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  • Patrik Berggren


    Ok … new to bbPress and have installed v2.

    But … before I can go live with that forum I really need an WYSIWYG-editor, including “smilies”, PM (Private Messages) functionality … otherwize, my forum members will go ballistic =)

    Is there a list of working plugins for bbPress v2? other than “repository” at

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  • Andre


    Not at this time.

    No Private messages at this point,

    In Overall there is not much bbPress (v.2.0) plugins available, and we can only hope WordPress will release a statement on about the release of bbPress 2.0. If they don’t i doubt we will see tons of plugins for bbPress in the first year or two.

    Beside all that, this Toolbar plugin works perfect on my forum,

    And if you Valid the code and delete lots of ‘ugly’ included code it’s even a better product.

    But again, out of the box it works great. (many thanks to the author)

    My tuned version of this plugin:

    * Still working on my Forum and i don’t know if i’ll ever gonna place it public (live) because for me bbPress is still very Glitchy.



    There are private messaging plugins that will work with bbPress, there just isn’t a separate plugin repository that lists them. Same for other types of plugins.



    For PM you can use WordPress Private Messege. Need some act to using it :)



    I just read that WordPress is working on a full blown editor api for the 3.3 release. If that is the case, then I expect to see some new toys really soon thereafter.

    Patrik Berggren



    Then bbPress isn’t a choice after all, at this point …

    I believe I may have found a solution to this problem… Woot!

    1) install the wordpress plugin CLEditor

    2) on line 25 of cle_wp.php change the line to read:

    $(“#new-post textarea”).cleditor();

    3) test, test, test, test, test.

    this seems to be working on my test server but I’ve only given it a few minutes trial. I’ve tried it using bbpress standalone alongside buddypress, not in one of the group forums (yet).


    OK, after a bit of testing this seems to work in my site-wide bbPress 2.0 forum but it does not seem to work in the bbPress froums embedded in budddyPress 1.5 groups.

    to get the groups to show the editor I tried several different element identifiers including #topic_text which is the ID for the text entry area for new posts… no joy!

    Any ideas as to what could be causing the difference in behavior would be greatly appreciated!!!





    As it sounds like you know what you are doing, check this out, your gonna flip over this one.

    Basically it means we can now use the full blown wp editor on the front end. I managed to get it setup in a few mins and for the most part it works perfectly.

    I know this is going to hit bbPress as soon as WP3.3 is released, but nothing is stopping us from playing around before that.

    I’ll have a look. One of the first things i started looking at was how I might use the internal editor but stumbled across cleditor and stopped.



    Hi everyone i am new here trying to figure out something useful. Thanks Anointed for your links will have a look at them.

    John James Jacoby


    bbPress 2.1 will come with support for the WordPress visual editor.



    Where can I find the development schedule for bbPress? Or more importantly, when can be expect version 2.1?

    Thanks! I’ve only just finally switched over from BuddyPress group forums, and really like the format, but wish that I should use bpCKeditor or similar plugins for visual editing.

    – Matthew

    There is no concrete release date for 2.1, however it should be “soon”.

    Currently there are only a few tickets let to be addressed before it is released and they all are related to bbPress->BuddyPress issues.

    Once those remaining tickets are cleared then it will be ready for release.

    My completely unofficial guess would be 2-4 weeks.



    OK, thanks… I’ll be looking forward to it :)



    Thanks very much for the heads-up with CLEditor – works a treat but I’m now figuring out how to enable the uploading of media.

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