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Getting around 50 fake profiles set up a day- HELP!

  • feastoffools


    Hi- We’ve been trying in desperation to stop spambots from registering profiles on our very active bbpress forums, and despite the captcha test we installed, it seems they are circumventing the registration process and creating new accounts all the time. We’re getting around 50 fake profiles a day.

    We’re being told by several sources that this is a bug in the current version of bbpress and there is no solution for it. We simply can’t accept this, that bbpress would be open to such severe bugs.

    Right now we’re manually deleting profiles and we’re seriously considering abandoning this plattform for a more secure foums solution that works with WordPress.

    Do you have any insight into how to stop them from creating bogus profiles? Right now for some reason they are all having their birthday as Feb 2, 2008.

    You can see some of the profiles here:

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  • Did these sources confirm that they’re actually getting around the registration process? Did they tell you how this is happening?



    With all those links in the posts, it appears that akismet is not working. Do you have an akismet ket and is it entered in your config.php? That would prevent the posts loaded with links, in any case.

    Regarding the registrations, there is a “Human Test” plugin that might help:

    Or, maybe something more complex like a CAPTCHA:

    Or this tip:

    Just search this forum for registration and you’ll see lots of approaches to handling it.



    My solution doesn’t need template editing and has stopped all such activity on my site:

    are u sure _ck_ ?

    how about the hired Chinese ? :)

    Just installed/activated your “Human Test” plug-in. I am using bbPress version Everything works fine. No issues.

    Thank you.

    By the way, I heard of WordPress for the first time on Sunday, found it a few minutes later, installed it a few minutes after that and input two years of articles I had written that same day. I installed a few plug-ins the next day and then found bbPress. Installed that the same day (Monday). It was working fine and found a matching template for both WordPress and bbPress the next day (Wednesday). With very little tweaking (mostly my errors) and no visits to the WordPress or bbPress forums for help, I am up and running with a very presentable, professional looking, and fully functional blog/user forum. Absolutely incredible!!! I am notifying my subscribers later this morning about their new resource via email. Not bad for four days of work.

    Thank you good folks behind WordPress and bbPress!

    Still have to learn my days of the week though!



    >> are u sure _ck_ ?

    >> how about the hired Chinese ? :)

    That gives me a great idea to spell the numbers out as words in captcha-like graphics, which would be an interesting variation for non-english speakers.

    i like the way u think :)

    ill try your plugin and post feedback.

    I installed your plugin _ck_ but i when i activated it din’t auto inserted the math field in my registration page. Strange so i did it my self by inserting in my register.php / bbpress theme file the function:

    <?php human_registration_test(); ?>

    and then it worked ok. ;)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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