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rss result is empty

  • Graeme


    Has anyone experience an issue with the rss forum feed of recent posts being empty? I’ve checked my php logs and no errors are showing up. I’m running the latest version of bbPress installed in the /forums/ directory.

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  • chrishajer


    I am running an older version (I forget what version it is now) and RSS feeds do not work for me. So, yes, I have noticed that problem as well. I have no idea why your feed would be blank:

    Is there an rss2.php in your template folder?

    Also, I noticed a double forward slash in your source after the theme folder name. I doubt it has a negative effect, but it’s “just not right.”™



    I have tried a number of things:

    • slashed out the extra slash
    • progressively deactivated plugins to see of a plugin was at fault
    • tried switching to the default theme

    Each was unsuccessful in resolving the problem.

    I just downloaded/installed bbPress yesterday and page comes up blank when clicking “RSS” in Profile. Help is appreciated.

    Tank you.

    Whoops, guess you need to actually post something first before the RSS works! Duh! Anyway, all is well again here in MasterDATA land.

    By the way, although I didn’t need to do any of this (I already had when installing), the following link here in the bbPress forum may be helpful to those still dealing with the issue noted in this thread:

    Using RSS Feeds

    Good luck!



    I have the same problem at : the main forums feed shows a totally blank page. Other feeds seem to work fine.

    Have you managed to solve the issue with your site, agentmaximus, and if yes, how? I have gone through the forums here, but I haven’t found an answer.

    I have actually had this problem for quite a while now, but only now finally decided to see what I could do about it as I updated the overall look of my site.

    Just in case this thread (and bbPress development) is still alive:

    The question was: How to handle feeds with no items. Currently bbPress responds with an empty page when a feed wouldn’t contain any items.

    The expected behaviour would be to respond sending a valid feed with no item entries.

    The file /rss.php (see calls die() in all cases when no posts are found.

    Comment out all “die()” calls and you’re fine!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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