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MediaWiki, bbPress, and WordPress integration..

  • Ok people, here’s the deal.. I’ve installed MediaWiki 1.8.2 on my domain: and customized the links for it and so forth.. no big deal right… ?

    What I have done so far is (in this order)..

    1) Integrated bbPress to my WordPress blog.. So anyone that registers on my bbPress forums, is automatically registered into my WP blog. Usernames and Passwords work for BOTH..

    2) Applied the bbPress_Auth_for_MediaWiki extension to my MediaWiki.. However, I had to use some of the modifications listed here.

    Now, people can login to my MediaWiki with the usernames and passwords from either the WP blog, or the forums.. ;):)

    The ONLY problem I’m having now, is.. having users register for a new account on my MediaWiki “Create New Account” page.. sigh.. I’m getting the following error..

    “Login error:

    There was either an external authentication database error or you are not allowed to update your external account.”

    Which is obviously saying, it’s trying to create a new account in the MediaWiki database.. but, where really it should be trying to make a new account in my WP database.. right? Or, that might be meaning the other way around.. I’m not sure.

    My questions are:

    1) Is there a way to modify the “Create New Account” page, with the WP register page codes? So, when someone tries to create a new account on my MediaWiki itself.. it calls the WP database for it?


    2) Just modify the MediaWiki file, that contains the “Create Account” link, and use the link to the registration page for the WP blog itself? And if so, which MediaWiki file does this reside in?

    I guess I’d rather have it simple.. and just implement the WP registration codes, into the MediaWiki file.. so there is no redirecting of the “Create Account” link in my MediaWiki..

    Or, does someone know of an “extension” for MediaWiki.. that synchronizes the MediaWiki & WordPress registrations? Thanks in advanced.. ;) :)


    /It’s ALMOST totally there now.. the way I want her.. just that dang Registration problem on the MediaWiki sigh.

    By the way, you have to be registered and signed-in, to edit my Wiki.. whee! Which means, you’ll have to register on my blog, or forums first! This is why I’d like to get this MediaWiki registration figured out soon sigh..

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  • mattgriffin


    I just want to bump this question — and all discussion about WP+BBpress+MediaWiki membership integration. This is PRECISELY my dream setup.


    I have done some crazy google searching and also came up empty handed. I would change all registration links to bbPress or WP. That way, at least you know they can register and not screw anything else up.


    Oh ok, thanks a million Trent. ;) :) By the way, I also dropped a thread off over here on the MWUSERS forum.. 15 views, no replies there lol.

    Oh well, maybe someone will then. :) Also, Trent.. how would I go about changing the “Create New” account link in the MediaWiki .. to point to either my Forum’s or Blog’s registration page?

    Shoot, which one should I use though? I’m guessing the Blog’s registration page right? And even point my forum’s register link to the blog? Might be the best way of doing it.. What you all think?


    /*cough* I wish ya were on GTalk again lmao, would be a helleva a lot easier to talk me through this crap LoL!!.. :P

    Nevermind! Here’s what I ended up doing..

    1) Edited the MediaWiki:Sidebar by adding in my own custom Register link, pointing to the Blog’s register page.

    2) Edited some of the MediaWiki: (Logouttext, Createaccount, some Login”whatever files”, Nologin, Notloggedin, and maybe a few others) files – Removing all the “create account” references. So the “Login / Create Account” link was chopped down to just “Login”.. same goes for the one found on the actual login page.. (Well.. as far as I know I got all them “Create Account” references lmao!

    3) Replaced those “create account” words/calls with custom text saying “Please click on the register link in the sidebar. Once you’ve created an account through my blog’s register page, you’ll get an email with the details. Once registered, your username and password will allow you to login on the Codex.”

    4) Also, had added that little “hack” to hide the [Edit] link on the pages and stuff, if not logged in.. I had done this before even doing the above.. so.. as far as I know, I’m good to go for the Codex.. :)

    I’ll just have customize the email that comes from the blog after they register there, and the same for the forums.. ;) I guess this is all I need, right people? If there’s more.. please tell me.. whee!


    /Next on the “To-Do” list is implementing my blog’s theme around the Codex.. Wish me luck! …whee!

    Good luck Spencer! Looks like you are rolling out a great package integration documentation!




    My thanks as well, Spencer. I’m watching what you put together with great interest, and your ongoing explanations are most helpful. Many others will surely benefit from your struggles.


    You’re welcome Nate. ;):) And hopefully soon here.. I’ll have my wiki ready, and going the way I want it lol. Then, once I’m done, or as I go along.. I’ll write up what I did ..

