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  • Boris


    well, actually it’s 0.80 and i doubt it. there’s still a few tickets open…

    :) ofcourse, i ment 8.0 * .1

    I’d say Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

    God, I hope so.. I’m getting tired of constantly adding the Forum Categories enhancement to the latest SVN trunk files, and then uploading them again lmao.. =P

    I think I’ll just wait now, until .80 is full-blown released, and you’re done doing .80alpha SVN commits hahaha. /Me thinks: dang! It’s planned to go into 1.0 anyway, so.. I guess I’ll have to worry about that transition or whatever then too. Oh well..


    1 ticket left, release it!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    c’ mon then :D

    heheh, we should do this for all releases on THIS thread!.

    heheh, we should do this for all releases on THIS thread!.

    until we comes up to 8.0 :O ??? :P

    Yeah, release her already.. I’ve been running the .80 alpha for how long now.. and never had any problems with it.. Release the beast!! Now gerd damn its, now!!!!!!!!!! =P




    Must say, I’m still unsure what’s causing the release to wait so long. That one ticket seems to be more of a personal problem and one that could be fixed later.

    mdawaffe has been closing tickets from 1.0 timeline for 0.8 release and there has been some issue we have been working on since the RC1, RC2 and RC3. Should be here soon! Everyone won’t be disappointed as everyone has chipped in and done a great job getting this release to be a great one! So10 and mdawaffe have done a great job finishing off tickets and everyone that contributed fixes to the problems, I give thanks.


    Plz let the release be today plz plz plz :)

    two tickets now! :O


    its all over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    Damn, it’s always something sigh. Well, Michael Adams is on it, so.. things will be taken care of SOON.. I hope..


    /Dang! Boy am I early posting this reply.. -1 year ago!?!?!

    wow wow, hold on!,

    you posted -1 year ago. WOuld’nt that make you,,,, hold on!, double negative!. so yeahh your right!. :) early!


Viewing 18 replies - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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