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What's happening with bbPress?

  • It has been 4 months since the latest update on the blog, and I’ve not heard any news about it elsewhere. I know that it’s a side-project of sorts, but I was just curious to know if there was any development news or upcoming features.

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  • It’s kinda dead atm. Even big plugin suppliers like _ck_ seems to be abandoning this project. It’s a shame :(

    It is truly dead, automattic has sort of abandon this project since Sam left



    Really? I doesn’t seem abandoned at all, according to this thread, started by Matt (creator of WP)

    Automattic is funded and have enough money to hire a lead developer to take charge (same way as wp), what Matt posted really gives me the chill when it comes to bbpress roadmap

    “As to where bbPress goes in the future, I’d be curious to hear who wants to help with that.”



    @vanesta – You have a point. What I am hoping, is that this is only a transition phase after Sam left. Looking at the people interested in helping out with the development of bbPress, I believe that things will keep moving. I doubt that bbPress will die, considering the integration with BuddyPress, WPMU, the supposed merger with single WP, etc.

    Hopefully, things will pick up momentum again…

    bbPress is best forum platform. Should not die under any circumstances at any stage.

    One of the largest hosting sites featured bbpress on their main page yesterday.

    …also I received quick help here on the forum. (siteground downloaded bbpress for me…free)



    A little off topic, but relevant: Folks, please consider donating to _ck_ for all the great work she’s done…

    I find it astonishing that she’s only had SIX donations this year!

    Keep her involved!!!!

    Ah wow, only six donations huh. :-(

    _ck_ already said three months ago that if things didn’t change by December, she wouldn’t be doing plugins upgrades for 1.0:

    I can’t understand why Automattic doesn’t send her a $5-10k donation… bbPress would lose so much momentum if she stopped contributing.

    Steven Hodson


    as someone fresh to bbPress one of the things that has amazed me has been the contribution that _ck_ has obviously made to the community. The number of plugins alone with her name attached is nothing short of amazing and if she did not return that would be a definite loss to all of us, and future bbPress converts.

    I know the moment I see anything posted by her to show that she is still a part of the community I’ll be making a good donation in recognition of her contribution.



    Please do not do send donations anymore.

    For those that have in the past 24 hours because of this thread please ask Amazon or your credit company for a refund or I’ll send you back the gift certificate numbers if they can’t refund for some reason.

    Any donations sent as of this month will not be used,

    I repeat, do not send any further donations.

    Steven Hodson


    _ck_ while I can respect your pulling out of developing plugins for bbPress is there any chance of what you have contributed so far can be picked up by other developers so that we don’t have to start from scratch to replace many of the great plugins you have written?

    Folks, bbpress is dead because of it doesn’t make money for Automattic I think. :( Read one of the last Matt’s topic between the lines –

    “… and I just wanted to let everyone know that bbPress is still an important project for the WP community. (It powers our forums and plugin directory, for one thing!) It’s not going away.”

    That’s all :(



    Seems that bbPress is useful for Automatics, even if it is not really profitable.

    On the “sticky” topic Matt asked YOU for helping bbPress, so if you feel like all of us in this topic the need of bbPress continuation, please put a message there.

    At a time, I thought that updates where too frequent. But now, it is really scary too see the slow death of this marvelous forum script.

    After her long work for the community, we could perhaps let _CK_ free :)

    She seems to really want to go away from bbPress coding, I fully respect her choice.

    What is the main alternative to BBPress?

    It seems like the logical choice for WP sites that would like to add a forum…

    Considering that, why hasn’t it gained more popularity and support?

    Wow :(

    The bbPress Showcase has been discontinued.

    The removal of Sam Bauers and the halting of 2.0
    was a clear and final sign that there is no interest in allowing
    bbPress to become a mature, robust program and community.

    By now bbPress 1.5 could have been in alpha but instead
    bbPress development has been deliberately stagnated,
    which should be a very alarming warning to everyone.

    In addition, bbShowcase had only six donations in 2009,
    which indicated to me there was no interest in my work.

    My code will remain on as open source GPL
    for those that wish to use it, however I caution you to
    consider bbPress's lack of leadership before continuing to use it.



    I just saw that on too… oh no!!!!!

    Also, I thought that Sam left, not that there was a “removal”….

    This is all so odd and sad.

    bbPress is a great platform and the true logical companion to WordPress as of now.

    Let’s keep it alive and thriving.

    I just want to say that I depend HEAVILY on BBpress now. I’ve had bbpress forum running for the past few months, and I downloaded it because it had alot of promise.

    If you guys are going to ditch BBPress, then tell me there is a way for me to transfer all userdata to another forum software? With users keeping their names and passwords. I can’t loose all this I have built up.



    The shutdown yesterday was disorienting for most of us, but I really believe that after a short transition, bbPress will pick up faster than before. There are many bright minds out there.



    It’s a shame… =(

    We invested in bbPress since it was open-source and we could take it whatever direction we wanted. I would recommend the same for those here worried about future support (if you like the product).

    If you still want to move to another forum software, I would first pick a new platform… and then find out if they have a import utility. If they do, find out the format of data required and build a script to dump the data from bbPress in that format.

    If you are not able to do this yourself, hire a programmer. Someone fluent in MySQL and php/perl should be able to pull this off fairly easily.

    As long as this community doesn’t quit on bbPress, bbPress will not die.



    @chandersbs – I second that.

    Let’s keep this thread running, as well as the one on WordPress

    As a community, we can get things moving.

    bbPress is best forum software! I use 1 years -> and i’m happy. :)



    Hi all

    I downloaded bbPress about a week and a bit ago, and I find it extremely user-friendly. It’s such a pity it had to come to an end.

    It’s also unfortunate to hear that it had ended mostly based on the fact that Sam left – a replacement could have been appointed to continue developing such great forum software.

    Unlike most forum software – bbPress is extremely easy to extend. This is one of the reasons I am using it. It’s compatibility is great.

    If I was able to – I would continue the development of bbPress myself – though it would not feel right as I am not part of Automattic, thus I do not have the rights to the source-code. All I can do for now is work on what I have, and continue using bbPress for as long as possible.

    At present, I run a [new] development community called dev:station (, proudly powered by bbPress. The only reason I would switch from bbPress is to extend my concept in to a social-site, instead of a forum-based site.

    I really do hope that, in the future, bbPress will be re-incarnated – maybe as something completely new. In fact, if anything, that would be a good idea: Create a new package. Start from scratch.

    Furthermore, WordPress still uses bbPress for its forum – I doubt that it will be gone for too long.

    @buddha trance: I completely agree with you – I think we should keep it alive and kicking. If anything, Automattic may realize that bbPress should be in continual development. It would make me very happy, if not everyone else.

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