    Hopefully someone else in need of same thing, latter down the road.. finds this post useful and I hope it helps them.. ;):)


    UPDATE: I just wanted to fill everyone in on what I have just done..

    1) I downloaded and installed the Themed Login and Registration plugin for WordPress.

    2) Upload it, then activate it as normal.

    OR, If you are running WordPress version 2.1-alpha3.. Before uploading and installing this plugin, open the themed-logreg.php file..

    Find this line:

    require_once( ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/registration-functions.php’);

    Change it to this:

    require_once( ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/registration.php’);

    This is because in the 2.1-apha3 version, they just renamed some of the files in the wp-includes/ directory..

    3) I made a page called: Where To

    Since I have pretty permalinks on, the page’s location is here for example:

    In the Where To page’s Write Window, I added the following text/urls for example:

    “If you are seeing this page, you now have the ability to access the following places with your username and password.

    The <a href="">Codex</a>.

    The <a href="">Forums</a>.

    The <a href="">Site Admin</a>. “

    4) Under Plugins => Login Register Options =>

    A) Under the: Uninstallation Options => I put check in box for: Toggle Complete Uninstall:

    B) Under the: Redirect After Login: => I changed wp-admin/ to where-to/

    If you have the normal setup for the permalinks, (for me on localhost this worked): /?page_id=11

    Of course, change the actual number to your own..

    C) Under the: Redirect After Logout: => I left this one at: wp-login.php

    D) If you are using any other theme, then the “Gathering” theme, you might want to skip this section. And follow the directions for it, according to your theme’s layout!

    Unless your sidebar call is like this.. in the index.php file:

    <?php get_header(); ?>

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    Still in the Login Register Options, I left everything alone from there down TILL the part for the “Template Header Files: section..

    D-1) Since I’m using the “Gathering” theme, the call for the sidebar, in the theme files is right after the header call.

    <?php get_header(); ?>

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    D-2) In the Template Header Files: window, I made it like this:



    D-3) In the Template After Header HTML: window, I made it like this:

    <?php get_header(); ?>

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    <div id="maincontent">

    D-4) In the Template Before Footer HTML: window, I made it like this:

    <?php endif; ?>


    <!--index.php end-->

    <!--include footer-->

    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    D-5) In the Template Footer Files: window, I made it like this: footer.php

    E) Scroll down to the User Email Template: window. Since he uses variables for his stuff.. here is what I used for mine, and it works because I got the email after doing a test sign up. :D

    Username: ##username##

    Password: ##password##

    You now have the ability to access any of the following locations with your username and password.

    The Site Admin


    The Forums


    The Codex

    Please note: Of course… change the The Codex and Forums urls to whatever your’s is.. example: ##siteurl##/my-forums-folder-name/

    And for Codex/Wiki: or whatever..

    Then I click the Update Options button.. :D ;)

    F) In my Theme’s CSS File, I added the following CSS Style references:

    #login {margin:0 auto 0 auto;width:250px;}

    #login ul {margin:0;padding:0;}

    #login ul li {display:inline;margin-left:10px;}

    Everything seems to be working just fine! I hope this helps others..

    After logging in, you should be taken to this page then:

    Which of course.. can still be seen by everyone, either way. (But it’s not really made public either, because I don’t have the page itself, listed in the header nav bar, and sidebar nav section.)

    However.. it’s not going to do much good to them, because if they aren’t registered and stuff.. they can’t access my blog’s wp-admin, forums or codex.. lmao!

    Anyway, I just did TWO test signups.. and was able to login to my Codex, Forums, and the Blog’s wp-admin control panel.. whee!!




    Spencer, was just hoping for a quick clarification on all this: Did you use the same MySQL database for everything? In the thread here you use terms like “MediaWiki database” and “WP database,” but I’m wondering whether that actually just means the MediaWiki tables and the WP tables, all contained in one MySQL database. Do tell. :)



    On my setup, (different system, same concept),

    i used a centralized mysql table which contains a mesh of all of the variables of all systems!. The reason wy i did that is, some of these usertables contain information which would change the bahaviour of the software, such as roll, last login etc. SO its not a mater of authentication and session ONLY. You also need the other stuff!!!.

    i ALSO used a single portal for signup/signin. THIS SHOULD NOT BE SCARY (assuming that thinking does’nt hurt your brain). A good IDE will get everything done for you (search replace globally, find all instances of a function etc).

