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Re: foodadelphia

yikes, i don’t even know what query count means, but yes i’m on a shared host from whom i’m looking to leave (they don’t provide any ssh or RoR support). I’d appreciate an explanation of query counts, _ck_, thanks, man.

as far as the fonts go, i installed ie 6 and 8 on my girlfriend’s pc running vista, i made .posts show up as 1.2em because i kinda like when the content itself grabs attention, and it didn’t look to bad (also increased line height to 1.3em), but it’s hard for me to test xp and ie. i know that macs see 72px and win sees 96px but i didn’t realize it changed it that much. should i just inherit the 1em, which is 62.5% in kakumei?

not sure where the “remember me” thing is. i’m going for the “large text, where the content is the focal point” kind of community, ala phorum (which i considered before deciding on bbpress) but if there are problems with any users i definitely want to fix em. mac w/firefox is a small market share, i know, but those are the on-the-fly-fixes.

anyway, i appreciate any and all input.

thanks again, _ck_, you lead a community of great developers.

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