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Re: Show off your Forum !!

I use a lot of Plugins, some I’ve edited myself. I haven’t checked for new versions in some time, so I may be out of date :p.

* Upload Avatar Plugin

* Allow Images

* Signature Plugin (edited to allow images)

* Quote (edited to display who you’re quoting)

* BB Emoticons (with tango emoticons)

* Fix Auto-Close

* No ?replies

* Front Page Topics

* BBCode for BBPress (We encourage use of regular markup, but we have this option available to our users).

* Comment Quicktags

* Show Post Count

* Fix BBpress

* Online List

* Page Links

* Indicate New Posts

* BBPress Private Messaging

* TDP Badges (A custom plugin I made to give out badges to our users depending on their taste in games and their accomplishments).

I hacked some code to allow a color changing tag-cloud. I guess that’s it.

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