IRC log from the 6 January 2010 meetup.

[21:01 GMT] <photomatt> <meetup>
[21:01 GMT] <Nerieru> btw
[21:01 GMT] <photomatt> did everyone have a good 2010?
[21:01 GMT] <Nerieru> is there anyplace to get bbpress themes?
[21:01 GMT] <Nerieru> matt
[21:01 GMT] <Nightgunner5> photomatt: It’s not over yet
[21:01 GMT] <Nerieru> 2010 is just starting..
[21:01 GMT] <photomatt> ringing it in, I mean
[21:02 GMT] <michael-r> Photomatt: Awesome (so far, Matt)! Have had an absolute blast! New Years was great
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[21:02 GMT] <michael-r> And you?
[21:03 GMT] <photomatt> pretty good — went to dinner and then a jackie green concert
[21:03 GMT] <photomatt> kind of bluesy, kind of country
[21:03 GMT] <Nerieru> damn that _ck_ guy is doing his best for bbp
[21:03 GMT] <PeteMall> photomatt: dinner at straits for me
[21:03 GMT] <michael-r> nice so let’s get started
[21:03 GMT] <photomatt> in terms of things to talk about, since last meeting
[21:03 GMT] <Nerieru> matt I seriously just read you went to a jackie chan concert..
[21:03 GMT] <michael-r> Nerieru: _ck_ is a girl, and she’s left… unfortunately
[21:03 GMT] <jjj> nerieru, _ck_ is … Yeah
[21:04 GMT] <photomatt> we have email notifications live on and in trunk
[21:04 GMT] <Nerieru> why has she left?
[21:04 GMT] <photomatt> anyone here using it yet on their forums?
[21:04 GMT] <michael-r> photomatt: not yet – don’t have access to my FTP (haven’t all year). Will try it soon, though.
[21:05 GMT] <Nerieru> matt email notifications for what?
[21:05 GMT] <photomatt> new replies to threads
[21:05 GMT] <Nerieru> jjj: any idea as to why she left?
[21:05 GMT] <photomatt> Nerieru: this is a weekly meetup we have — happy to answer your questions afterward
[21:05 GMT] <Nerieru> like subscribing?
[21:05 GMT] <photomatt> since they seem a bit more basic
[21:05 GMT] <Nightgunner5> photomatt: The only trunk forum I’m running is on my local computer, and my ISP blocks port 25.
[21:05 GMT] <Nerieru> oh yeah it’s wednesday
[21:05 GMT] <michael-r> Are there any bugs (other than the one mentioned in the forums)?
[21:05 GMT] <Nerieru> and matt, I subscribed to the dev-list so I intended to see this meet
[21:05 GMT] <photomatt> no, 100% of my code is 100% bug free
[21:06 GMT] <Nightgunner5> photomatt: It sent me an email about a spam post.
[21:06 GMT] <Nerieru> so I’ll just shut up
[21:06 GMT] <Nerieru> till you’re done
[21:06 GMT] <Nerieru> (unless I have something good to add)
[21:06 GMT] <filosofo> photomatt, I’ll get the non-logged in post patch up some time in the next week. Been too busy with holiday visiting the last couple weeks.
[21:06 GMT] <michael-r> Well, not bugs – more like deficiencies. I take it all works perfectly?
[21:07 GMT] <jjj> photomatt, I’m pretty sure you’re listed as the head of bug creation somewhere…
[21:07 GMT] <photomatt> on looks like we only have about 40 subscriptions so far
[21:07 GMT] <photomatt> Nightgunner5: yep saw that
[21:07 GMT] <michael-r> photomatt: I have an idea for email subscribtion> Maybe it’s already been thought up, but shouldn’t there be a customizable template for it in the Admin panel?
[21:07 GMT] <photomatt> filosofo: no worries! I’m looking forward to it
[21:08 GMT] <jjj> michael-r, if we go that route, it still needs to be translatable.
[21:08 GMT] <jjj> So that’s hard to do correctly.
[21:08 GMT] <photomatt> filosofo: what’s the easiest way to send it over for you?
[21:08 GMT] <michael-r> jjj: I see.
[21:09 GMT] <filosofo> photomatt, send what?
[21:10 GMT] <photomatt> the patch
[21:10 GMT] <filosofo> Put it on trac?
[21:10 GMT] <michael-r> photomatt: I see we’re missing some important people here. I might be wrong, but I haven’t been round since the first meetup. What else needs to be discussed?
