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User Registration

  • dmx09


    Hi there. I’m very new to bbPress and can’t see to find any way to allow users to register? Does this functionality have to be built bespokely or are there any plugins I can use?

    All I want is to add a ‘login’ & ‘register’ link so users can post new forum topics.

    Any advice appreciated.


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  • You have to create a new Page and select the (User Register) – (User Login) and-/or (User Forgot Pass) page template.

    * You can also find the bbPress Login Widget in your Widgets section for creating a login panel in the sidebar.



    Many thanks, much appreciated!

    @bj or anyone else, can you elaborate on where one selects the User Registration page template?

    I clicked “Add New Page” but the only options under Page Attributes>Template are “Default Template” and “One column, no sidebar”.

    What am I missing? I don’t need Buddypress installed, right?

    Please advise. thanks in advance.



    ditto goldmember!

    I found some templates in the plugin folder:


    but – when I copied some of them into my root theme folder & assigned a template name they still don’t display in the template dropdown..

    I’m obviously missing something obvious here!

    dmx, or anyone else, if you find the answer, please let me know. dying to make this happen ;)

    This is a part where bbPress is lacking INFO. (I think)

    They are still writing up a manual because most people don’t understand how to make Child Themes or just a custom bbPress theme.

    Read this topic:

    Your biggest problem is your functions.php file nobody understands what to do with it.

    Because the manual how to install and make your own theme tells us to copy-/paste all files including the <bbPress> files from your plugin section inside your WordPress theme folder but in that write up they forgot about when you do so, you have to duplicate or overwrite the functions.php file. Because your WordPress theme also has a functions.php same as the bbPress plugin.

    We are still hoping somebody would make a nice Blog Post about how to install bbPress and how to do it correct on a Child Theme setup.

    Mine is working now (as explained in linked topic ), but i have no idea if i did it correct.

    Hmmm… If I’m using the regular wordpress registration at, will the registrants be able to use the bbPress forums on that site?



    Thanks for posting this- bbpress really needs some stronger documentation! The install went smoothly, but I had trouble just setting up the basics.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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