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  • @johnjames good luck with your presentation at wordcamp NYC. I wish you had been at wordcamp SF.

    Thank you. I will check the links. I understand this is not the thread for this type of question. FYI – I have been patiently waiting for big things to happen with bbPress.

    I have not been following the progress of this new update to bbPress. Will the plugin replace the bbpress I am currently running? Which I think is a stand alone along side wordpress. Where can I go for more information? I am thrilled that there is energy being put into bbPress. Thank you Thank you. One of my biggest issues is getting emails when someone posts.

    I am thrilled if this is true. Thank you Matt!! I asked the question at Wordcamp SF. I wanted him to know that we believe in bbPress and how it can integrate with a blog. For me it is really the next step for my blog. If I could do it myself I would, but I am dependent.


    “If you want forum software with a plugin architecture, bbPress is currently the only game in town. “

    You have answered my question, I am back to bbPress because basically that is what I want and need.

    We have now come full circle.

    @chrishajer @johnhiler @all

    Then that may be the direction I should go in. It seems to be what all the buzz is about lately. I saw a presentation at wordcamp and was really impressed except at that time it was only for WPMU.

    The question(s) is … Is bbPress worth the energy? Is BuddyPress the alternative? Does BuddyPress have a good forum?

    @ grassrootspa and @all

    I think you hit the nail on the head with BuddyPress, I have been asking that question and no one will comment. I don’t know much about it but there is a lot of energy swarming around BuddyPress. Go to twitter and checkout #BuddyPress, something new all the time, then check #bbpress and practically nothing. I think BuddyPress may be the way to go but I don’t know much about the forum aspect of it. From what I understand it is not longer only for WPMU.

    Thanks @dailytalker. I also think the project is worthy, that must be why so many of us just keep hanging on.

    Being the tiny web developer I am, this is all very confusing and I am having a difficult time trying to figure out if bbpress is worth my time to try and configure and sell to my clients. This is getting very frustrating, I wish someone that is in the know, (instead of all this hear say) would just come out and say what is going on with the product so that we can move on.

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    Hi Fernando,

    I will check out your list, thanks so much. I looked at your site, since I don’t know Spanish I can only go by what I see. You have done a nice job. When I clicked the link >> Añadir Nuevo » to create a topic and I am not registered you are getting the same error at the top of the page I am getting. The error message is :

    Warning: parse_url(/foro/bb-login.php?re= [function.parse-url]: Unable to parse URL in /usr/home/ on line 596

    For me it is from the Post Notification Plugin, which is no longer supported.


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    Now I hear that buddypress can be used on wp single. What does that do to bbpress?

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    Is the IRC meetup tomorrow?

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    I just read the entire thread of what is happening with bbpress, I hope I did not open another can of worms. I am not as invested in bbpress as many people are, but what I see I like. I hope it does not die, but it does need a few more options to make it a user friendly forum especially for my audience that is not very technologically savvy. In fact most of my users call a forum a blog to give you an idea what they know or are aware of. I will keep my fingers crossed. You have done a lot for the community already.

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    Hi Michael, Thanks I will check out the link. I hate to spend a lot of time developing a forum that is not supported. That would be sad because I am a real big fan of WordPress.


    Thanks! I an now following him on twitter and will keep my ears open for any news. In the meantime, back to bbPress. =)

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for jumping in, are you / twitter link telling me that BuddyPress is now available for WordPress single? Would I just download the latest version of BuddyPress even if it is MU? Is this it?

    Thanks for clarifying _ck_ is a female. =) So am I!


    Wow, just looked at the file of plugins, thank you. I only have two right now.

    I sent _ck_ a message on his plugin but no reply yet.

    there is not much there to look at yet. The link is It is integrated with my blog which is really cool. Do you know what the plan is to release 1.1? I was originally waiting for buddypress, but it only works with MU. At wordcamp they said a version was coming out for those not on MU, but it has not happened yet.


    Hi Michael,

    I did take a look at your forum and there are a few things that I like about it.

    1. Welcome message at the top.

    2. The board statistics at the bottom

    3. template, which I have now changed mine to one by your template design

    4. the icons –

    5. your avatars with profile information

    I have a long way to go, I added a plugin that causes an error. The plugin allows people to subscribe to the post or topic via email, it is “Subscribe to Topic” by _ck_. Which I really need to have. I understand what you are saying about the RSS, but my audience is not that technologically savvy. I think I can manage and move the topics I was already planning to do that.

    Please let me know what plugins you have, it would be helpful. Your forum looks pretty new too. If you know of a good “subscribe to topic” plugin it would be helpful.

    Thanks for offering to help. This is definitely going to be a revise as I go project.


    Hi Michael,

    Great idea. I tried it and also noticed that the first letter of the theme file needed to be a capital, your change and fixing the capital in the theme name worked!! You have made my day and New Year. I worked on the forum all day yesterday twice overriding my blog, which luckily my web host (BlueHost) backed up for me twice. Now I will start customizing. I am so excited!



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