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SVN procedure for checking out bbPress?

  • chrishajer


    I too am getting tired of upgrading bbPress all the time and keeping track of my changes, that’s what version control software like svn is for. I was reading this post by SamBauers where he suggested to specerp that he should use svn for updating his live site. So, how does one do that?

    I’ve used svn on linux before, but it’s already been setup and I’ve just used it to checkout and commit. I need the nuts and bolts of how to set it up so that I can checkout and use the bbPress core (not plugin) repository. It sure would make changes a lot easier until things stabilize and bbPress is out of beta.

    Can someone please give me some pointers? Thank you.

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  • Sam Bauers


    What operating system?



    Sorry, Sam. I am Linux on the desktop and Linux on the webserver. I supposed I could just try it too. I guess the issue is that now that I’ve already install bbPress and updated it once, do I need to start with a new checked out version and make my changes manually to that?



    Sam Bauers


    I’m not sure what an SVN checkout over the top of an existing installation will do. Considering how clever SVN is, I’m guessing that it will just work and create a working SVN copy.

    Check the very helpful subversion book

    What I did was, followed this guide here:

    Reference links:

    I login to my domain with START > RUN > CMD >


    -will give your user and ask for passphrase.. enter passphrase.. hit enter

    -it will give you server prompt thingy.. I type and hit enter: ls

    -will show you what’s on your domain’s root, then type and hit enter: cd public_html (which changes you to the public_html directory)

    -then I type and hit enter: ls

    (will show me everything in the public_html directory..)

    -then type and hit enter: cd forums (changes you to the forums directory folder)

    -then I type and hit enter: ls (shows me everything in forums/ folder)

    -then I run this line command:

    svn co .

    Only thing is though, if you already have folders/files in there, you’ll have to delete everything EXCEPT the my-templates/, my-plugins/ .htaccess, any special plugin files outside the my-plugins folder, and config.php files. Before running the SVN CO line command..

    I also tried doing this:

    svn co . –force

    Which should FORCE file overwrites within that directory, however, it won’t work on a svn checkout… Not sure why though, but.. if you follow basically what I said above, you should be ok… =/

    You should be good to go then… I hope this helps.. Good luck!


    If the above stuff worked for you, then all you have to do to update your bbPress installation(s) is, follow same directions to get you to that specific directory, which contains your forums..


    Type In: plink (make sure there’s a space between the word “plink” and your “” then hit enter)

    Type In: your passphrase (hit enter)

    The: ls

    The: cd whatever-directory-for-root (example: public_html)

    The: ls

    The: cd whatever-directory-for-forums

    The: ls

    Type: svn up (then hit enter)

    That should update whatever files in your bbPress forums directory. I use same way for doing my WP blogs too.. ;)


    So, does this eliminate the possibility of keeping your own code under version control? I keep all my stuff in my own svn repository I set up myself on one of my servers. Is anyone aware of a way to share a working copy across two repositories?

    Or maybe a better question is this: Does anyone update their site through SVN AND use SVN to back up their own local code? How do you approach this problem?



    You can have two developers (macwise and bbPress core team) working on the same code in different places. I think svn is smart enough to figure it out when you commit and svn up.

    Just to be sure, I’m starting fresh so I should bash this:

    mkdir forum

    cd /forum

    svn co .

    Right? Did I miss anything?

    Edit: It was right. Thanks guys!

    “Just to be sure, I’m starting fresh so I should bash this:

    mkdir forum

    cd /forum

    svn co .”


    I just did that, it worked, but now what I have is a folder called “trunk” in my /forum/ folder. All the bbpress files are in /forum/trunk/ but I was hoping they would just be in /forum/. So I’m not sure what to do next.

    Sorry I’m entirely new to using svn….



    I think you left off the trailing “[space] dot” that indicates “put it in the current directory” or path. From the svn help:

    If PATH is omitted, the basename of the URL will be
    used as the destination.


    That means it creates “trunk” for you, which you don’t want.

    Just delete the trunk directory and cd into the forum directory again, and run this whole thing:

    svn co .

    There is a / then a [space] then a period at the end there. That will put it into the current directory with no trunk directory being created.

    Ah yes, thanks Chris, missed the space and dot. Thanks again.



    By the way, for those on a linux server with shell and want to just install SVN as a client (and not the full blown server function) this is how you do it:


    tar -xzvf subversion-1.6.5.tar.gz
    tar -xzvf subversion-deps-1.6.5.tar.gz
    cd subversion-1.6.5

    ./configure --prefix=$HOME --without-berkeley-db --with-ssl --with-editor=/usr/bin/vim --without-apxs --without-apache
    make install

    Then you are ready to use it via the command line svn

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