? _ck_ has done more than almost any other volunteer to help extend the power of bbPress. I’ve seen a number of open source projects where someone is told that if they disagree with something, they should shut up and just fork the code. I hope that bbPress doesn’t become one of those sorts of projects.

    Good luck with the release Sam!

    Anyone else get hungry for Honey Smacks cereal when they look at the new internal ‘Posts’ icon?

    Perhaps Dig’em Frog is secretly bankrolling Automattic and bbPress…



    Actually my warning is geared more towards existing 0.9 users who won’t realize that 1.0 is not a simple upgrade to 0.9 like 0.9 was to 0.8 – 0.9 was just 0.8.4 with a whimsical number bump. Calling this release “1.0 final” gives the impression of well tested and compatible, which it is neither.

    Someone who has been happily using 0.9 on an active site with several plugins and tries to upgrade to 1.0 is virtually guaranteed to run into problems. Even worse, if they have not backed up their database, or don’t immediately downgrade, they will lose their ability to roll back to the stable version they had.

    Ignoring internet-wide standards for “alpha” vs. “beta” vs “release candidate” labels is a very dangerous thing to do as far as user experience. IMHO 1.0 is currently still at a beta level. Calling it “release candidate” and now “final” is just politics to please some of the least patient yet most vocal people around here.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 106 total)
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