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Future of bbPress

  • A few people have reached out to me and I just wanted to let everyone know that bbPress is still an important project for the WP community. (It powers our forums and plugin directory, for one thing!) It’s not going away.

    Strategically the most important thing we need to figure out is how to integrate bbPress better with WP more for people who want that — right now it’s easier to use one of the WP plugins for forums than bbPress.

    As to where bbPress goes in the future, I’d be curious to hear who wants to help with that. The world is our oyster. :)

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  • BBpress is a very good forum, but the support in franch (the example for me) is nonexistent. So it’s a problem for the BBPress development in the world. Another problem, lack of consistent WordPress plugin -> bbpress (example : Avatar :()

    I like bbpress, I hope everything will change for the better …



    The big advantage of bbpress is the easy integration in wordpress. There are much better standalones on the web. For example SMF with which I am currently working.

    The thing is that I am looking for a forum which I can easy integrate in buddypress without a bridge. I found it with bbpress. Unfortunately bbpress doesn’t offer a wysiwyg-toolbar and it doesn’t offer many of the features which are standard in other forums.

    So in my opinion developers should include a wysiwyg-standard toolbar as it is already standard in wordpress and other features for images and videos.



    So, im still don’t know who is boss at this site?

    Who will make news and make updates for bbpress?

    For bbPress to continue moving forward it has to start seamlessly integrating with WordPress.

    There are only two ways of doing that. Move WordPress so that it uses BackPress, or extract BackPress from bbPress and point it to the code existing in WordPress (if it is integrated). Moving WordPress to use BackPress is a considerable job and would likely need the attention of a completely new version number. In the short term the time it would take isn’t feasible for bbPress (or BuddyPress for that matter) to continue moving forward at a reasonable pace.

    The second option is quite possible and has already been done. Despite it not being the truly “ideal” method for the long term it could be used without problems until WordPress moves to BackPress. There is code in BuddyPress that allows bbPress to install, configure and run all within the WordPress environment. If someone was willing to put some time in and extract this code into a plugin (or perhaps a core extension) then the job would almost be done.

    The integration / abstraction code is here:

    The configuration / setup code is here:

    I’m happy to help someone along with this.



    Thanks for stopping by Andy.

    There is code in BuddyPress that allows bbPress to install, configure and run all within the WordPress environment.

    But does it work out-of-the-box already? It doesn´t for me.

    “Thanks for stopping by Andy. “

    second that

    I just realized that i miss a “quote” button in bbPress =)

    But what i came here to say is that i miss the possibility to show/hide subforums and make then show up as links beneath the description for their parent.

    I must say that im really a fan of this forum software and that it got plenty which i have missed from other forums.

    Hope to see more ongoing core development for bbPress in the future. Is this a goal for you?

    But does it work out-of-the-box already? It doesn´t for me.

    When did you last try? This is new to 1.1 and works for most people with one click.

    I just realized that i miss a “quote” button in bbPress =)

    There’s <blockquote> actually :) bbPress uses regular HTML syntax, not bbCode.

    The future? Optional integration, but DEEP integration. If I didn’t have to re-theme my forums every time I make a change to my blog, I’d be happy. Honestly, it works as much as I need it to right now, but the reason I picked bbPress has jack to do with integration and all to do with simplicity.

    I came from the Invision/phpBB/SMF world and I was always turning off options I didn’t use or want. Much like WordPress, the best thing about bbPress is that it’s little and you can add on if you want.

    That said, much like how people can (and do) port Akismet to other platforms, bbPress has to decide if that’s it’s future too. To whit:

    Is bbPress going to be a sibling to WordPress (intended to be used with it, but available as stand alone) or a cousin (available to be used with or without WordPress)?

    Right now it’s a kissing cousin (legal only in the backwoods), trying to be both. If we keep along the currently available integration path, it will become the cousin. That said, if it moves on to the sibling, being tied in like … Akismet (available from the get-go, but optional), then you’d probably get a lot more pick up from WordPress users.

