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phpbb -> bbpress -> wordpress

  • Hey guys,

    I recently used a cool script I found on here somewhere to convert our phpbb2 forums’ database over to bbpress.

    Anyone know if it would be possible to convert this new database over to a wordpress DB? So all the forum posts become posts in a wordpress blog – under categories?

    Sorry probably the wrong place to post this!


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  • bbolman


    Uh…converting forum posts to wordpress posts sort of defeats the purpose of bbPress I think. Plus, if you have much of any posts it will eat up your database. Why exactly do you want to do this?

    ? so,,,,,,,,,,,, you want the first post to be the blog post itself, and all the replies to be comments?. it is doable, but why?

    It sounds that playing with a cool DB migration tool would be woth your while.

    This will be a big issue for quite a few people I think. In fact, there has been 2 occurances that I could have used an export function and frankly, the wordpress XML format would be my preference!


    Hey guys!

    sorry i didn’t get back to your replies sooner. Thanks for the effort!

    Yeah i am trying to work out whether to use bbpress or wordpress or both. But most importantly want to get away from phpBB2

    I see both *press being powerful. I am not sure whether to offer both tools on our site, or just go with wordpress.

    BBpress has allowed me to keep all our previous years content from phpBB2. But i am just not sure whether to use it or not.

    Our members might get confused where to post entries and how to reply/comment.

    I’d just go with bbpress but at the moment wordpress seems to have a lot of goodies like themes/pplugins that i am using.

    Sorry i realised I am crapping on!

    Any ideas/recommendations?



    Hi Ateale,

    Which script did you use cos the one i found to convert it did not work for me?


    hey Lingmeister

    i used this:

    what is the problem you are having?

    I had problems initially – something to do with PHP 5 or something – check that link above

    good luck!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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