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How to step up BBpress

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  • OC2PS


    You can use the “old” standalone version. But that’s not recommended as it’s not being developed anymore.

    Why do you not want WordPress? Even if you don’t use WordPress, it provides a great framework for bbPress. You should try it.

    If you absolutely, positively don’t want to install WordPress, then you should look for another forum software.

    i jus dont want to use wordpress but i am using wordpress in one of my site and want to create sumthing else

    If you don’t want to use WordPress my recommendation would be to check out Vanilla


    What’s the best and worst difference between the two, Vanilla VS bbPress.

    I have been testing and building bbPress a few times locally but it has never gave me that final push to go live with it, I just don’t trust it..

    Every website i make i pick WP as my default CMS because i truly 300% believe in the product it has made my life so much easier. While 3 maybe 4 years ago i was always scared of the word CMS i loved Static content and doing lots of work.

    bbPress never gave me that final push of confidence that it could be the Tool you need.

    Example, i help solving a lot of questions on the Dutch WordPress forums and all new users i can tell what the power of WP is and all it’s Easy to Use features like the Menu system (my fav.) but when somebody asks me if i know a good forums software i always end up saying bbPress BUT i don’t know if it’s for everybody.

    There is still that level of difference. While a user don’t understand why. a plugin = a plugin they can activate and it should work.

    I really like bbpress as much forum But i would and maybe many more people will appericate if they update the 2.x into jus forum Not the plugin Because i have 4 website and i am creating all kind of cms and forum i love bbpress its really simple

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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