    Integration with WordPress, knowing that WP and WPMU are in route to becoming the same thing (unless the rumors are a lie, it’s just what I heard), would really make things like BuddyPress be a home run.

    Of course, if we get better integration, we need better user management. A way to flag users as bozo is nice, but banning people would be even better.

    I’m going to get more coffee and think more about this. Mostly, I’m happy we’re not forgotten.

    quickly note some of the important things

    1) documentation, examples, and more documentation – from plug-ins to core. it is very difficult to ramp up and extend the functionality of bbPress when you have to spend considerable time researching how to hook into things. php is not my first language but i’d be more enticed to extend if there is something to fall back upon.

    2) cohesiveness of technologies used in other automattic products – bring bbPress into the fold and create a common experience; UI. why do we have a scaled down editor in bbPress for example. IMHO, it should be the same as WP – if i’m using another automattic product, i’d like the same experience as those are the reasons why i use it. …i understand the lightweight approach (which i like) but its also important to consider the expectations.

    2a) IntenseDebate – to me this is just a forum add-on to a blog post (topic). frankly the feature subset of ID is what a lot of forum administrators like (Comment Threading, Reply-By-Email, Email Notifications, Moderation/Blacklisting, Reputation Points & Comment Voting, +openid/etc login). again, just common experience of automattic.

    3) the whole standalone, bbpress => wp, bbpress <= => wp thing (if i want bbpress and wp to talk to each other, this should be a core level thing instead of a plug-in to cross pollinate content – sometimes it is just easier to shy away from bbpress and opt for ID – in this instance buddypress is too much for a small community) but i need another cup of coffee before i can touch further on this subject :-)

    Hi Matt,

    “how to integrate bbPress better with WP, … as to where bbPress goes in the future, I’d be curious to hear who wants to help with that. “

    Answering to that question with some questions can be helpfull :

    * bbPress today ? (point A)

    * WordPress today ? (point A’)

    * Can they meet at some point ? (point B)

    * What is the code in common between WP(µ), bbPress ( and BuddyPress) ?

    * Is there somewhere an underlying FrameWork with some engines inside (blog(s), forum (social networking) engines) ?

    * Could we imagine in a future to come to install a Framework and plug into it a blog(s) engine, a forum engine, (a social networking engine, ) all of them at the same time ?

    ready to help


    I remember some years ago (probably I was one of the first who tried to integrate bbPress with WordPress in a different language, fully localized integration [1]), and it was a pain. Now, years passed, I can see bbPress and WordPress rising and shining, but I wouldn’t pay anymore so much attention into their integration.

    The main problem I/folks met when choosing between BB software and taking bbPress as a possible solution, is it’s lack of real BB features, like already mentioned quoting, nice fluid design themes… classic stuff which makes a forum software look accordingly.

    I do respect the WordPress choices when it comes to design (including software designs and tehnologies), but if you want bbPress get over FluxBB (ex PunBB, which was sold and it is it’s main competitor), forget about Joel Spolsky’s thoughts, people are looking for something they got used to already. Bring options to core and hide them under checkboxes, but don’t apart them in plugins (at least until bbPress has no such plugin installer like WordPress has).

    Dunno why, but bbPress still looks much like it was first time released by Matt after a weekend of smart coding. Time to grow up a bit. :)

    Just my 2 cents…

    John James Jacoby


    I’m happy to retheme if I can get my hands on the designs again.

    I’ll echo some of the other comments and say that having a Codex for bbPress is key to it’s future. Shouldn’t this be something that is very easy for someone at Automattic to setup?

    The other thing is better, easier integration with existing user database tables and site features for sign-in/out, registration, change password, etc. Most everyone using bbPress probably already has the rest of their site already setup.

