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What's happening with bbPress?

  • Darfuria


    It has been 4 months since the latest update on the blog, and I’ve not heard any news about it elsewhere. I know that it’s a side-project of sorts, but I was just curious to know if there was any development news or upcoming features.

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  • chrishajer


    Null, the log from the December 30 and January 6 logs are up now:

    You can always check all the logs here before they’re posted on the blog:



    You can always check all the logs here before they’re posted on the blog:

    Cool I din’t know that. It seems bbPress will NOT stay standalone and will be a plugin after 1.2, shame.

    @Maurice: I’m with you. Very disappointed to hear bbPress will become a WordPress plugin. Grrr, I do not want to have to install WordPress every single time I want to install bbPress!

    keep bbpress going peoples!

    Well this is interesting. From the perspective of someone with one blog, I guess I’m not too bothered by the idea of this becoming a plugin, but it sounds like a potential nightmare for someone who’s already put some effort into customizing a theme and a lot of features of the bbpress.

    “It’s time for Drupal to take on vB4”

    (Some interesting thoughts from Drupal community)

    “vbulletin 4 was released late last year and there seems to be a consensus that it’s a disappointment. Jelsoft (the company that brought us the original software) was bought out and the current developers are, imo, more concerned with quick turnover than delivering a solid project. This thread is not to bash the current programmers, as I’m sure they work very hard. But since vb4 comes with a CMS (a buggy, feature-anemic one at that), now seems like the perfect time for Drupal to take the charge.

    There has never been a fully functional integration between vbulletin and a robust CMS. If a webmaster wants a great CMS and a great forum, we have to settle for a buggy bridge/plugin/module (Drupal/Wordpress to vbulletin). If a webmaster wants true user and content integration with no bugs, we have to settle for the inferior forum (Drupal). A complete solution has been in high demand for years, but I suspect it’s never come to fruition because it would require months of hardcore coding to duplicate the functionality of vbulletin. Maybe programmers feel their time is better spent developing paid services, or contributing to an open source forum like phpBB.”

    Full post:


    Interesting read, thanks. Seems like we’ll have to top that, huh? vBulletin 4.0 is i mean

    @michayu & nerieru:

    bbPress can top vBulletin but downgrading it from a standalone product to a more-complicated-to-install WordPress plugin is not the way to go.


    There’is a lot of cons&pros.

    The decision makers must keep in mind all the WP/BB/BP community interests.

    What about bbpress 2.0?

    I think that most of the common problems could be handled in 1 week.

    Most recent problems I have with bbpress:

    1st I need seo-optimized permalinks. (without “forums” and “topic”)

    2nd I need a facebook connect option

    3rd Ineed a cool template simliar to sam bauers bbpress 2.0 template.

    Whit this I would be happy.

    There where only some attemps to solve the problem with the permalinks. There is also a plugin for this but there are some small problems which an expert could solve within minutes. The same for fb-connect. An expert could solve the problem within minutes.

    Regarding the bbpress 2.0 template I don’t now how long it could take to get it work. But with that bbpress would be excellent.

    For most other things there are already some plugins…some just need to be updated to the current bbpress version. Thats all. (in my view.)



    The same for fb-connect. An expert could solve the problem within minutes.

    What you using as a basis for this statement mate?

    There are already some discussions in this forum about fb-connect. Some people say that there are already some wordpress-plugins which could easily be adapted for bbpress. Some other say that if bbpress is integrated in wordpress the wp-plugin could also work for bbpress…I tried some wp-fp-connect plugins out…but had some problem. But I am not a coder so I have often problems with such things.

    On the other hand a coder could just have a look at the wp-plugin look how it works and than customize it for bbpress.

    Being the tiny web developer I am, this is all very confusing and I am having a difficult time trying to figure out if bbpress is worth my time to try and configure and sell to my clients. This is getting very frustrating, I wish someone that is in the know, (instead of all this hear say) would just come out and say what is going on with the product so that we can move on.

    I agree with tonicarr. I think the project is worth to be continued and if the decision is done developers like toni can move their projects forward. This will also help bbpress.

    Thanks @dailytalker. I also think the project is worthy, that must be why so many of us just keep hanging on.



    I’ve been checking the IRC logs and it doesn’t look like much is happening. Perhaps somebody can reassure this non-developer that bbPress development is continuing…



    There have not been any meetups in the past couple weeks. No sense talking about what needs to be done.

    not too encouraging to see nothing here since Nov:

    I think the only reason people are hanging on is because the vast majority of us are aware of the beauty of WordPress, and we’re convinced that bbPress can become a similar product – unfortunately there isn’t an existing piece of software that’s like the WordPress of forums. There isn’t a piece of software that has a simple core, that allows you to write an index.php file with ‘if has threads while has threads the thread’, and that is exactly what bbPress needs to become. I’m not bothered if it becomes a WordPress plugin, because WordPress isn’t really a lot of hassle to install, and I already know how to make a WordPress theme. I just want it to hurry up. I’m tired of working with phpBB3.



    I meant to post this link as well. You can see the code that’s been checked in by browsing the revisions.

    There was a big chunk of time where nothing was committed from revision 2377 on 24 Sept 2009 until 2382 on 22 December 2009. Here’s all the code committed since sambauers left.



    Without “concern trolling”, the major issue i have with BBpress is that we have no idea what’s going on most of the time. When we asked what was going on, we were told to read the blog. When the blog goes quiet, we’re told to read the chat logs directly. Now they’ve gone quiet and now we’re told to look at the code being submited.

    It’s really lovely of Chrishajer to post these links, and it’s very insightful (thank you chris), but its also a bit of a nightmare for us not knowing what’s going on.

    Far too many useful bits of information, or worse – announcements, are made halfway down random conversations. BBpress being a WP plugin, was thrown in to an IRC chat via Matt. Obviously, we’re still waiting for that to be posted on the forum, or given it’s own blog post etc. (only been 6 weeks Kev, calm down, only been 6 weeks).

    Look, i’m not moaning, really, i’m having a great day here, but in my opinion there were some issues that plagued Sam’s time here, and i had hoped that some of these were being resolved. Communication is a big one. I wrote in my post: How to help us, help BBpress… last January that the Wizard of Oz treatment was getting us nowhere.

    Well i’ll leave it there, i’m sure i’ll be told to relax soon enough.

    @ kevinjohngallagher

    Relax, it´s all good ;O)




    It’s not. No IRC meetups since 2 weeks, no looking upon the tickets in the trac, no major commits in the past recent days!

    @ Gautam

    This was [sarcasm]Well i’ll leave it there, i’m sure i’ll be told to relax soon enough[/sarcasm]. I know it´s not all good in here ;O)



    I’m just posting the information in case someone can pick out the signs of life there. Those are the only places I know to go for information. The blog here was never a source for much information. The bbdev mailing list used to be useful, but nothing much happened there since Nov. You can look at closed tickets in trac, and you can look at the code being committed. If there is any other place to get information, please post it.

    Based on all those things, there’s not much happening with bbPress, to answer the initial question.


    I don’t know how else to say this: I’m losing interest in bbPress.

    Wondering how easy BuddyPress is to pickup…

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