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Re: Fading Heatmap

@box, thanks for the comments … yeah it’s really a matter of keeping your users happy because in the end they’re the ones that decide if your site gets hits or not :P … in this particular case, the market – videogame enthusiasts – is one where people tend to identify their tastes in games with signatures… And of course there are regulations on the height and width of the sigs.

@wmarcy, well … i have the badges system that is a semi-plugin (i’m still learning about it), and this hack … i edited the bb_get_tag_heat_map function in template-functions to add this code:

if(( $smallest + ( ( $count - $min_count ) * $fontstep ) ) < $smallest+1){
$color = "color:#f9a692;";
}else if(( $smallest + ( ( $count - $min_count ) * $fontstep ) ) <= $largest/2){
$color = "color:#f5795b;";
$color = "color:#f24c24;";

right after the

foreach ( $counts as $tag => $count ) {

And then i just echoed $color next to $unit; some lines below.

I know it’s not the proper way to do it :P but it’s how i know, i’m sure someone will come up with a better option for this :P

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