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how many posts can bbpress handle

  • In the database, the post_ID is an int of size 20. Does that mean that bbpress can only manage 1048576 posts ?

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  • bbolman


    Do you really need to worry about having that many posts? And no I would assume there isn’t any real limit. But that’s just me.

    Even if that is a mySQL restriction on the number of entries, I am more than 100% sure there are ways around it. If you need help believing that, just watch what happens when or go over 1,000,000 posts ! ! !

    PS Brad, you are still linking your old site in your profile.


    well, its good to know the limits of your software thats all. However, what i was more interested in is, does bbpress somehow purge posts from the database and cache them somehow to lower the load on the DB!!?!?. Thats the only way I can think of how they go over this limit.

    I just wanna know how they do it and i’m lazy to look over the code :)



    post_id on my install (.073) is defined as a BIGINT(20). BIGINT can take values up to 2**63 which is 9223372036854775807 assuming all positive integers, which the post_ids are.


    whats with the 20 then? i believe you, i’m just wondering what does the 20 do!?!

    Got it, the explination is here.

    SO yeahh, BIGINT is 2**63. Unsigned bigint is 2**64 which is ALOT. The 20 only refferse to the digit accuracy.



    Man, looks like I’ll have to move to some better forum software in the year 6354 then :D

    LOL, was i the only guy that spent new years eve 2000 installing windows 95 with no paches to watch it crash !?!?!, (please dont use that as a pickup line, it does’nt work)

    i was so dissapointed, IT DID”NT DO MUCH. i did get few viruses tho, and QUICK.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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