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New bbPress BUGGY!!!

  • I upgraded from the previous .8 version to the new .9.0.2 version. After struggling to get it to work at all, it now seems to be running in a stable manner (?). I must admit, I am more than a little disappointed in this new version. It is full of bugs that must be worked around and require numerous link revisions from my various web sites to get to the proper pages.

    There are so many bugs, I don’t know where to begin. If you want me to, I will begin to list them as encountered. If you do not reply to this post, I will assume your priorities are somewhere else other than smoothing out this version.

    Thank you.


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  • chrishajer


    I think it would be best to list the bugs you encounter and then fix them one by one. I can tell you that the developers are hard at work based on the traffic generated on the development list. But if they don’t know of the problems, they can’t fix them. So, please, list your problems in the forum, preferably one post per problem if they are unrelated, with a good subject for each problem.

    Some problems undoubtedly have solutions that have already been incorporated into the trunk release. Some will be bugs that need to be addressed in trac tickets.



    You definitely need to post examples of bugs you encounter. There are numerous bug fixes in 0.9 vs 0.8

    Perhaps you are simply encountering plugin incompatibilities?

    “numerous link revisions” ???

    How can your url’s change unless you disabled slugs or visa/versa? That much didn’t change in 0.9

    Let me premise this by stating that I installed an “integrated” version of the upgrade (BTW, the instructions could be a LOT clearer on this process – not everyone is experienced with php).

    I was planning on spending some time on this later, but on this subject (links), my original links were set to “Numeric …/forums/1”. After upgrading, links from my web sites to the bbPress section no longer worked and generated a 404 error. I looked at the links within the bbPress site and they looked fine. For instance, a “sticky” topic I link to from all my web sites is “” (I copied the shortcut with a right click on the link). It looks correct, but it does not work. Not even within the bbPress section and certainly not from the outside coming in.

    So I switched the setting on my “Pretty permalink type” to “None …/forums.php?id=1”. With this setting, everything once again worked. I left it this way, but these are definitely not “pretty” links. The link to the same topic is now “”. BTW, “Name based …” links do not work either.

    OK, that is the first issue. There are more and I will detail those tomorrow, each one in its own separate topic as suggested above.

    Let me, however, compliment everyone who has been involved in this project and WordPress. Both efforts are truly beyond belief in terms of what you get by simply downloading some code from the internet. ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! So good, in fact, you spoil us to the point where we expect everything to be close to perfect at all times. That is a bit irrational and the experience with both programs should be graciously appreciated. Thank you for your work!


    L. Carhartt

    I needed to put a writeable .htaccess containing “Options +MultiViews” in my bbpress root for “pretty permalinks” to work — there wasn’t one by default.

    Perhaps your old install had one and you didn’t copy it over during the upgrade.

    Thank you, dangrey, that did it for this issue. Perhaps that little .htaccess file should be a part of the bbPress installation package???

    More to come…

    Fresh copy of bbpress had no issues at all.

    I just installed yesterday (5-11-08). If a fresh bbPress version was posted for download since then, I could not be happier. That is why I am posting these comments.

    Sam Bauers


    I will be working on auto-generating the .htaccess file soon. It will be part of bbPress 1.0

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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