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Re: Added tags do not update the page


1. – I just dowloaded 1.0.2 once again from and completely reloaded the Kakumei folder into my install. [1]

2. – Tags do *not* work as they should once you load the forum, log in and try. Please see (User: Evita Password: IE0Rc4vpTl7P) for a free test.

3. – When I disable Javascript as suggested, tags adding start to work fine (although not ajaxically, obviously): the tag is recorded, the page is reloaded, the tag is inserted into the list and the input field is cleared.

4. – Re-enabling Javascript, it sometimes work and sometimes not.

5. – Repeating points 3 and 4 confirms point 4. Test were done many times with the latest Firefox.

It is all funny, but I cannot get a clue of it.


[1] I also updated the bb-templates/kakumei/rss2.php as indicated here in attempt to solve the RSS problem (which was not solved, but this is another story).

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