[21:11 GMT] <matveb> email notifications is done
[21:11 GMT] <matveb> what about trac ticket:
[21:12 GMT] <photomatt> let me take a look
[21:12 GMT] <PeteMall> ahh
[21:13 GMT] <PeteMall> that needs to be caught?
[21:13 GMT] <photomatt> matveb: bug, should be easy fix
[21:13 GMT] <michael-r> Yeah, it should check with Akismet first right?
[21:13 GMT] <matveb> photomatt: perfect
[21:13 GMT] • Nightgunner5 is working on a patch
[21:13 GMT] <matveb> on another topic, I was supposed to bring something to show about my commitment to designing a new “features” section
[21:14 GMT] <matveb> as per last meetup
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[21:14 GMT] <photomatt> Nightgunner5: nice!
[21:15 GMT] <photomatt> any other bugs people would like to raise attention on?
[21:15 GMT] <michael-r> photomatt: Another thing: Is there any progress with the new theme for
[21:15 GMT] <Nightgunner5> The sprintf in the post notification function has an unused variable
[21:16 GMT] <PeteMall> michael-r: that’ll come after the theme
[21:16 GMT] <Nightgunner5> __( “%2\$s wrote:\n\n %3\$s\n\nTopic Link: %4\$s\n\nYou’re getting this mail because you subscribed to the topic, visit the topic and login to unsubscribe.” ) – No %%1?
[21:16 GMT] <michael-r> PeteMall: I see – any news on that front?
[21:17 GMT] <matveb> photomatt: here is the mock up for the features page you asked me to tackle
[21:17 GMT] <PeteMall> thats a good start
[21:18 GMT] <quicoto joined the chat room.
[21:18 GMT] <michael-r> matveb: Very nice Now, is that going to be the new theme?
[21:19 GMT] <michael-r> Or something like it?
[21:19 GMT] <photomatt> matveb: love it!
[21:19 GMT] <matveb> thanks
[21:20 GMT] <Nightgunner5>
[21:20 GMT] <matveb> following the lead of
[21:21 GMT] <photomatt> matveb: should I just view source and grab that onto
[21:21 GMT] <michael-r> matveb: I see.
[21:21 GMT] <matveb> photomatt: of course
[21:22 GMT] <Nightgunner5> The home link goes to
[21:22 GMT] <michael-r> Nightgunner5: Not a full tempate, yet.
[21:22 GMT] <matveb> Nightgunner5: my bad
[21:23 GMT] <photomatt> also on my todo is the meetup log from last week, and the email testing announcement
[21:23 GMT] <photomatt> would be great to get more people trying out that feature
[21:23 GMT] <michael-r> photomatt: maybe a post on the blog?
[21:23 GMT] <PeteMall> photomatt: I can post the logs on
[21:25 GMT] <Nightgunner5> <- logs from before Matt came in
[21:28 GMT] <photomatt> danke
[21:29 GMT] <michael-r> photomatt: Got a question. What plugins (that currently exist) would become a part of the core, once v2 is out?
[21:29 GMT] <Nightgunner5> Subscribe to Topic, obviously
[21:29 GMT] <windhamdavid> Schoen
[21:30 GMT] <michael-r> Signatures? Attachments?
[21:30 GMT] <quicoto> michael-r: agree
[21:31 GMT] <dimadin joined the chat room.
[21:31 GMT] <PeteMall> michael-r: not decided yet
[21:31 GMT] <michael-r> Okay.
[21:32 GMT] <photomatt> for me the big ones for 1.1 are anon posting and email posting
[21:32 GMT] <photomatt> email posting needs probably 5 more hours of polish
[21:33 GMT] <matveb> photomatt: another question. What was the reasoning behind not loading when loading bbPress functions in bb-settings.php?
[21:33 GMT] <Nightgunner5> matveb: It’s not needed for most pages
[21:33 GMT] <michael-r> photomatt: I see – nice.
