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Fading Heatmap

  • benbeltran


    I edited the heatmap on my forums to make the smaller tags lighter and the bigger tags darker, this emphasizes the bigger tags and gives a sense of depth in the cloud. Right now i have three levels of color, but it could be easily adapted to use more levels.

    In a sort-of unrelated issue, i also added image support to the signatures :).

    What do you think?

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  • M


    I quite like the idea of the different colors in the heatmap. The theme overall is quite pleasing to the eye.

    I personally don’t like having images in the sig, but that’s a personal thing. It seems to me that when users have a huge image in their signature, it takes away from the site that they’re on and ends up being self-promotion more than anything else. I’m not against self-promotion at all, though. There is a time and a place for everything, and I think the place for something of that nature would be a clearly labeled separate forum.

    Very nice though.

    Can you give directions for your hacks?



    @box, thanks for the comments … yeah it’s really a matter of keeping your users happy because in the end they’re the ones that decide if your site gets hits or not :P … in this particular case, the market – videogame enthusiasts – is one where people tend to identify their tastes in games with signatures… And of course there are regulations on the height and width of the sigs.

    @wmarcy, well … i have the badges system that is a semi-plugin (i’m still learning about it), and this hack … i edited the bb_get_tag_heat_map function in template-functions to add this code:

    if(( $smallest + ( ( $count - $min_count ) * $fontstep ) ) < $smallest+1){
    $color = "color:#f9a692;";
    }else if(( $smallest + ( ( $count - $min_count ) * $fontstep ) ) <= $largest/2){
    $color = "color:#f5795b;";
    $color = "color:#f24c24;";

    right after the

    foreach ( $counts as $tag => $count ) {

    And then i just echoed $color next to $unit; some lines below.

    I know it’s not the proper way to do it :P but it’s how i know, i’m sure someone will come up with a better option for this :P



    What would be great (and doable too) is to set a minimum and maximum color, like you can with font size. It can’t be too hard… maybe someone can see about pluginatizing (English?) it. I will, if and when I have time.



    yeah, it wouldn’t be hard … you’d just do it the same way to do sizes … but the problem is to make it pass through the intermediate colors. A plugin in wordpress does that but it uses the minimum color for a certain threshold and for the rest the maximum.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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