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Added tags do not update the page

  • I notice a weird behaviour in my (almost) plain install: as I add tags to a topic at top-right, the list is not ajaxically updated and the input field is not cleaned. To see the updated page I have to reload it (F5).

    This is not the case when I delete a tag: it works fine there.

    One might want to freely try it here, just in case:

    User: Evita

    Password: IE0Rc4vpTl7P

    Any clue, please?

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  • Have you edited the theme at all?

    No, the theme you see here now is the standard Kakumei, just the way it comes out of the install. Not even the slightest edit to it.

    Instead, I have some plugin enabled.

    If it doesn’t work in Kakumei, then it must be something tricky.

    Hmm… there were a few similar reports here (although they were around deleting tags, not adding them):

    But maybe some of those tricks might be worth trying out?


    1. – I just dowloaded 1.0.2 once again from and completely reloaded the Kakumei folder into my install. [1]

    2. – Tags do *not* work as they should once you load the forum, log in and try. Please see (User: Evita Password: IE0Rc4vpTl7P) for a free test.

    3. – When I disable Javascript as suggested, tags adding start to work fine (although not ajaxically, obviously): the tag is recorded, the page is reloaded, the tag is inserted into the list and the input field is cleared.

    4. – Re-enabling Javascript, it sometimes work and sometimes not.

    5. – Repeating points 3 and 4 confirms point 4. Test were done many times with the latest Firefox.

    It is all funny, but I cannot get a clue of it.


    [1] I also updated the bb-templates/kakumei/rss2.php as indicated here in attempt to solve the RSS problem (which was not solved, but this is another story).

    After messing around a few days, it seems that things no work smooth.

    I can’t say what was causing the bug, though.




    I’m having this same issue in a test forum I’m running at the moment. Adding tags doesn’t refresh the page, consistently in certain topics. And when it does, the whole page reloads, rather than just the tag section via ajax…

    This problem happens when using the default theme.

    Any ideas? didn’t say how it was fixed!?



    it seems to be a clash with the Ajaxed Quote plugin… not quite sure why yet though.



    found it! there was a single space after the final ?> in the main quote.php file – damn!!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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