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    wow wow, hold on!,

    you posted -1 year ago. WOuld’nt that make you,,,, hold on!, double negative!. so yeahh your right!. :) early!

    Nice article,

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    its all over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    heheh, we should do this for all releases on THIS thread!.

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    :) ofcourse, i ment 8.0 * .1

    ? so,,,,,,,,,,,, you want the first post to be the blog post itself, and all the replies to be comments?. it is doable, but why?

    It sounds that playing with a cool DB migration tool would be woth your while.

    On my setup, (different system, same concept),

    i used a centralized mysql table which contains a mesh of all of the variables of all systems!. The reason wy i did that is, some of these usertables contain information which would change the bahaviour of the software, such as roll, last login etc. SO its not a mater of authentication and session ONLY. You also need the other stuff!!!.

    i ALSO used a single portal for signup/signin. THIS SHOULD NOT BE SCARY (assuming that thinking does’nt hurt your brain). A good IDE will get everything done for you (search replace globally, find all instances of a function etc).

    I reccomend as an editor, and use PHP IDE as an ide ontop of eclipse. Be patiant, if you have’nt installed before, it could be a bit strang, but do take a better part of a weekend to figure out hw it works. TRUST ME, php will be your bizatch afterwards ;)

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    You know what would be nice? dumn ass free way of wp integration. I mean, SERIOUSLY, NO THINKING. Click on a button!, done!!.

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    LOL, was i the only guy that spent new years eve 2000 installing windows 95 with no paches to watch it crash !?!?!, (please dont use that as a pickup line, it does’nt work)

    i was so dissapointed, IT DID”NT DO MUCH. i did get few viruses tho, and QUICK.

    Got it, the explination is here.

    SO yeahh, BIGINT is 2**63. Unsigned bigint is 2**64 which is ALOT. The 20 only refferse to the digit accuracy.


    whats with the 20 then? i believe you, i’m just wondering what does the 20 do!?!

    well, its good to know the limits of your software thats all. However, what i was more interested in is, does bbpress somehow purge posts from the database and cache them somehow to lower the load on the DB!!?!?. Thats the only way I can think of how they go over this limit.

    I just wanna know how they do it and i’m lazy to look over the code :)


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    Yeahh, make a plugin that allows you to change colors of your theme like that :)

    looks good.

    oh, i got it,

    “WHAT IS move the forum to apache?”, hehehe!, jeopardy joke!

    Problem #1)

    Your redicection problem. It seems that your page “A” is directing to page “B” which is directing BACK to page “A”. So your stuck in a loop. Firefox is smart enough to recognize this. IE is’nt (surprize surprize). Spend a bit more time on it, and keep that in mind. However, the solution to your second problem may solve the first one.

    Problem #2)

    Okay, instead of

    $bb->domain = ‘’;

    $bb->path = ‘/forums/’;


    $bb->domain = ‘’;

    $bb->path = ‘/confocal/forums/’;

    Hope that works,

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    oh OkAy!, :)

    it also said that 1.0 is 30% done!. Thats cool.

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    how about .75? when is that one going to get released?

    why is it that i always get a sense of satisfaction when i create a thread that goes ON and ON?


    CTRL^f “We have a WordPress plugin to”

    right after that, there are two wp plugins that I BELIEVE gets around this. give them a try. let us know if it works.

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    i SOMEHOW want to include my bb back end at my wp-admin in a submenue. it should be a matter of using the right include statment in a plugin that creates a new admin submenue. I have’nt done it yet, i’ll post the plugin whenever i get it done. it should’nt be much work (in thoery).

    anyone did this you guys, please let us know.

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    oh yeahh, i forgot to mention, i’m not even going to bother with the BB user table for anything!. I can get it to the point where i log in using one portals for both platforms, but i have’nt tested it beyond that.

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    suleinman, sure thing,

    okay, first of all, my bb and my mu are sharing ONLY the usertable and the login sessions. THATS IT, no common functions, nothing like that.

    and in order to do that, i added the following lines to my config.php on my bb.


    //These are for the information about the database into which bbPress should store its content

    // ** MySQL settings ** //

    define(‘BBDB_NAME’, ‘bbdbname’); // The name of the database

    define(‘BBDB_USER’, ‘bbdbuser’); // Your MySQL username

    define(‘BBDB_PASSWORD’, ‘bbdbpassword’); // …and password

    define(‘BBDB_HOST’, ‘’); // 99% chance you won’t need to change this value

    // This is the information about mu’s database. bbPress will look for users in this database

    define(‘USER_BBDB_NAME’, ‘mudbname’);

    define(‘USER_BBDB_USER’, ‘mudbuser’);

    define(‘USER_BBDB_PASSWORD’, ‘mudbpass’);

    define(‘USER_BBDB_HOST’, ‘’);

    //if your using one database, its cool, just replicate the mu/bb data!

    //now your about to tell bb to look for users in the wp table

    define(‘CUSTOM_USER_TABLE’, ‘wp_users’);

    define(‘CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE’, ‘wp_usermeta’);

    //and now, your about to tell bb to user the same sessions as wp

    $bb->usercookie = ‘wordpressuser’;

    $bb->passcookie = ‘wordpresspass’;

    $bb->cookiedomain = ‘’; // or if there was a . above

    $bb->cookiepath = ‘/’;

    // Change the prefix if you want to have multiple forums in a single database.


    i hope this helps. do reply back with questions, :)

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    bbpress makes me a happy man,

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