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  • bbPress.org still runs on version 1.0 It’s a Stand Alone version but i don’t know where to download it.

    Here are the plugins for this version


    Still i think it’s better to use bbPress 2.+ version because it works much better with WP.

    Even if you’d install the bbPress 1 version you still can’t have the bbPress forum layout because it was custom made for them and never a default theme.


    Contact your hosting-provider and ask them to upgrade the PHP memory. Give them an example of your Error and they’ll know what to do.


    Those memory bumps only work if your hosting-provider let you increase this memory. If they don’t and have blocked this feature you have to contact them and ask them friendly to increase it for you.

    Most providers don’t care and help you with this problem but sometimes the very cheap M.F&#krs providers don’t and start complaining about everything that is wrong in this world.


    Maybe very stupid to ask but where can i view a list of what’s new for bbPress 2.1 ?


    Probably everything what you asked for can be done, but you need PHP skills and change the template files.

    I don’t know about the online status, you probably need JavaScript for that.

    I have none PHP skills so i have been looking around and testing Vanilla yesterday. From what i’ve been seeing at the start it looks very good. Not yet changed some template files so i can’t tell how easy that will be but i really like the features they have by default.

    And if your community will get going you can always upgrade to the paid version and get the Badges Feature! Thats the coolest thing i’ve ever seen inside a communty.


    It will help your community grow faster for sure.

    Everybody likes the get Awards. ;)

    Yeah you can do a lot.

    Use the WP Template Name function.


    Create your own template files and build your own (bbPres) code inside them or leave them very default and use the Short Tags you’re using with ID’s right now.

    If you can select the bbPress templates when adding a new page you can also make your own page templates.

    Just select new page and pick a template from the right-side (template)

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    What’s the best and worst difference between the two, Vanilla VS bbPress.

    I have been testing and building bbPress a few times locally but it has never gave me that final push to go live with it, I just don’t trust it..

    Every website i make i pick WP as my default CMS because i truly 300% believe in the product it has made my life so much easier. While 3 maybe 4 years ago i was always scared of the word CMS i loved Static content and doing lots of work.

    bbPress never gave me that final push of confidence that it could be the Tool you need.

    Example, i help solving a lot of questions on the Dutch WordPress forums and all new users i can tell what the power of WP is and all it’s Easy to Use features like the Menu system (my fav.) but when somebody asks me if i know a good forums software i always end up saying bbPress BUT i don’t know if it’s for everybody.

    There is still that level of difference. While a user don’t understand why. a plugin = a plugin they can activate and it should work.

    Yes , WP Super Cache is it called it think.

    Thanks for the help..

    Nope totally not, just found that board system by accident..

    I think bbPress is a great product and it works fine.

    The few problems i face are based on WPMU install and testing it locally most of them are my own fault..

    I’m trying to make a homepage (WP-website1) with only my blog onto it and a second page (WP-website2) called members with a few forums and some posts on helping very new WordPress users with just some easy steps, as i’m not a professional myself.

    Nothing to difficult but the theme i’m using is this one and it’s a little bit old.


    It’s a great theme, and i only bought it because of it’s Responsive design. The double drop-down select menu’s when viewing on mobile device is just great.

    After installing i started to delete almost every feature because i don’t need them, i Love to keep everything as simple and clean as possible. Less is more..

    Because i’m not a Pro, and don’t know anything about PHP i just have to do everything by searching online, looking inside the WordPress Codex and copy-/pasting everything i see and what i think i can read-/understand.. (i do have HTML-/CSS knowledge)

    So till now and still working on it i came up with this:

    A custom made Widget that i have dropped on the homepage between the blog lay-out to let people know there is a support forum.


    A tabbed forums view with different options.


    Latest topics view.


    And i customized the Post Toolbar plugin from Master5o1


    As you can see there is still lot to work on, the single pages , replies, edit pages and others.

    Lucky it’s just a hobby and i have time. :)

    ** O there is one thing i would really love to see inside bbPRess and thats comments-/reply counts.

    Just an option to view how many replies a user has given and maybe a user level attached to it.

    Like less than 50 posts = New

    50 to 100 = Average

    250+ = Pro user.

    That would be cool to have.

    True i also looked at it and it’s not great from what i can tell as a rookie.

    bbPress code looks much better and also the handling of the template files is done better.

    Only one little thing i like better of this Board system:

    It still uses the real Posts and Permalinks structure of WP instead of Forums and Topics.

    As WordPress and (Otto’s Blog) stated for larger sites it’s important to start your Blog Posts on a Permalinks structure by a number and not by Category of post_name. Just like this: example.com/2011/11/%post_name%

    For WordPress performance reasons it would be better to start of by a number first because numbers are found first inside the Database. something like that i think it was.

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    This is a part where bbPress is lacking INFO. (I think)

    They are still writing up a manual because most people don’t understand how to make Child Themes or just a custom bbPress theme.

    Read this topic:


    Your biggest problem is your functions.php file nobody understands what to do with it.