[21:33 GMT] <photomatt> filosofo said anon posting is hopefully dropping this week
[21:33 GMT] <photomatt> matveb: yes wanted to create a new way of loading things but avoid the mistake we did on WP
[21:34 GMT] <photomatt> where everything is loaded with every page
[21:34 GMT] <photomatt> I did it throug a query string because want to set us up for the future when we may be a core plugin for WP
[21:34 GMT] <photomatt> right now we address a lot of static files in the root
[21:34 GMT] <photomatt> all of those should just be query strings and located in bb-includes
[21:34 GMT] <photomatt> that’s also why I put subscriptions in the taxonomy table instead of a new table
[21:34 GMT] <matveb> I see, but it leads users to believe those functions do not exist, and even to try replicating them, as shown here
[21:34 GMT] <photomatt> and avoided the backpress-specific user_id field
[21:35 GMT] <photomatt> it allows perfect portability to WP
[21:36 GMT] <michael-r> matveb: Showing off my useless code here… I see what you mean though…
[21:36 GMT] <dimadin> hey guys, on irclogs I don’t see that you discussed this
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[21:36 GMT] <matveb> michael-r: no worries
[21:36 GMT] <dimadin> are there any plans for feature to split/merge topics?
[21:36 GMT] <dimadin> i thinks this is most important missing part from bbpress
[21:37 GMT] <dimadin> more important that anon posting
[21:37 GMT] <michael-r> dimadin: I don’t think so at all – but that’s up to Matt.
[21:38 GMT] <dimadin> i had many problems with users posting in wrong topics and i couldn’t delete those posts and of course couldn’t move them
[21:39 GMT] <photomatt> matveb: that’s a good point, I guess what I’m trying to replace is less the includes
[21:39 GMT] <photomatt> and more the files like
[21:40 GMT] <photomatt> bb-edit.php, bb-post.php, bb-reset-password.php
[21:40 GMT] <photomatt> basically all the files in the root directory
[21:40 GMT] <photomatt> I’d love if there was just a config and an index.php
[21:40 GMT] <matveb> yes, that would be nice
[21:40 GMT] <Nightgunner5> The main problem with moving, merging, etc. posts is (as far as I know) that some plugins rely on posts staying in the same topic.
[21:40 GMT] <Nightgunner5> photomatt: We still need bb-load.php!
[21:41 GMT] <michael-r> photomatt: agreed. More template and plugin communication.
[21:41 GMT] <photomatt> I’m super sorry guys but I have to run early today — about to catch a flight
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[21:41 GMT] <photomatt> before next meeting I will 1) post both logs 2) go through any trac tickets and patches for email posting
[21:41 GMT] <michael-r> Nightgunner5: Yeah – thought so too. They can’t keep track of what happens to them…
[21:41 GMT] <dimadin> matt, could you just write a quick reply on my question?
[21:41 GMT] <photomatt> if things go really well I’ll get email notifications running on some bigger forums so we can see performance/etc data on something more active
[21:42 GMT] <matveb> photomatt: if you need anything else from the mock up –images or whatever– just tell me
[21:42 GMT] <photomatt> dimadin: it’s not on the roadmap right now, but if you think it’s important could you start a trac ticket with a spec for it?
[21:42 GMT] <photomatt> go ahead and put it on the 1.1 milestone
[21:42 GMT] <photomatt> matveb: thank you
[21:43 GMT] <michael-r> Would be interesting to see how tha turns out. It is quite useful.
[21:43 GMT] <dimadin> i think there is some ticket years old
[21:43 GMT] <photomatt> dimadin: sure, on WP too
[21:43 GMT] <PeteMall> photomatt: u gonna post the logs or want met to?
[21:44 GMT] <photomatt> PeteMall: if you could that would be a big help
[21:44 GMT] <photomatt> earliest I could do it is tomorrow anyway because I’ll be in the air
[21:44 GMT] <dimadin> matt: i meant for this feature
[21:45 GMT] <photomatt> dimadin: oh gotcha! how about if next week we do a trac sweep for the meetup
[21:45 GMT] <photomatt> set priorities and roadmap on things
[21:45 GMT] <michael-r> photomatt: sounds like an idea.
[21:45 GMT] <photomatt> so that way if there’s something fairly obvious like that we can make sure we tackle it for 1.1
[21:45 GMT] <matveb> that should be good
[21:45 GMT] <PeteMall> I’ll set an agenda and look thru trac for next week
[21:45 GMT] <photomatt> which is meant to be a feature release
[21:46 GMT] <michael-r> If anything, I’m learning from all this.
[21:47 GMT] <photomatt> michael-r: me too
[21:47 GMT] <photomatt> alrighty, see everyone next week
[21:47 GMT] <PeteMall> </meetup>