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Patch: Categories for version 0.8

  • Sam Bauers


    For those interested in adding forum categories to their brand new bbPress 0.8 install, there is an updated patch on the development site.

    The relevant ticket is here

    Download the last attachment “categories-build701.patch”, this is the build number for version 0.8

    To patch, simply go to your install directory:

    $ cd /path/to/installation/

    Then (on Unix, Linux and OSX) patch using patch

    $ patch -p0 < /path/to/patchfile/categories-build701.patch

    On windows you will have to use some other patching tool – but the premise is the same.

    Upgrade your database by running the upgrade script at /bb-admin/upgrade.php

    Go to the category admin area and create a category/s, then go to the forum admin area and assign your forums to your category/s.


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  • Hi Sam, I already got SVN access on my domain. :) I just hadn’t did any SVN-ing on the WP blog itself, and the bbPress forums though. I manually uploaded the files, ran install, upgrades when needed..

    But, I guess I could though. Just make my way to the forums/ directory, and do a SVN checkout for bbPress right? Here’s how I usually do my SVN checkouts, into a specific folder:

    svn co .

    Once I’m done with that, then run the upgrade, right? Then worry about applying the patch for the Forum Categories?

    I never applied a “patch” via the SVN way before, I just want to know step by step, briefly even, how-to do this… Do I just slap in the patch URL.. or.. ? Thanks in advanced…


    Oh wait, you’ll have to forgive me lol, I’m riding on 3 days without sleep, sigh. I forgot you mentioned a quick “how-to” in your comment over here on trac:


    To make this easier on me, I’m just going to backup ALL the current files for my forums, including plugin files, theme files, and whatever else..

    Wipe it all out, except for the themes, config.php, .htaccess, and whatever, do that SVN method I mentioned above, try and apply the Forum Cat patch, run upgrade… Then, download all the latest versions of those plugins, go through those files, and adjust accordingly..

    Then, the themes as needed.. because I’m on Dreamhost servers, some plugin files were a pain in the arse sigh… had to do special “tweaks” to the files…. Then, make a “not-so-perfect-release” of the Gathering theme, for bbPress…

    Then, and then, and then some more.. lmao.. Always something .. LOL Hmm, I could probably shoot for another 3 days staying awake, not getting any sleep.. whee!! [Grabs another pepsi, because that’s my go-go juice, and gets back to work again!]… .


    Okay, I just SVN-ed the forums… :D Now, before I go any farther! I’m going to make the “Gathering” theme for bbPress, on the latest Trunk files… Which should still be ok for those using .80 and .81

    I’m going to start a new post about that “Gathering” theme, after posting this… so.. ;) Thanks again Sam, for the tips, and the awesome Forum Category enhancement. ;):)


    Sam Bauers


    Sound like you’ve got everything under control. :)

    Thanks for your reply Sam… :) Yeah, for the most part at least lol. Only thing I can’t seem to get working for me though, even followed your instructions over here:

    Is applying a “patch” using SVN access… I’m on dreamhost, but, I go through the: START > RUN > CMD …. then login that way… I tried adding that line of code, and even uploaded the patch to my forums/ root directory.. used that:

    $ patch -p0 < /path/to/patchfile/categories-build701.patch

    Giving my path of “/public_html/forums/categories-build719.patch

    And it fails to find such thing in that directory? I’m not a Pro at SVN-ing yet, but anyone with any thoughts, suggestions, and so forth? I was just going to download the lastest SVN files to the Desktop like normally did, and apply patch via Tortoise SVN.. and only upload those “patched” ones… into the forums/ root..

    Does that sound like it’s my only option, or.. maybe someone can tell me for sure what to do, and how to do patches via SVN or whatever.. Thanks in advance..

    *EDIT* Oh, or does it mean the WHOLE path? I’ll give that a whirl once then, won’t hurt lol.


    Sam Bauers


    To patch:

    1. copy the patch file to the base directory of your forum

    2. cd to the base directory of your forum

    3. apply patch using:

    patch -p0 <categories-buildXXX.patch

    Where XXX is the build number.

    Make sure there is no space between “<” and the start of the filename. That was a mistake in my instructions.

    Sam, you ROCK! :) That worked like a charm!!

    Thanks so much for posting the correction here, I just ran this one, and it worked! :D

    patch -p0 <categories-build719.patch

    Just wondering though Sam, when another patch is submitted, would I/”we” just use same method as before, or..? Cause I’m thinking, it would merge badly right? Or something might go awry right?

    Since the patch basically creates files/ applies changes to the specific files.. and running another patch, would/could just make things messy right? Thanks again for adding the correction here… ;) :)


    Sam, just curious, is there going to be a new patch for this added soon? After last big SVN Commit, the patch719 didn’t work, it gave bad merge errors or whatever?