    Because the manual how to install and make your own theme tells us to copy-/paste all files including the <bbPress> files from your plugin section inside your WordPress theme folder but in that write up they forgot about when you do so, you have to duplicate or overwrite the functions.php file. Because your WordPress theme also has a functions.php same as the bbPress plugin.

    We are still hoping somebody would make a nice Blog Post about how to install bbPress and how to do it correct on a Child Theme setup.

    Mine is working now (as explained in linked topic ), but i have no idea if i did it correct.

    Just a little update:

    Is there also a way to say ‘import lead template only once at the first page’ ??

    Now i have made this function work and it’s great it sticks the first post into a lead template so i can style it different but when the single-topic template goes over lets say 25 replies and to the 2nd or 3rd page it will again stick this first lead template to the top.

    That can be a little bit frustrated for users i think, jumping to the 2nd page and have the topic authors post at the top of the 2nd page again.

    @Tapefilters url,

    I guess this is still bbPress 1.0 ??

    Looks very nice, beautiful homepage that doesn’t look like a forum at all.

    @Tapefilters url,

    I guess this is still bbPress 1.0 ??

    Looks very nice, beautiful homepage that doesn’t look like a forum at all.

    Just curious is it this PHP code that handles the Sticky and Closing class?

    <?php bbp_topic_class(); ?>

    I was building a new forum layout and my new layout is based on lists

    < ul >

    < li > instead of tables thats why i prob. deleted that php code.

    My stupid mistake here.

    Oo gosh..


    I think i have a different bbPress plugin. Are you sure there is no fake ‘Made’ in China bbPress plugin on the market?

    Maybe it’s time for me to test my bbPress plugin on a single WP install because i think all my functions not working has something to do with me being on a Multisite install.

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    Oops my error you can also select the (homepage) Page template when you created a new page.

    You know, at the right-side –> sidebar below Publish there is a section called Template, it has a drop down menu.

    Thats the place you can select the homepage template file.

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    I think if you name that Forum page:

    page-front-forums your forums will be visible.

    If not you can add [shortcodes] to that page to load some parts.

    Look at the Sticky section above where it says Shortcodes.

    Thank you for the link.

    Well it nice to see something turn up, something is always better as: No Results found

    I have no idea how to change that.. (PHP isn’t my game)

    I’ve got the same problem. Thats why I think that the bbPress (team) is still working on it.

    I found this inside: (theme) > bbpress > user-details.php

    <?php if ( bbp_is_user_home() || current_user_can( 'edit_users' ) ) : ?>

    After that comes the Edit link but that PHP IF statement isn’t working correct.

    bbPress is still very Glitchy if you ask me.

    Lots of Glitch i don’t understand.

    I think it has something to do with your Permalinks structure of WordPress.

    You show the ID numbers and not real slugs. (names and titles of pages and posts)

    But something else that is eyeing me in this bbPress software is that EDIT PROFILE link at the user pages.


    That edit-link really should only show up if the user is logged in and at his own profile page. Why would you like to show an Edit profile link to everybody else?

    Same as the links that output the Subscribe and Favorite -topics. Not everybody should see what someone else’s Favorite topics are or what topics he-/she has been subscribed too.

    (private info)

    Profile pages should only show, About me, Topic replies and Topics started.

    Everything else should be hidden and only visible to the user of the ID.

    I would like to know that also..

    Just to test it, maybe i google with Google (site) Search stuff.

    Are there more features that has been disabled because they are still working on them?

    At my forum the Tagged Topics will not get listed by the Tag name when i click on them.

    Lest say i add the word bbPress as a Tag to 5 different topics and after that i click on the Tag ‘bbPress’ is shows ALL topics not only the 5 topics that involve the Tagged (word) ‘bbPress’

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    You have to create a new Page and select the (User Register) – (User Login) and-/or (User Forgot Pass) page template.

    * You can also find the bbPress Login Widget in your Widgets section for creating a login panel in the sidebar.

    In reply to: WYSIWYG-Editor?

    No Private messages at this point,

    In Overall there is not much bbPress (v.2.0) plugins available, and we can only hope WordPress will release a statement on wordpress.org about the release of bbPress 2.0. If they don’t i doubt we will see tons of plugins for bbPress in the first year or two.

    Beside all that, this Toolbar plugin works perfect on my forum,


    And if you Valid the code and delete lots of ‘ugly’ included code it’s even a better product.

    But again, out of the box it works great. (many thanks to the author)

    My tuned version of this plugin:


    * Still working on my Forum and i don’t know if i’ll ever gonna place it public (live) because for me bbPress is still very Glitchy.


    Agree on everything.

    In reply to: Seperate Forums

    Nope you can only pull this off if you have PHP skills.

    Lets hope somebody will soon jump into this bbPress plugin code and start writing tutorials and info about different ways to list forums.

    For myself i can say this is the best bbPress forum layout (listing) i’ve ever seen.


    I’m trying to list my layout like that but it’s very difficult.

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