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  • Just a note, and it would be nice if this was FIXED in core soon please! I currently just did a fresh install of the TRUNK on localhost, and have the same problem as Kirkk here:


    Stylesheet URL is this:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://localhostforum/bb-templates/kakumei/style.css" type="text/css" />

    That plugin Trent posted is applied, and is NOT working… Please, fix this issue soon guys.. ;) :) And by the way, no, my localhost copy of the forums are still borked.. >_<

    And course! My config.php file settings are right.. I’ve done this numerous of times before.. wheee! Even used the original config.php file from before, when it was installed before and working.. she still borked regardless sigh..


    Alright, I just went ahead and remove those two things. I’m planning on working at the Gathering theme for bbPress now… Thanks again Sam for everything! :D


    UPDATE: I’ve decided to remove my MediaWiki, or better known as the Codex. I merely installed it to play around, customize, and get familiar with it.

    The whole reason for removing it is, I really don’t have the time for it. I don’t have time to add anything to it, make a theme for it, and customize it anymore.

    As for this article, it’s still a good reference guide as what To-Do for getting your MediaWiki, bbPress, and WP login/registration working together. :) I hope you find it as useful as I did. Well, I guess that’s it for now. Tata.



    I wouldn’t really expect this Forum Category hack/enhancement to last too much longer though… Read from here down:



    /Currently running Trunk 1.0-alpha, and the Forum Cat hack just doesn’t play nice with it. Also, like it says there, sounds like something similar is being implemented into core. I don’t know for positive, but, I uninstalled the Forum Cat hack though.. ;)

    Oh ok, sounds simple enough for me. I’ll handle that later on then… Thanks Sam. ;) :)


    If the above stuff worked for you, then all you have to do to update your bbPress installation(s) is, follow same directions to get you to that specific directory, which contains your forums..


    Type In: plink mydomain.net (make sure there’s a space between the word “plink” and your “domain.net” then hit enter)

    Type In: your passphrase (hit enter)

    The: ls

    The: cd whatever-directory-for-root (example: public_html)

    The: ls

    The: cd whatever-directory-for-forums

    The: ls

    Type: svn up (then hit enter)

    That should update whatever files in your bbPress forums directory. I use same way for doing my WP blogs too.. ;)


    What I did was, followed this guide here:


    Reference links:




    I login to my domain with START > RUN > CMD >

    plink mydomain.net

    -will give your user and ask for passphrase.. enter passphrase.. hit enter

    -it will give you server prompt thingy.. I type and hit enter: ls

    -will show you what’s on your domain’s root, then type and hit enter: cd public_html (which changes you to the public_html directory)

    -then I type and hit enter: ls

    (will show me everything in the public_html directory..)

    -then type and hit enter: cd forums (changes you to the forums directory folder)

    -then I type and hit enter: ls (shows me everything in forums/ folder)

    -then I run this line command:

    svn co http://svn.automattic.com/bbpress/trunk/ .

    Only thing is though, if you already have folders/files in there, you’ll have to delete everything EXCEPT the my-templates/, my-plugins/ .htaccess, any special plugin files outside the my-plugins folder, and config.php files. Before running the SVN CO line command..

    I also tried doing this:

    svn co http://svn.automattic.com/bbpress/trunk/ . –force

    Which should FORCE file overwrites within that directory, however, it won’t work on a svn checkout… Not sure why though, but.. if you follow basically what I said above, you should be ok… =/

    You should be good to go then… I hope this helps.. Good luck!


    Oh ok, that makes sense. ;) Just curious though, should the database query that we had to run, be reversed, or..anything in the database that needs changed?

    I’m guessing that nothing major was really changed in the database, so no real worries of anything being screwed up, correct? Thanks for your reply Sam.. :)

    /So I guess this means I won’t have to worry about styling the “Gathering theme for bbPress” with Forum Categories in mind.. ;)


    Sam, just curious, is there going to be a new patch for this added soon? After last big SVN Commit, the patch719 didn’t work, it gave bad merge errors or whatever?

    I’m going to have to delete all my current forum files and folders.. re-svn it all up. Then, wait until a new Forum Categories patch is made sigh. I just wish this Forum Cat was implemented into the trunk soon, and updated as need be… Wouldn’t have to worry about this all the time lol.. =P


    Sam, you ROCK! :) That worked like a charm!!


    Thanks so much for posting the correction here, I just ran this one, and it worked! :D

    patch -p0 <categories-build719.patch

    Just wondering though Sam, when another patch is submitted, would I/”we” just use same method as before, or..? Cause I’m thinking, it would merge badly right? Or something might go awry right?

