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  • I’m looking into adding my categories for real now (testing’s pretty much over) and I am *thinking* I would like sub-categories. Is this a feature available through a plugin yet? I know this adds another level of complexity, and I apologize if in asking for this feature I am speaking heretically. Just trying to make this right before my major launch.


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  • I believe that’s what I’m searching for…I saw the implementation at Are there any other examples of implementation for this plugin? Do I need to install the patch for bbpress v.80 if that’s my installed version, or can/should I use the latest patch?

    Also, what happens when I upgrade to v1.0 or something? (I can only assume that I will need to patch it again, assuming it’s not integrated as an official feature yet.)

    Thanks for the help!

    There is another more vanilla implementation here.

    You should use the patch that corresponds to your version. Check the ticket to find out which is which.

    If you upgrade then you need to grab the latest patch (preferably made for that version) and re-apply it to your code.

    Perfect…looks like just what I’m looking for. I’ll post back when I screw everything up. ;)

    Ha! I guess I know less than I thought I did. When follow the link to trac, I scroll to the bottom and see

    Added new patch file for build [719] i.e. 0.8.1

    I click on [719] and it takes me to a new page where I can view changes, or download a zip at the bottom. I see no option for getting a file named “categories-build719.patch”. What am I missing?

    hehe…when you go to the bottom of the page, you don’t see what’s at the top of the page. Sorry, I found it.

    Got this working splendidly…Here’s the link:

    I would love any comments on the look/feel of the site. Feel free to drop me a line on the contact form and share comments/suggesstions.

    One quick suggestion to those implementing this: If you have the luxury of installing this BEFORE you implement a complex CSS design, it’s best. Many of my classes became obsolete when I installed the plugin, because the hierarchy of the pages with the forum/subforum lists changed.

    This, of course, was expected, and normal. However, it will just save a redesign once you’ve implemented this new versatility. (Of course, installing this plugin just two days before launch wasn’t exactly conducive to allowing me to take it a little break).



    /forums/ is a 404


    yikes, thanks chris. I’ll add a rule in .htaccess…pretty embarrassing when the owner muffs it!


    Fixed. Thanks again

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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