    I’m going to have to delete all my current forum files and folders.. re-svn it all up. Then, wait until a new Forum Categories patch is made sigh. I just wish this Forum Cat was implemented into the trunk soon, and updated as need be… Wouldn’t have to worry about this all the time lol.. =P


    Sam Bauers


    Looks like there is some work going on to create “forum hierarchies” in the core. I think this will allow nesting of forums inside other forums. This has made some major changes to the files that were patched, so the patch will not work on the latest revisions. This patch solution will no doubt be deprecated by the changes being made now in core. I think that there was some resistance to adding another table to the database to perform this function, also the new solution will probably be more flexible, allowing for sub-sub-categories, sub-sub-sub-categories, etc.

    So we may have a category-like solution by 1.0 – Personally I’ll be happy not to have to update the patch file anymore. I picked bbPress for my work, because it had modern features and a release-often ethos. The category patch filled a hole in functionality for me and a few others, it was a relatively quick hack – fairly brain-dead coding. So I won’t be too sad to see it usurped. Hopefully, if anything, this patch helped make inclusion of this functionality a priority, and perhaps helped provide a UI implementation to use as an example (good, bad or ugly).

    I won’t be updating the patch anymore, at least until I am sure the new hierarchical forum features cover that functionality.

    Oh ok, that makes sense. ;) Just curious though, should the database query that we had to run, be reversed, or..anything in the database that needs changed?

    I’m guessing that nothing major was really changed in the database, so no real worries of anything being screwed up, correct? Thanks for your reply Sam.. :)

    /So I guess this means I won’t have to worry about styling the “Gathering theme for bbPress” with Forum Categories in mind.. ;)


    Sam Bauers


    There was a category table added and a category id column added to the forums table. You want to remove these when the time comes to upgrade.

    Oh ok, sounds simple enough for me. I’ll handle that later on then… Thanks Sam. ;) :)


    Alright, I just went ahead and remove those two things. I’m planning on working at the Gathering theme for bbPress now… Thanks again Sam for everything! :D


    This is the first time I’ve tried to patch something and I’m at a bit of a loss.

    I’m using a linux server and I uploaded the .patch file to the directory ‘bb/’ then did a site command (my ftp program is called mifiles) and pasted ‘patch -p0 <categories-build719.patch’ but I just get a 550 unknown command error.

    I have no idea (obviously).

    Sam Bauers


    I’d recommend you don’t use this patch unless you want to have to change your forums again when 1.0 is released.

    The way this patch works will be superseded in version 1.0

    Well, that may be awhile – so this patch will do for now – if I get it installed!

    Sam Bauers


    It would be easier with command line access, or do it locally then upload the result.

    how do I get command line access?

    By locally, do you mean do it manually?

    Sam Bauers


    There are lots of variables to take into account before I can answer your questions. You need to find out more about this stuff yourself. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to coach you through the whole thing. The short answer is that if you are using Windows locally and don’t have SSH (command line) access to your server, then you are probably out of luck.

    i do not know how to patch – if i will use actual SVN version, would it work without patching? Or can someone make a zip of patched bbpress?

    I installed the patch (had it installed for me)

    Just to make sure:

    1.The admin dashboard does not resemble the old one?

    2. I can make and assign categories alright but I can’t see the category listing on the front page of the forum (like macwises site: dividing the forums into groups.

    Do you have to install the patch on a brand new installation?

    patching file bb-templates/kakumei/style.css

    Hunk #1 FAILED at 169.

    Hunk #2 FAILED at 180.

    2 out of 2 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file bb-templates/kakumei/style.css.rej

    patching file bb-templates/kakumei/category.php

    patching file bb-templates/kakumei/topic.php

    patching file bb-templates/kakumei/forum.php

    patching file bb-templates/kakumei/front-page.php

    Hunk #1 FAILED at 40.

    Hunk #2 FAILED at 52.

    Hunk #3 FAILED at 81.

    3 out of 3 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file bb-templates/kakumei/front-page.php.rej

    patching file bb-includes/capabilities.php

    patching file bb-includes/default-filters.php

    patching file bb-includes/cache.php

    patching file bb-includes/functions.php

    patching file bb-includes/bozo.php

    patching file bb-includes/template-functions.php

    patching file bb-includes/db.php

    patching file index.php

    patching file rss.php

    patching file category.php

    patching file topic.php

    patching file bb-settings.php

    patching file bb-admin/bb-do-counts.php

    patching file bb-admin/bb-category.php

    patching file bb-admin/rewrite-rules.php

    patching file bb-admin/content-forums.php

    patching file bb-admin/content-categories.php

    patching file bb-admin/admin-functions.php

    patching file bb-admin/bb-forum.php

    patching file bb-admin/upgrade-schema.php

    patching file forum.php

    never mind, nutted it out.


    how do you patch locally?

    Sam Bauers


    On *nix RTFM…

    man patch

    On windows… no idea

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