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  • devils_advocate


    HOW do you make the plugins work?

    the “display-name.php” file adds a header of broken links and mod info (which I don’t understand) to the beginning of every install page but otherwise appears to not do anything.

    and the “bbpress-integration.php” plug-in for WordPress (I’m using 2) adds the same “Trac” information at the top of every loaded WP page…(!!!)

    very frustrating… =(


    devils_adv: you probably made the same mistake I made on my first try: you downloaded the link directly from the “Attachments” section in the trac page. However, that link doesn’t point to the attachment, rather to another trac page that shows it in pretty form. From there, though, there is a link at the bottom that says “Original format”, and which is the actual source file.

    Nice FAQ mdawaffe, thx. Now we need more Templates and Plugins.


    The Permalinks solution fixed my problems in a jiffy!

    (Silly me, I re-installed 3 times before *finally* finding the FAQ … no more turkey for me! :))

    The FAQ was really helpful for me. Just like Nitallica, I always try to figure it out by myself first :-)

    Regarding Permalinks , how can I find if my host support MultiViews ?



    Try it to see if it works? If it doesn’t, just switch back. I don’t know of an official test.

    Tnx. very Nice Faq!

    Thnks mdawaffe very nice


    Your host should have it turned on in Apache. I don’t believe Multiviews is any potential security risk. At least not that I can find.



    Nice FAQ mdawaffe, thx. Now we need more Templates and Plugins.

    I am a new user, but if I had the time this would be a good first plug-in write for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time. Sooo, if anyone does have the time and interest, a very useful plug-in would place a button at the bottom of every post that says something like “Report Abuse”. If someone sees spam in a post or foul language, etc., they click on this link and a report is sent to the moderator.

    This is used in many large forums I use and could help control misuse of a bbPress forum.

    Thank you

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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