    You don’t users to have to have two logins, two registrations, two login pages, and two registration pages ,and two records in the database with the same info. This type of integration needs to be dead simple and straightforward in bbPress but it is not. If this was done properly, the most common site integration (bbPress with a WordPress blog) wouldn’t be the mess it is today.

    Also, support for Oracle databases would go a long way to helping adoption.



    I have to disagree strenuously with the suggestion to support Oracle databases. In fact, I don’t believe I ever heard of anyone asking for that before, or heard of anyone turned off by the fact that Oracle was not supported. There are dozens of other features and fixes I would want to see before seeing support for other databases.

    MySQL is the defacto database for open source blogging, CMS and forum software, with Postgres right behind. I think there are bigger fish to fry than supporting Oracle databases.

    The only ans single database solutions you might consider at this moment (except MySQL which is already supported) is PostgreSQL ans SQLite.

    I would switch my WordPress to SQLite. Thought SQLite has no full support for alter



    Hey jjj, thanks for stepping up and helping Andy with BuddyPress:

    John James Jacoby


    Hey Chris!

    You’re very welcome. I should be thanking you for keeping on the up and up. I’m happy to help on the this side of things too and I’ll pop in from time to time to check in on BuddyPress integration questions, etc…



    BuddyPress and integration are two things I am weak in, so it’s good you’re around. Thanks again.

    The reason why bbPress needs Oracle support is because if you are trying to integrate it into any existing site run by an actual company and not a hobbyist, there’s a good chance their user database is in Oracle (or MS SQL Server).

    PHP supports Oracle so why should bbPress be tied to just MySQL. I don’t think it is really using much (if any) MySQL specific code.

    This is one of the main selling points of PHPBB – it supports FireBird, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite.



    bbhack, you should take your arguments to Automattic.

    This is something Matt said a while ago about MySQL and Oracle:

    There have been discussions before of using different databases, or abstracting the whole thing, but I still feel there are many other bbPress features that need work before they tear out something that is working completely fine right now.



    […] I don’t think it is really using much (if any) MySQL specific code.

    bbPress uses a lot of SQL statements not working with Oracle and is highly optimized for MySQL. To make it independent from the RDBMS will not be easy, and coding a RDBMS independent layer and not using “JOIN”, “LEFT JOIN”, “MATCH” and “FULLTEXT INDEX”, “LIMIT” would degrade the performance of bbPress, which isn’t exactly the thing wanted for it.

    Justin Tadlock


    Codex. Codex. Codex.

    Open up a BB Codex like we have with WP. How are we going to get more devs to start hopping on the bbPress bandwagon? While many of us enjoy sifting through code when we get the extra time, good documentation is always helpful to get people started. Heck, even some better inline documentation would do wonders right now.

    Seriously, when was the last time this page and its subpages have been updated?

    I’ve got more work than I can possibly handle, but I’d be willing to develop things for the bbPress community. I just don’t have time to spend reading through all the code, line by line, to see how things work.

    Give developers a chance to make the platform shine.

    The success of WordPress comes from the vast number of add-ons (themes and plugins) for the system. Without them, WordPress probably would’ve died a long while ago.

    The lack of documentation is probably turning a good number of developers away from the system, developers that could be creating plugins for many of the features that users want.

    This is the area that needs the most improvement. Let’s work on documentation first. Then, we can start thinking about other things bbPress needs.


    I’ve seen a handful of decent themes I’d use, but (as far as I know) there are no major theme developers in the bbPress community. Documentation would go a long way in helping here. This is especially true for designers that don’t know all the ins and outs of the platform’s PHP code.

    I’d personally start coding bbPress themes if it supported the same type of parent/child theme setup that WordPress has. I’d be happy to port all of my WP themes like this.

    Ryan Hellyer


    Justin, couldn’t you just add something into every child theme which made it automatically load the parent theme’s “theme”? Would only take a single require to load the parent theme into I’d have thought … says the person who knows infinitely less about PHP than you do :p

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