    I reccomend as an editor, and use PHP IDE as an ide ontop of eclipse. Be patiant, if you have’nt installed before, it could be a bit strang, but do take a better part of a weekend to figure out hw it works. TRUST ME, php will be your bizatch afterwards ;)

    @nateolsen, I just added ALL 3 databases into ONE database, like such:

    database_name (holding all three)





































































    Of course, used the normal database prefix for each one specifically. ;) :) It was mentioned though, that for the mw_ ones, you didn’t have to use the “mw_” prefix for when trying to mesh with bbpress/WP.. but, to play it safe, I used the default “mw_” prefix anyway.. Choice is your’s really.. :) ;)

    @mozey, nice!! I’ll have to try that out sometime, well, when I get more time. ;) :) Thanks for tips and pointers! ;) :)


    There is an attempt here… Maybe usefull or not.



    I’m having trouble with this plugin – MediaWiki version 1.6.9, using the Authpress.php from the codex link in the first post.

    I try to log in and I get this error:

    ..from within function “AuthPress::authenticate”. MySQL returned error “1146: Table ‘*********.wk_wp_users’ doesn’t exist (*****.***)”

    It looks like it’s appending wk_ before my user table?



    UPDATE: I’ve decided to remove my MediaWiki, or better known as the Codex. I merely installed it to play around, customize, and get familiar with it.

    The whole reason for removing it is, I really don’t have the time for it. I don’t have time to add anything to it, make a theme for it, and customize it anymore.

    As for this article, it’s still a good reference guide as what To-Do for getting your MediaWiki, bbPress, and WP login/registration working together. :) I hope you find it as useful as I did. Well, I guess that’s it for now. Tata.




    the answer is here

    I’ve tried everything in the above thread, but I still get mw_ appended to the table (mw_bb_users).



    Here’s what I’ve done so far:

    Installed Mediawiki. Put Authpress in the extensions folder. Added code to LocalSettings.php. In that file, I tried both with and without these lines, uncommented and with my database information:

    # Only include the following if you aren't using the same db as MediaWiki
    $wgAuth->setAuthPressDBServer ('FIXME');

    I added false, 0, as described here:

    I’ve tried every combination, but MediaWiki still looks for the table mw_bb_users instead of bb_users.

    My only option is to re-install MediaWiki without the table prefix, but I’d prefer to avoid that.

    citizenkeith, are installing MediaWiki with those changes and additions already done to it, before actual installing of it? Or are you doing these changes/ additions to MediaWiki *after* MW installation is done? Also, is all three (wp, bbpress and mediawiki) installed in under same database?

    What I did, was, had bbPress and WP installed *first*. And integrated first. Then, I installed MediaWiki into the same database as WP and bbPress. Then applied those extensions and additions to MediaWiki…




    Hi spencerp! :)

    I am not using WP, so the integration is taking place between MW and BB only. BB was already installed, and I have 26 users. Integration took place *after* I installed MW in the same database as BB.



    bump :-)



    Did you put BOTH database tables and such in the SAME database? Like I said above here?

    If you want, and IF I can find the stuff I had before.. I’ll post it back here. As for the stuff you’re talking about above there… couldn’t ya just change the references from WP database calls to bbPress calls?

    As far as I know, you would only need to do what’s on this page right? Since we’re not talking about WP here at all?




    Sorry, my mind is waaay off here. I just have so much crap going through it on a daily basis it’s not funny sigh. Sorry if I’m not much help.. :(




    Did you put BOTH database tables and such in the SAME database? Like I said above here?

    Yes, just like that, although I am not integrating my WP with bbPress.

    As far as I know, you would only need to do what’s on this page right? Since we’re not talking about WP here at all?

    That’s correct. That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out… I’m following those directions, but I still get these errors.

    Sorry if I’m not much help.. :(

    Not a problem! I appreciate your efforts.



    Ok, this time I deleted all the Media Wiki tables from the database, then reinstalled Media Wiki. This time, I didn’t use a prefix for the table names.

    I uploaded Authpress.php and added the code to Localsettings.php.

    Now when I try to login, I get these errors:

    Warning: Compilation failed: characters with values > 255 are not yet supported in classes at offset 33 in /web/abc/abc/ on line 224

    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /web/abc/abc/ on line 320



    What a cool guide, – huge shoulder claps from me to you!

    There is one HUGE problem though;

    1.this plugin is no longer avaible?

    2. this IS, BUT, it is wrtiten that it dosn’t suport php5 (therefor any useable media wiki installations right now.)

    Is there any plugin or way out there, to make the step nr. 4 in the guide possible. – The mix is not soo cool, with wordpress & bbpress intigration only.

    In advance thnx.


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