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Re: Future of bbPress

I just realized that i miss a “quote” button in bbPress =)

There’s <blockquote> actually :) bbPress uses regular HTML syntax, not bbCode.

The future? Optional integration, but DEEP integration. If I didn’t have to re-theme my forums every time I make a change to my blog, I’d be happy. Honestly, it works as much as I need it to right now, but the reason I picked bbPress has jack to do with integration and all to do with simplicity.

I came from the Invision/phpBB/SMF world and I was always turning off options I didn’t use or want. Much like WordPress, the best thing about bbPress is that it’s little and you can add on if you want.

That said, much like how people can (and do) port Akismet to other platforms, bbPress has to decide if that’s it’s future too. To whit:

Is bbPress going to be a sibling to WordPress (intended to be used with it, but available as stand alone) or a cousin (available to be used with or without WordPress)?

Right now it’s a kissing cousin (legal only in the backwoods), trying to be both. If we keep along the currently available integration path, it will become the cousin. That said, if it moves on to the sibling, being tied in like … Akismet (available from the get-go, but optional), then you’d probably get a lot more pick up from WordPress users.

Integration with WordPress, knowing that WP and WPMU are in route to becoming the same thing (unless the rumors are a lie, it’s just what I heard), would really make things like BuddyPress be a home run.

Of course, if we get better integration, we need better user management. A way to flag users as bozo is nice, but banning people would be even better.

I’m going to get more coffee and think more about this. Mostly, I’m happy we’re not forgotten.

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