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  • Well, now. Isn’t that special!!. It works perfectly.

    Thank you!

    BTW, I do have the latest version of WordPress installed (2.5.1) so I do not think this is included yet, but if those encountering (and noticing) the issue find your fix, it could not be easier.

    Thank you, again.

    The secret key is not mentioned period in the wp-config.php file, but is in the bb-config.php file. The WordPress secret is in the file (yep, the double forward slash is accurate – cut & paste) and does match exactly (I used Excel to do the match).

    If it is supposed to be in the wp-config.php file, please show me how the entire finished code should look (obviously my variables will differ but the structure will be the same). We might let the developer folks in on this too.

    Awaiting your reply…. Thank you!

    It is the same. I learned all about the “secret key” during the bbPress installation. Most users will have never heard about it before and it is a bit baffling at first glance when it is asked for in the integration instructions. Anyway, it is exactly the same via cut and paste.

    Actually, if it was not, it would work as not integrated and therefore, I assume, like the previous version which worked “correctly”. You would stay logged in per “Remember me” in bbPress and WordPress. There is something else going on, I think.

    Has anyone installed an “integrated” version where it works properly? i.e. You can log into WordPress then log into bbPress and then go back to WordPress without logging in again. Please let me know. I realize, there is always a 99% chance that problems in coding are of my own making.

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    I just installed yesterday (5-11-08). If a fresh bbPress version was posted for download since then, I could not be happier. That is why I am posting these comments.

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    Thank you, dangrey, that did it for this issue. Perhaps that little .htaccess file should be a part of the bbPress installation package???

    More to come…

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    Let me premise this by stating that I installed an “integrated” version of the upgrade (BTW, the instructions could be a LOT clearer on this process – not everyone is experienced with php).

    I was planning on spending some time on this later, but on this subject (links), my original links were set to “Numeric …/forums/1”. After upgrading, links from my web sites to the bbPress section no longer worked and generated a 404 error. I looked at the links within the bbPress site and they looked fine. For instance, a “sticky” topic I link to from all my web sites is “” (I copied the shortcut with a right click on the link). It looks correct, but it does not work. Not even within the bbPress section and certainly not from the outside coming in.

    So I switched the setting on my “Pretty permalink type” to “None …/forums.php?id=1”. With this setting, everything once again worked. I left it this way, but these are definitely not “pretty” links. The link to the same topic is now “”. BTW, “Name based …” links do not work either.

    OK, that is the first issue. There are more and I will detail those tomorrow, each one in its own separate topic as suggested above.

    Let me, however, compliment everyone who has been involved in this project and WordPress. Both efforts are truly beyond belief in terms of what you get by simply downloading some code from the internet. ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! So good, in fact, you spoil us to the point where we expect everything to be close to perfect at all times. That is a bit irrational and the experience with both programs should be graciously appreciated. Thank you for your work!


    L. Carhartt

    In addition to the above, the following seem to work properly

    Human Test for bbPress

    Post Count Plus – Dynamic.Titles & More!

    In reply to: FAQ

    I am a new user, but if I had the time this would be a good first plug-in write for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time. Sooo, if anyone does have the time and interest, a very useful plug-in would place a button at the bottom of every post that says something like “Report Abuse”. If someone sees spam in a post or foul language, etc., they click on this link and a report is sent to the moderator.

    This is used in many large forums I use and could help control misuse of a bbPress forum.

    Thank you

    Still have to learn my days of the week though!

    Just installed/activated your “Human Test” plug-in. I am using bbPress version Everything works fine. No issues.

    Thank you.

    By the way, I heard of WordPress for the first time on Sunday, found it a few minutes later, installed it a few minutes after that and input two years of articles I had written that same day. I installed a few plug-ins the next day and then found bbPress. Installed that the same day (Monday). It was working fine and found a matching template for both WordPress and bbPress the next day (Wednesday). With very little tweaking (mostly my errors) and no visits to the WordPress or bbPress forums for help, I am up and running with a very presentable, professional looking, and fully functional blog/user forum. Absolutely incredible!!! I am notifying my subscribers later this morning about their new resource via email. Not bad for four days of work.

    Thank you good folks behind WordPress and bbPress!

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    Whoops, guess you need to actually post something first before the RSS works! Duh! Anyway, all is well again here in MasterDATA land.

    By the way, although I didn’t need to do any of this (I already had when installing), the following link here in the bbPress forum may be helpful to those still dealing with the issue noted in this thread:

    Using RSS Feeds

    Good luck!

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    I just downloaded/installed bbPress yesterday and page comes up blank when clicking “RSS” in Profile. Help is appreciated.

    Tank you.

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