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Where is my Forum?

  • I’ve installed the bbPress plugin and activated it through WordPress 3.1. I’ve created a New Forum and published it. However I can’t see it on my blog site – I then created a page called Forum – but this didn’t show the new bbPress forum page. I can view the bbPress forum page I created – looks ok – but I don’t know how it gets shown in the Menu? Any help please? Thank you.

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  • I think if you name that Forum page:

    page-front-forums your forums will be visible.

    If not you can add [shortcodes] to that page to load some parts.

    Look at the Sticky section above where it says Shortcodes.

    Oops my error you can also select the (homepage) Page template when you created a new page.

    You know, at the right-side –> sidebar below Publish there is a section called Template, it has a drop down menu.

    Thats the place you can select the homepage template file.

    Hi BJ, I’m afraid I’m none the wiser and have had no success getting the link on the menu. When I create a new Forum, from the bbPress plugin menu, the option of selecting the homepage template is not available. I’m not sure which page to call ‘page-front-forums’. I’ve no idea about shortcodes and from what I’ve tried to find out there’s nothing related to bbPress that can help with this problem.

    General Comment: I got rid of another forum plugin because bbPress seemed to get better reviews and simpler config. The one I got rid of took 5 minutes to install and configure and it worked but just not the way I wanted it to. bbPress seems weirdly complicated requiring levels of knowledge beyond that of the ‘common user’ to even get it visible!

    How to access your forum? (please create some forums first)

    – After you installed bbPress, sitename.ext/forums/ will always display your forum site.

    – If you are not merge bbPress theme with WordPress theme, you can create a page and use shortcode [bbp-forum-index] to show the forum index/archive

    – If you are merge bbPress theme with WordPress theme, you can create a page and choose page template bbPress – Forums (index)

    and you will see your forum.

    Hi, this thread seems quite old but I cudn’t find any help elsewhere. Here am trying to setup a new site

    i have installed bbpress and am using buddypress with its default template or theme {disabled group forums to use bbpress as stand alone}.

    I have created my forums and the bbp settings are,

    *forum base:forums


    tried creating a page named forums bt nt working. Please help me should be the spot :)

    I have to agree with thruxton, this all may sound like elementary settings to you tech guys but to a newb…its wierdly complicated to set up.

    I have a Themeforest template I installed my self on WP in less time LOL.

    I also agree that bbpress looks like a great set up, and still very much want to run it. Im not a quitter ;)

    so far I set up a forum page, made 5 topics with test text, added a link to my menu’s and sidebars (all while signed in to my WP site) not my bbpress persay…thats my issue, I cant seem to set up this log in page, I have no clue what this URI is

    instructions say “make a log in page” yet there is no such thing in BB as a “page”.

    So I then made a WP page and called it forum. and the log in shortcode worked! except it would let me make a log in??

    Then I wondered how the BB forum I previously made with 5 topics, was to get linked up with this new WP page called “forum”

    I bin up one side and down da udder with this thing, couple hrs a night after work for the last 3 days!! geeeez I feel re taw did

    There…I feel better now that I vented…wife doesn’t wanna hear it

    This jacoby wont answer simple questions, but responds to the slightest insult. LOL

    whatever bud, the plug in is full of headaches and ya know it.

    @The Newb – posting a thread bashing bbPress, complaining how “complicated”, and how no one helps you – despite being a member of the forum for 1 week and only posting once is insulting.

    Obviously bbPress is not the forum software for you – that is fine. Good luck installing and customizing an alternative.

    Move along and stop trolling. Any further threads/replies that are not constructive will be closed or deleted.

    If anyone, OP or otherwise, is still having issues feel free to open a new thread. Closing this one as it’s been derailed.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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