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  • Hi All,

    I am back on to bbPress and have decided to work at configuring my forum. I have read through the bbPress forum and blog but have not found a post regarding the best plugins. What are the top 5-10 plugins you would recommend to make the forum work efficiently. I know it depends on what you are trying to do, but there has to be a list with the best add on’s.

    So far I have added the following:

    • Bozo Users – Allows moderators to mark certain users as a “bozo”. Bozo users can post, but their content is only visible to themselves.
    • Post Notification – Sends an Notification email if there’s a new post to an favorite topic.

      This plugin has some bugs.

    • Simple Google Adsense
    • Akismet

    Also, is there a plugin / widget for WordPress that shows the activity on the forum?

    Thanks for helping. I am looking forward to making bbPress a workable tool on my blog.

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  • It could be a huge list, but here you have my own … I use in my forums:

    – Adsense for bbpress

    – Allow images

    – bbPress notifications

    – bbcode buttons toolbar

    – bbPM

    – bbpress seo tools (recomended v1.0.1 not last that have some errors

    – bbVideo

    – bbPolls

    – support forums

    – hidden forums

    – members online (the widget in the sidebar that shows … that thing)

    – unread posts

    – karma for bbpress

    – simple onlinelist

    – social it

    – subscribe to topic (awesome)

    – human test

    – topic views

    All working in bbPress 1.0.2

    Hi Fernando,

    I will check out your list, thanks so much. I looked at your site, since I don’t know Spanish I can only go by what I see. You have done a nice job. When I clicked the link >> Añadir Nuevo » to create a topic and I am not registered you are getting the same error at the top of the page I am getting. The error message is :

    Warning: parse_url(/foro/bb-login.php?re= [function.parse-url]: Unable to parse URL in /usr/home/ on line 596

    For me it is from the Post Notification Plugin, which is no longer supported.





    No habla Espanol. Can you post links to the individual plugins?

    @angrywhiteboy: All plugins are in the official repository, that’s because I haven’t post the links (and to prevent to be threated as spammer)


    @tonicarr: I’ll have a look to the plugin. Thanks a lot ;)

    @Fernando: Which version of bbPm do you have? I read at plugins forum this plugin is unsecure.

    @mangaware: I’m using last version (updated some days ago) and works fine. I didn’t know that it is unsecure (oops)

    Hi Fernando,

    – bbcode buttons toolbar

    what plugin do you use to parse bbcode then?

    I don’t read bbcode lite in your post, infact it shouldn’t work for 1.0.2 the one in the repository.

    Testing: hello world it doesn’t work even here?


    Do anyone know a solid plugin to parse bbCode ( , , … ) per the latest version of bbPress?



    @ paamayim – BBCode Lite is the only plugin. It works perfectly for me.

    bbcode lite is the one I use too ;)

    Ok I found the problem.

    “bbCode lite” is NOT working while “bbpress SEO tools” is activated. Those plugins are not compatible each other.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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