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Using RSS Feeds

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  • There are links to the RSS feeds on every page that has them (… except the front page… what happened it that one… ?)

    The URLs are: for the main feed for the feed for forum with ID = 1 for the feed for topic with ID = 1 for the feed for the user favorites of user with ID = 1 for the feed for the ‘bbpress’ tag.

    These URLs can be easily generated by:






    or echoed with recent_rss_link(), forum_rss_link(), etc.

    The content for the feed is generated by /rss.php on bb-templates/rss2.php and is fully pluggable.



    Thank you.

    So how easy would it be to pull the latest 10 threads onto my wordpress sidebar?

    I believe there are several plugins for WordPress (and even a sidebar widget) that pull content from RSS feeds.

    I’d use the widget since I don’t know the names of the plugins off the top of my head. I’m sure Google does, though :)



    Oh, I didn’t realise it was that easy. Thank you.

    I’m running bbpress integrated into my wordpress 2.3.3. BBPress is in the same database as my WordPress. The problem is, I can’t get a feed from the front page. If I point Feedburner or whatever to bbpress, it discovers a feed (wordpressblog/bbpress/rss.php), but it returns a not valid error. If I go to it in my browser, I get a blank page.

    I’ve tried reinstalling bbpress, and switching to the default theme to no avail. Anyone have any ideas?



    I’ve heard of this problem recently but have not seen a solution.

    I thought I saw something regarding RSS checked into the code around revision 1044 – 1046 so maybe it’s fixed in development:



    I just installed bbpress today and I was having the same problem with a blank RSS page. I thought I had followed all the instructions for using the SLUGS links. But, I looked closer at the install instructions. When I changed my .htaccess to what was listed from /bb-admin/rewrite-rules.php it started working.

    Amazing things happen when you RTFM. ::sighs:: ::laughs at self::

    so what changes do I need to make to /bb-admin/rewrite-rules.php to make it work? where is this F-in’ Manual I need to read? I have bbpress integrated with wordpress so maybe that’s part of the problem

    or are you saying I need to copy the rules out of /bb-admin/rewrite-rules.php into my wordpress .htaccess file to make it work?



    ekitel, this is not really related to RSS feeds is it?

    What you do is access, then take what is generated by that script and put that into your .htaccess.

    The FM is right here:

    Sam Bauers


    … read the “flimsy” manual …

    sorry, “flimsy” is nice! Yes this is about RSS feeds, mines are comin’ up blank just like some of the previous posters

    I added those lines to my .htaccess but the feeds are still blank



    I don’t think permalinks are required to use the RSS feeds. This thread has gone in a couple different directions. It started as RSS feeds but then whistler20 mentioned what he did with rewrite rules and his RSS feeds started working. I don’t think the original problem was solved in that manner.

    Anyway, permalinks are not required for RSS feeds. If you are having a problem with RSS feeds I think the problem lies elsewhere. Are there actually content items posted that would be in the RSS feed?

    rss result is empty

    Can you post a link to your forum? Maybe someone new looking at it will see items in the RSS feed, possibly something cached on your side?

    yes there are definitely posts in the forums, and when I subscribe to the feeds with Firefox I do get a list of permalinks to the posts.

    also I am using the private forums plugin, I don’t see anything about it effecting RSS in the docs though it does mention that in the latest version RSS is ‘fixed’

    this is the main forum feed:



    It might be the plugin. Have you tried without it? I tried accessing your forum, but I get a message:

    “Sorry, only registered users may access the forums.

    If you are registered then please login on the left.”

    If I can’t see the forums, I don’t know how I could see the feed. Why not try disabling the plugin?

    yeah disabling it makes the feeds work fine, should of thought to try that myself, I’m wondering if there is any possible way to have feeds and keep the forums private at the same time, (have your cake and eat it too?)

    I agree that this is needed. It would be nice to have an RSS feed that would show you new private topics – of course to actually access the link, you would have to log in, but I would think that you would at least be able to see the title of the post so that users could then access the link.

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