    Since the patch basically creates files/ applies changes to the specific files.. and running another patch, would/could just make things messy right? Thanks again for adding the correction here… ;) :)


    Thanks for your reply Sam… :) Yeah, for the most part at least lol. Only thing I can’t seem to get working for me though, even followed your instructions over here:


    Is applying a “patch” using SVN access… I’m on dreamhost, but, I go through the: START > RUN > CMD …. then login that way… I tried adding that line of code, and even uploaded the patch to my forums/ root directory.. used that:

    $ patch -p0 < /path/to/patchfile/categories-build701.patch

    Giving my path of “/public_html/forums/categories-build719.patch

    And it fails to find such thing in that directory? I’m not a Pro at SVN-ing yet, but anyone with any thoughts, suggestions, and so forth? I was just going to download the lastest SVN files to the Desktop like normally did, and apply patch via Tortoise SVN.. and only upload those “patched” ones… into the forums/ root..

    Does that sound like it’s my only option, or.. maybe someone can tell me for sure what to do, and how to do patches via SVN or whatever.. Thanks in advance..

    *EDIT* Oh, or does it mean the WHOLE path? I’ll give that a whirl once then, won’t hurt lol.


    Okay, I just SVN-ed the forums… :D Now, before I go any farther! I’m going to make the “Gathering” theme for bbPress, on the latest Trunk files… Which should still be ok for those using .80 and .81

    I’m going to start a new post about that “Gathering” theme, after posting this… so.. ;) Thanks again Sam, for the tips, and the awesome Forum Category enhancement. ;):)


    To make this easier on me, I’m just going to backup ALL the current files for my forums, including plugin files, theme files, and whatever else..

    Wipe it all out, except for the themes, config.php, .htaccess, and whatever, do that SVN method I mentioned above, try and apply the Forum Cat patch, run upgrade… Then, download all the latest versions of those plugins, go through those files, and adjust accordingly..

    Then, the themes as needed.. because I’m on Dreamhost servers, some plugin files were a pain in the arse sigh… had to do special “tweaks” to the files…. Then, make a “not-so-perfect-release” of the Gathering theme, for bbPress…

    Then, and then, and then some more.. lmao.. Always something .. LOL Hmm, I could probably shoot for another 3 days staying awake, not getting any sleep.. whee!! [Grabs another pepsi, because that’s my go-go juice, and gets back to work again!]… .


    Oh wait, you’ll have to forgive me lol, I’m riding on 3 days without sleep, sigh. I forgot you mentioned a quick “how-to” in your comment over here on trac:



    Hi Sam, I already got SVN access on my spencerp.net domain. :) I just hadn’t did any SVN-ing on the WP blog itself, and the bbPress forums though. I manually uploaded the files, ran install, upgrades when needed..

    But, I guess I could though. Just make my way to the forums/ directory, and do a SVN checkout for bbPress right? Here’s how I usually do my SVN checkouts, into a specific folder:

    svn co http://svn.automattic.com/bbpress/trunk .

    Once I’m done with that, then run the upgrade, right? Then worry about applying the patch for the Forum Categories?

    I never applied a “patch” via the SVN way before, I just want to know step by step, briefly even, how-to do this… Do I just slap in the patch URL.. or.. ? Thanks in advanced…


    cre8tive, I’ll try and get up a downloadable zip archive of the theme soon. I’ve just been so busy lately sigh, that I haven’t had much time on the bbPress/WP side of things.. I’ll keep you posted though.. ;)


    In reply to: Why Key Masters?

    Ghostbusters eh, for once here I was trying to sound/post something intelligent, and the answer came back for something not as such.. Can’t win for losing I guess.. LOL!


    Is this going to get submitted into the SVN trunk for 1.0 soon, or..? I’m really hoping so, all this “applying patches” is getting tiresome and confusing, sigh.

    It’s one of the main reasons I haven’t even upgraded my bbPress forums to the latest full .80, with category enhancement, just seems pointless… =(


    Sorry guys/gals.. have just been swamped the past few days/weeks sigh. I’ll try to get on this soon.. Also, I’ll have to setup a brand new forum on the localhost, because currently what I have running now on my forums is using various plugins/enhancements sigh..

    I’ll have to do one up, on a plain jane bbPress install, so I know what’s really going to be needed/used and so forth.. I didn’t even get to upgrade my forums to the full .80 release yet sigh.. shoot! I gotta get on things soon!!


    Awesome! Glad to hear it’s working now! :)

    I should not attempt software updates just before bedtime.

    LOL! I know how that is..


    Ah.. Okay, I’m sure Trent’s reply contains the right answer .. ;) :)


    Hmm, how about the .htaccess file? I’m trying to figure out where there’s a missing one, if it’s not in the config.php file.. then I’m not really sure.. =/


    [Takes a bow to the audience]… Thank you! Thank you! No really you shouldn’t! Haha.. nah, just kidding lol. =P

    I guess I’m just used to doing that stuff on the WP.org forums, I bring that awesomeness over here.. seems to work well I think.. ;) :)


    Viewing source I noticed this:


    You’re missing the second: / in the beginning of the URL:


    Check the config.php file would be my guess..


    I’m seeing an un-styled version of the forums.. using Firefox here..


    Did you upload files right? Chmod the folders and files right..? Delete all the old originals, and then upload new?


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