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The new bbpress has gotten rid of the topic resolved feature?

  • The new bbpress has gotten rid of the topic resolved feature?

    And I don’t like it.

    Which is why I prefer bbPress v0.8 to 0.81, and I’ll be going back to the old version.

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  • chrishajer


    I think this feature was removed from the core and added as a plugin:

    Not sure from the release notes if this works with .81 or not, but I imagine the functionality will still be there, just in plugin form, not in the core. I think there were more requests for it to be out than in.



    Yeah, taking it out was a good idea. My forum doesnt use it and making it something that isnt in the core code makes it more useful as a ‘general’ forum right out of the box and not just a forum software for tech support.

    Sam Bauers


    And the feature has been gone since earlier than 0.8 (0.75 maybe?). There is nothing in the support-forums plugin that I can think of that won’t work with 0.8.1

    But I love this feature.

    That’s the whole reason why I chose this script.

    If you hate the feature so much, why don’t you edit your template’s topic.php file and remove the corresponding code.



    Conversely, if you love the feature so much, simply add the plugin. The majority of bbPress users were not using the software as a support forum, so it was moved to a plugin. That’s all. I agree with the author’s decision to remove it from the core.

    Still can’t get those icons to show up though. :(

    Sorry about that drmike! Aditya is on business and will be back by the end of the week! If Sam doesn’t see this post, he said he would work on it when he arrives home! Sorry for the inconvienience.


    Thnaks. I also just have to sit down and look at it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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